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14-19 Reform in East Sussex: Building better futures together.

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1 14-19 Reform in East Sussex: Building better futures together

2 Local policy context Children and Young People’s Plan 14-19 Plan Raising Achievement Strategy Narrowing the Gap Strategy LAA NEET Action plan

3 Participation in learning IndicatorBaselineWhere we are now Target % 17 yr olds participating in education and training 2006-07 75.9% July 2009 83% 2009-10 80% % 16 and 17 yr olds not in education, employment or training (NEET) 2006-07 8% 2008-9 7.2% 2009-10 6.2% % 16 yr olds with appropriate September Guarantee 2007 85% 2008 94% 2010-11 100% % 17 yr olds with appropriate September Guarantee n/a2008 78% 2010-11 85%

4 Attainment IndicatorBaselineWhere we are now Target Achievement of Level 2 qualification by 19 2006-07 72% 2007-08 73% 2009-10 76.8% Achievement of Level 3 qualification by 19 2006-07 45% 2007-08 47% 2010-11 (national target) 54% % 5 A*-C including English and maths 2007-08 46% 2008-9 (provisional) 51% 2009-10 55% % 5 A*-C including English & maths for those on free school meals 2006-07 15.3% 2007-08 17.3% 2009-10 28%

5 14-19 in East Sussex We started working towards implementing the 14-19 reforms in 2006 Our new 14-19 plan is based on evaluation of our progress and is written in the context of: –The national economic downturn –New responsibilities for LA’s under 16-19 transfer of funding

6 Towards 2013 By 2013 all young people will have an entitlement to:  participate in learning/training up to age 17  have access to all four suites of qualifications, irrespective of where they study. Our new 14-19 plan provides the strategic framework that will enable us to realise these goals

7 14-19 plan Reshaping the educational landscape Creating a new curriculum Supporting all young people Developing the infrastructure

8 Reshaping the Educational Landscape Developing collaborations Delivering the Entitlement Raising the Participation Age

9 Progress to date: Developing collaborations Strong collaboration is required to deliver the reforms Local Area Partnership Boards are now maturing Other collaborations include:  Federated schools in Hastings  Gaining Ground collaborations  Causeway School and Bishop Bell

10 14-19 collaborative structures

11 Local Area Partnership Boards

12 Priority: Raising the Participation Age (RPA) NEETs – latest monthly figures show that the NEET figure is increasing This reflects regional and national trends attributed to the economic climate LAA NEET Plan – Partnership working to reduce NEETs, includes targeted funds for NEET initiatives Targeting those who leave post-16 education without achieving a qualification Clearing House Event for all 16 and 17 years without a place in education or training will take place next week.

13 Priority: RPA Trial East Sussex is one of seven LAs taking part in a DCSF funded RPA Trial An RPA Manager and cross-service working group established to oversee strategy and trial

14 Creating a new curriculum Develop four suites of qualifications Establish the Foundation Learning Tier Maximise Apprenticeship opportunities Establish robust quality assurance procedures

15 Progress to date: Diploma learning Last year there were 343 Diploma learners in East Sussex This year that number is set to rise to around 1200 All of the first 10 Diploma lines are available in East Sussex

16 Priority: Building the Foundation Learning Tier Development of Alternative Education will help us to build the FLT 420 places commissioned Courses include:  Youth leadership awards  Arts awards  Small animal care  Brickwork and carpentry This provision will become a mainstream option for those who struggle with GCSEs, as we build the Foundation Learning Tier

17 Building the Foundation Learning Tier Disseminate good practice from last year’s post-16 FLT pilot at a conference this autumn. East Sussex have been invited to join the National FLT Network A forum for Alternative Education providers has been established

18 Supporting all young people Provide information, advice and guidance (IAG) for all young people Develop the online Area Prospectus Implement an online Common Application Process for 16 year olds

19 Progress to date: Area Prospectus Our online Area Prospectus contains details of all post 16 provision across Sussex. This is an important tool for providing impartial information for all young people.

20 Priority: Developing IAG provision Development and implementation of a Careers Education/IAG strategy across East Sussex Developing a collaborative approach and shared responsibility in the delivery of IAG Make impartial IAG more accessible to young people

21 Developing the infrastructure Develop transport solutions Agree strategic priorities for capital investment Ensure a well trained workforce Engage more employers to support young people

22 Progress to date: Working with employers Around 4,500 employers a year help our young people to develop their skills through:  Work experience  Workplace visits  Giving talks in schools  Providing real business scenarios for learners A new online database is helping our schools and colleges to develop their work with local businesses

23 Progress to date: The public sector ESCC now takes more than 100 young people a year on work experience placements. 15 young volunteers are undertaking a year’s placement with Children’s Services while completing their NVQ qualifications. 20 apprentices being recruited across ESCC in diverse roles including accounting, admin, childcare, finance, ICT, civil engineering.

24 Priority: Diploma Exemplar Project £4.9 million secured from the DCSF to support diploma delivery Network of Creative Learning Centres across East Sussex, West Sussex & Brighton & Hove. Showcase Centre at Beacon CC ICT Strand includes 3D technology, Diploma Channel, video-conferencing Large number of partners, complex project to deliver, high profile

25 Further information


27 What you could do to support the reform programme? What support you would like from us? For example: How could you/teams you work with support the raising of the participation age? What opportunities could you/teams you work with provide for young people – e.g. work placements/ apprenticeships? Could you support the Public Services Diploma? For example: Giving a briefing or presentation to teams you work with Providing you with further information Sending you newsletter updates

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