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TM 1 Countermeasure and Response Administration Working Group Webinar Webinar Presented August 13, 2008 Jeanne Tropper, MS, MPH

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1 TM 1 Countermeasure and Response Administration Working Group Webinar Webinar Presented August 13, 2008 Jeanne Tropper, MS, MPH & CRA Development Team Division of Emergency Preparedness and Response National Center for Public Health Informatics

2 TM 2 Agenda Purpose CRA Plans Features and Demonstration Demonstration Question and Answer Discussion of V1.9 Topics V1.9 Topics Question and Answer PHIN Conference Events

3 TM 3 Purpose Foundation for All Hazards support near completion V1.9 likely last release before migrating to open source (OS) environment; closer alignment with OMS and Epi Info ™ Formalize process for prioritizing development of final release Position CRA to move to Outbreak Management (OM) Community of Practice (CoP) governance structure

4 TM 4 What is planned for CRA? V1.8 Major features Aggregate Group & Reporting Enhancements (with Data Exchange) Priority groups National reporting Adverse Event Support Patient Follow-up Event Reports/Data Extracts Enhancements Sub-jurisdiction Support User-Defined Fields Support Development complete August 15, 2008 Due for release September 15, 2008 Monthly training to begin September 17, 2008

5 TM 5 What is planned for CRA?, continued V1.9 CRA V1.9 estimated release FY 2009 Q2 CRA Working Group meeting at PHIN Conference to assist in prioritizing features for V1.9 CRA Working Group continues monthly meetings to review functional requirements for new features Possible V1.10 release FY 2009 Q4 Features to be determined by Working Group and outcome of 2008 Doses Administered Exercise

6 TM 6 What is planned for CRA?, continued And beyond… CRA Working Group evolves into a Community of Practice (CoP) CRA transitions to open source development structure CRA, Epi Info™, and OMS become part of an OM Toolset

7 TM 7 CRA Demonstration Scenario Pandemic Influenza scenario Confirmed person-to-person infection in Indonesia Student family member of confirmed case returns to Georgetown in Washington, DC and begins exhibiting symptoms; exposed others including swim team members now in NYC for swim meet Passenger on inbound flight from Indonesia exhibiting symptoms; Plane is rerouted to Honolulu, people on the plane are quarantined

8 TM 8 CRA Demonstration Data entry of isolation and quarantine record Upload of aggregate file

9 TM 9 CRA Future Development Topics Head of Household Dispensing Look at all household dispensing options; group patients by family Alternate Data Entry Use barcode scanners, handwriting recognition; allow multiple data entry points, such as intake and dispensing; allow use of CRA with handheld devices Ability to Exchange Data with Other PH Systems including but not limited to Immunization Registries, Surveillance, Outbreak Management Systems Bi-directional data exchange of aggregate and patient level information in multiple formats

10 TM 10 CRA Future Development Topics, Continued Population Health Management Provide for import of population registries - nursing homes, hospital staff, EMS, etc; track denominator data; patient de- duplication/merge Data Elements for Patient Intake/Screening Risk factors; prior and current medical conditions; contraindications specific to countermeasures of interest CRA, Epi Info, OMS Integration – what form should it take Bi-directional data exchange among applications; same look and feel of applications; developing user-defined variables/questionnaires/forms

11 TM 11 CRA Future Development Topics, Continued Support Linkages with Strategic National Stockpile and Other Inventory Tracking Systems Support linkages with inventory systems; deployment of CRA with SNS Push packs preloaded with countermeasure information Analysis, Visualization and Reporting GIS capability; add query function; access to data entered into online and offline CRA; add staff management reports, duplicate identification, clinic and subjurisdiction countermeasure administration, etc; print user record prior to countermeasure dispensing

12 TM 12 CRA Future Development Topics, Continued Provide a Patient Consent Form Document permission for countermeasure administration, follow-up, tracking and Epi research Decentralized Deployment Export data from offline installations to CDC and other localities; preload user, organization, and event data through import or batch entry; automate updates of offline installations; enhance offline system security ; enhance data encryption ; offer both online and standalone usage

13 TM 13 Working Group Organization Options Organize into smaller groups around V1.9 topics Organize into smaller groups around functional areas such as System setup Event configuration Data collection Reporting Work as one large group with one representative from each program and project area Work in smaller groups based on usage options

14 TM 14 PHIN Conference Recommendations Community of Practice (CoP) Workshop Sunday, August 24 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm OM CoP Meeting Tuesday, August 26 at 10:30 am OM CoP Meeting Wednesday, August 27 at 1:30 pm CRA related sessions CRA Workshop & Demonstration Tuesday, August 26 at 7:00 am Tracking Influenza Vaccine Doses Administered: Pilot Test of CDC’s Countermeasure and Response Administration System Tuesday, August 26 at 1:30 pm Epi Info™, OMS, and CRA Interoperability Workshop Wednesday, August 27 at 7:00 am

15 TM 15 PHIN Conference Recommendations, Continued CRA related sessions, continued Use Cases for CRA at the Local, State and Federal Levels: Lessons Learned Wednesday, August 27 at 3:00 pm Communication Successes and Challenges: Experience from a Nationwide Pilot Project on Tracking Vaccine Doses Administration Using CDC’s CRA System Thursday, August 28 at 10:00 am CRA demonstrations at the PHIN booth Tuesday, August 26 from10:30 am – 11:00 am Wednesday, August 27 from10:30 am – 11:00 am

16 TM 16 PHIN CRA Working Group Meeting Working Group Topics (being finalized) Purpose Background on Agile development Prioritizing features for V1.9 and V1.10 Best practices – other systems Breakout groups TBD Food and drinks will be served

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