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Culture Bowl 3 Click to continue Roberta Pennasilico, Naples High School.

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2 Culture Bowl 3 Click to continue Roberta Pennasilico, Naples High School

3 500 400 300 200 100 Miscella- neous Current Events Language History & Geography Art & literature

4 Categories What is the most famous museum in Florence? Art & Literature 100 Point Question

5 Categories Art & Literature 100 Point Answer The Uffizi

6 Categories Art & literature 200 Point question Who was the poet in 1400’s who wrote the first sonnets, later adopted by Shakespeare as well?

7 Categories Petrarch Art & Literature 200 Point answer

8 Categories Art & literature 300 Point question What famous tragedy is about two youngsters whose love is forbidden by their families?

9 Categories Art & literature Response 300 Point answer Giulietta e Romeo (Romeo and Juliet)

10 Categories What Italian poet was called the “Vate” in the 1900’s? Art & literature 400 Point question

11 Categories Gabriele d’Annunzio Art & literature 400 Point answer

12 Categories Which author wrote the fairy tale Pinocchio? Art & literature 500 point question

13 Categories Carlo Collodi Art & literature Response 500 Points

14 Categories How many regions are there in Italy? History & Geography 100 Point Question

15 Categories History & geography 100 Point answer 20

16 Categories What’s the island off the coast of Naples with the Blue Grotto? History & Geography 200 Point Question

17 Categories Capri History & Geography 200 Point Answer

18 Categories What was the name of the army that Giuseppe Garibaldi lead in the wars for the unification of Italy? History & Geography 300 Point Question

19 Categories I Mille History & Geography 300 Point Answer

20 Categories Which are the two main mountain chains in Italy? History & Geography 400 Point Question

21 Categories Alps and Appennines History & Geography 400 Point Answer

22 Categories After the unification of Italy, the capital was moved from Turin to...? History & Geography 500 Point Question

23 Categories Florence History & Geography 500 Point Answer

24 Categories A Latin word used in English: the magma that comes out from a volcano. What is it? Language 100 Point Question

25 Categories Language 100 Point Answer Lava

26 Categories Language 200 Point Question This Italian word is used in English to mean “noodles”.

27 Categories Spaghetti Language 200 Point Answer

28 Categories Language 300 Point Question You use this Italian word at the end of a play, when you clap your hands.

29 Categories Language 300 Point Answer BRAVO!!

30 Categories How do you say: “May I see the menu, please?” Language 400 Point Question

31 Categories “Posso vedere il menu, per favore?” Language 400 Point Answer

32 Categories What is the name given to the corrupted form of the Latin language used by “common people” in the 1300’s? Language 500 Point Question

33 Categories The Volgare Language 500 Point Question

34 Categories This Italian popular singer studied as a tenor; despite his blindness, he enjoys life fully by touring around Germany and the USA. What’s his name? Current Events 100 Point Question

35 Categories Current Events 100 Point Answer Andrea Boccelli

36 Categories Current Events 200 Point Question What city hosts the movie awards ceremony in Italy?

37 Categories Venice Current Events 200 Point Answer

38 Categories Current Events 300 Point Question Name the main newspapers published in Milan, Rome and Naples.

39 Categories Current Events 300 Point Answer Il Corriere della Sera (Milano) La Repubblica (Roma) Il Mattino (Napoli)

40 Categories What is the name of the nationwide judicial investigation into political corruption in the 1990’s that led to the disappearance of many political parties? Current Events 400 Point Question

41 Categories Tangentopoli OR Mani pulite Current Events 400 Point Answer

42 Categories What important prize did actor Dario Fo win? Current Events 500 Point Question

43 Categories The Nobel Prize for literature Current Events 500 point Answer

44 Categories What famous movie did Federico Fellini shoot in Rome with Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg in 1960? Miscellaneous 100 point Question

45 Categories Miscellaneous 100 Point Answer La Dolce Vita

46 Categories Miscellaneous 200 point Question A famous TV show with children singing joyful songs. His historical anchorman was named “Mago Zurlì”.

47 Categories Lo Zecchino d’Oro Miscellaneous 300 point question

48 Categories Miscellaneous 300 point question This Italian scientist invented the telescope.

49 Categories Miscellaneous 300 point Answer Galileo Galilei

50 Categories This Italian soccer player plays is the captain of the team from Rome and was the main character of a book of jokes. Miscellaneous 400 point question

51 Categories Francesco Totti Miscellaneous 400 point Answer

52 Categories Professional motorcycle racer and multiple World Champion. He raced for Yamaha but left it for Ducati in 2011. Miscellaneous 500 point question

53 Categories Valentino Rossi Miscellaneous 500 point answer

54 Categories Good Job! Bravo!

55 Categories The Daily Double

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