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Alive-O 4 Term 1: Lesson 13 From Darkness to Light.

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1 Alive-O 4 Term 1: Lesson 13 From Darkness to Light

2 ‘Welcome my friends,’ said Herod as the wise men arrived into his huge banqueting hall. ‘What brings you to my country?’

3 ‘Why! The new light – haven’t you seen the light, Herod?’ said Melchior. ‘Light!’ he shouted, ‘What new light? My palace has the brightest light in all of Judaea, light so strong that it banishes darkness.’

4 ‘The light of the star,’ said Balthasaar.

5 ‘Star!’ he shouted. ‘What star? I am the brightest star in Judaea. Look at my palace; look at my feast; look at my star-guests.’

6 ‘We have been talking to the people in the streets, ‘ said Balthasaar. They have been waiting for God to send them a leader. We believe this light will lead us to him. This leader will bring new meaning to the lives of people everywhere.

7 There is a leader here already,’ said Herod. I am he - Herod, King of the Jews. I have an army, It must be me that you are looking for.’

8 Balthasaar and Melchior looked at each other. They weren’t sure, They spoke quietly among themselves. Of course! It must be him!’, said Caspar, gazing at the palace with a light that dazzled. It is not a light one sees by.

9 Caspar thought for a moment. ‘You are right my friends’, he said. ‘King Herod has an army, he has power and might. But the people in the streets are not happy with him because he does not lead them. He just forces them to do what he wants them to do.

10 Herod was thinking to himself. Maybe a new leader had been born. He grew worried and said to the wise men: “go to Jerusalem and when you find out where the new leader is, please come back and tell me. I would like to meet him too”.

11 The three wise men mounted their camels and set off once more. As they passed through the city gates, the star reappeared and moved ahead of them.

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