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How the peacock got his tail From Vaggelis Stamatelos.

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1 How the peacock got his tail From Vaggelis Stamatelos

2  Once up on time there was a peacock.While he was walking on the forest he met a huge animal. It was big and strong lion. They started talking about their lives. The lion told him that he was the king of the animals and that he was very lucky to meet him and the peacock should obey him

3 The lion was so proud talking about himself, that he didn’t see a big trap in frond of him and he fell down.The lion panicked.He started shouting for help “Please help me” shouted to the peacock. “I will do whatever you want. Just save me” he said to the peacock. The peacock said” I will save you but you will do me a favor”.Then the lion answered” I will do what ever it takes just get me out”. I hope you want forget your promise when I will get you out” said the peacock

4  In the mean time while it started raining. The lion was very afraid. The peacock left and come back with an old friend of his “Tony the elephant”.The elephant with his long trunk helped the lion to escape from the hole.The rain had stopped and the rainbow was in front of them.

5  The lion couldn’t forget his promise.He wanted to thank the peacock”. ”What I can do for you?” he asked him.” Nobody can help me. I'm so sad. I wish I had a colorful tail, but I can’t. Where shall I find all these colors?” Don’t worry my friend. I will help you” the lion said. Suddenly, he revealed to him that he had magic powers.” Do you see this rainbow? Which of these colors do you want?  -”Can I have all of them” asked the peacock  -”Sure why not” answered the lion

6  Suddenly the peacock spread his tail and he was surprised. He had never seen anything so beautiful. It was the brightest tail ever! That’s how the peacock got it’s tail!!!

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