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MiNID version 1.0 (Beta) Product Description

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1 MiNID version 1.0 (Beta) Product Description
May 2013

2 Agenda Introduction to SAA MiNID Product overview Applications
Main features Ordering information Value proposition

3 Service provider challenges
Price per Mbps is going down: Lower ARPU & higher bandwidth Penalties due to (end) customer disputes over unmet SLAs No visibility into 3rd party/multi-carrier networks to meet SLAs Growing competition and higher customer churn SP are integrating real time service performance monitoring (PM) * Heavy Reading Ethernet Executive Council Survey (50+ service providers worldwide), May 2012

4 RAD Solution: Service Assured Access
Ethernet Service Assurance Provides: Service Visibility • Reliability and Service Consistency • Performance Monitoring • SLA Reporting • Timing over Packet Service assurance has become a “must have” to help control the bottom line: Customer stickiness Reduce churn SLA/Premium service introduction Upselling opportunities SLA transparency Fast TTM Increase Revenues: Automated operations Reduce truck rolls Minimize technician calls Reduce trouble ticket handling Reduce TCO:

5 RAD’s Service Assurance Toolkit
Designed to increase revenues & reduce TCO by Delivering SLA-based Carrier Ethernet services Technician-Free Deployment Timing Fault Management Traffic Management Performance Monitoring

6 Performance Monitoring
Continues performance measurements Analysis and reporting of perfomance Demarcation Toolset Delay measurements (one-way, two way) Long term KPI collection PM dashboard (SLA policies, correlation, violation alerts) End customer PM portal & SLA reports PM as a Service The RAD Way Per service SLA monitoring Detailed KPI charts Identify SLA trends Identify up-selling opportunities Share performance with customer Reports Portal

7 RAD Offering of Demarcation and Aggregation Devices
RAD’s Service Assurance toolkit is available with the MiNID, ETX Carrier Ethernet demarcation and aggregation solutions, and the RADview management suite: MiNID Ethernet Demarcation SFP ETX-203AX Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device ETX-203AM Universal CE Demarcation Device ETX-205A CE Mobile Demarcation Device ETX-220A 10G CE Demarcation Device ETX-5300A Ethernet Service Aggregation Platform RADview-PM Ethernet Performance Monitoring

8 RAD “Service Assured Access” solution
Access Network Demarcation and Aggregation solutions Same service look and feel over: Fiber and Copper Native Ethernet, SHDSL, PDH, SDH Linear, Dual-homed and Ring topologies E-LINE and E-LAN services Synchronization over Packet Metro/ Core IP / MPLS 1/10 GbE Ring First Mile Access Aggregation 10GbE Ring GbE DSL Cell- Site 1/10 GbE FE/GbE PDH ETX-2xxA ETX-203AM ETX-5300A Customer Premises SDH/ SONET MSAN MiNID Service Assured Access Complete Access solution

9 Service Assured Access : Beyond Access
Access Network FE/GbE /10GE Core Services RAN Controller Site ETX Cloud/ Data Center Internet Access ETX-5300A Carriers Interconnection Metro/ Core Access Aggregation MiNID First Mile FE/GbE Management ETX 1/10 GbE Cell- Site ETX-5300A SDH/ SONET ETX PDH/ SDH ETX-5300A IP / MPLS ETX 10GbE Ring GbE DSL MSAN ETX ETX-5300A 1/10 GbE Ring Customer Premises Service Assured Access Service Assurance – End to End Service Assurance – End to End (VPN) Complete Access solution with full service visibility

10 Performance Management RAD’s PM Portal
PM Dashboard – quick status view Detailed KPI Charts Monthly Customized PDF reports Customer portal ETX-5300A ETX-3300A ETX-220AX ETX-205A ETX-203AX/AM

11 Agenda Introduction to SAA MiNID Product overview Applications
Main features Ordering information Value proposition

12 Traditional Ethernet Demarcation
Device BTS Pain factors Add new “boxes” at customer premises Allocate rack space and power Labor intensive installation optical fiber wiring power cabling rack installation Long and costly process Site survey and engineering Pre-fabrication of wiring and cables Installation by expert technicians Without MiNID Packet Switched Network Aggregator/ PE Demarcation Device Router Demarcation Device Switch Service providers and carriers use demarcation devices to monitor SLA level for various services such as mobile backhauling, L2 services and L3 VPN. All demarcation devices share several pain factors, all can be easily translated into installation cost. Based on interviews, done with several of our European customers, it seems that installation costs range from 200EU to 2000EU, depending on country and location. As it applies to the installation of any device, this cost is not calculated in the price of the devices but being able to reduce it may have huge advantages to operators. Painful process

13 MiNID – SFP Based Ethernet Demarcation
Device BTS The value of MiNID Full reuse of installed base No need for pre-fabrication OPEX & CAPEX saving Based on RAD experience: Extensive NTU experience ETX product line In-house Smart SFP technology TDM-PWE (MiTOP) ETHoTDM (MiRIC) Without MiNID Packet Switched Network Aggregator/ PE Demarcation Device Router Demarcation Device Switch Packet Switched Network Aggregator/ PE With MiNID Router Switch BTS SFP-based NID/NTU Ethernet OAM and Service Turn-Up Painless

14 Designed for simple installation
Designed as physical SFP “sleeve” providing: Plugged into SFP cage (FE*/GE, ordering options) Hosts off-the-shelf SFPs – 10/40/80Km, copper, single fiber Transparent to SFP “Digital Diagnostics Monitoring” (DDM) parameters Plug and play installation Pre-configuration or DHCP based Zero touch provisioning *Note – MiNID/FE will be available in future versions Patent pending design – plug-in SFP and plug into hosting device The sleeve design is RADs most important differentiator. It allows the following: re-use of SFPs (cost efficiency) Validate one MiNID and cover any distance Simplify integration with 3rd party devices (no need for vendor specific code)

15 Designed for simple provisioning
NMS and FTP Server DHCP Server CPE PSN DHCP Requests IP and TFTP Add., Configuration file name TFTP request Configuration file Retrieve host parameters, TFTP server IP, and filename from DHCP server Retrieve Zero Touch Configuration file from TFTP server TFTP server can be implemented in the DHCP Server, Integrated in NMS or implemented in a stand-alone server

16 Agenda Introduction to SAA MiNID Product overview Applications
Main features Ordering information Value proposition

17 PM collection with MiNID - PtP
Access Network MiNID runs up to 8 PM sessions OAM reports sent from MiNID to management system Note – MiNID integration with PM portal in future version Metro/ Core IP / MPLS First Mile Access Aggregation 10GbE Ring Cell- Site FE/GbE ETX-5300A Customer Premises MiNID

18 PM collection with MiNID - PtMP
Access Network PM actuator (ETX) connected to every end point OAM sessions activated between MiNIDs and PM actuator ETX-205A (128 sessions) ETX-5300A (1K sessions in Ver. 1.5) OAM reports sent from PM collector to RADview Metro/ Core IP / MPLS First Mile Access Aggregation 10GbE Ring Cell- Site FE/GbE ETX-5300A Customer Premises MiNID SLA measurement PM collected and reported via central site

19 Enhancing Non-Carrier Ethernet Devices
Many Ethernet devices are not Carrier Ethernet capable (e.g. old Cisco Catalysts) MiNID Upgrades them to provide Ethernet OAM, PM and diagnostics

20 L3 VPN over Ethernet Access
L3 VPN is often delivered over Ethernet Access By plugging the MiNID into the router the SP can easily have visibility on the Ethernet service span

21 Mobile Operator verifying Transport provider’s SLA
MiNID in a Base Station Macro Cell RADview Service Mgt. Small Cells Aggregation/ IP DSLAM RNC/aGW ETX-5300A PE PE Macro Cell Packet Switched Network Mobile Operator verifying Transport provider’s SLA Plugged into a BS MiNID3 can verify Transport Provider’s SLA MiNID size makes it attractive for small Cells sites

22 Agenda Introduction to SAA MiNID Product overview Applications
Main features Ordering information Value proposition

23 MiNID Functional Highlights
Service Demarcation Flexible classification with wire-speed packet handling up to 1Gbps S-VLAN attachment, Priority marking and L2CP tunneling Monitoring and Diagnostics Service validation with RFC 2544 responder Continuity check and SLA assurance with 802.1ag, Y.1731 On-demand loopback with IP and MAC swap Dying Gasp message upon power failure Management capabilities Controlled via in-band management channel Operated through Web-Menu and CLI for user friendly operation Integrated with RADView NMS The “Service demarcation” functionality is another differentiator, offered only by MiNID. It is valuable for customers who use MiNID as a full service demarcation device, marking the service with VLAN ID (S-VLAN) and marking priority for proper handling throughout the packet networks.

24 Designed for Service Demarcation
15 flows with classification per: Port VLAN; VLAN Range; Pbits, Pbit Range; VLAN+Pbits, DSCP EtherType MAC SA; MAC DA; MAC SA+DA Configurable Pbit marking or remarking per: Fixed (pre-defined Pbit for all frames) Pbits (mapping in-coming Pbit to out going Pbit values) DSCP bits (mapping incoming DSCP to Pbit values) VLAN manipulation (attach/detach, change) Unclassified frames handling with drop or map L2CP tunneling including L2PT with MAC change Max frame size: 2K bytes

25 Monitoring and Diagnostics
IEEE 802.1ag (CFM) CCM, max rate 100msec interval LBM/LBR LTM/LTR ITU-T Y.1731 Loss Measurement (synthetic) Delay measurement (DMM/DMR with HW Time Stamp) Delay Variation (jitter) Availability counters Fault propagation with Y AIS/RDI Up to 8 OAM MEPs or MIPs On-demand Loopbacks In-service and out of service loopbacks Support for MAC and IP swap RFC-2544 responder for service activation tests IEEE 802.3ah Link OAM (Slave mode) Alarm propagation Optical LOS propagation (LOS, disable port, AIS) AIS in case of LOC Dying gasp

26 Management Independent IP host Management interfaces:
Separating management of MiNID from host for VNID applications Reached via User configurable management VLAN Management interfaces: Web based menus Telnet for CLI management Alarms and traps reported via SNMPv1 PM collected into a binary file which is retrieved by SNMPv1 command in TFTP Integration into RADview NMS Telnet – SSH WEB - SSL

27 Agenda Introduction to SAA MiNID Product overview Applications
Main features Ordering information Value proposition

28 Ordering information MiNID SFPs Recommended accessories
MiNID/GE – ordering for MiNID with GE support SFPs For detailed list of supported SFPs, please refer to the latest release note Recommended accessories SFP-CA allowing for simple configuration in lab an field. For detailed information on SFP-CA, please refer to MiNID User Manual.

29 Value proposition Boosting existing networks with Carrier Ethernet capabilities: Service activation tests insuring SLA from day-1 Continues service monitoring for SLA assurance Network diagnostics tool for faster fault detection and localization Remote management, independent of hosting device Robust SLA report tool PM portal for full service visibility & control Painless integration Lower installation costs by integrating MiNID into existing equipment Single MiNID hosts variety of SFPs (locked and un-locked) Based on RAD in-house technology The smart SFP pioneer


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