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Fundamentals of Purity and Prayer Lecture 5 February 23, 2014.

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1 Fundamentals of Purity and Prayer Lecture 5 February 23, 2014

2 Ghusl

3 Verse of Ghusl “And if you are in a state of major ritual impurity (junub) then purify yourselves thoroughly” (Qur’an 5:6).

4 Fard of Ghusl There are three obligatory (fard) actions of ghusl: Rinsing the entire mouth (once) Rinsing the nose up to the soft bone (once) Washing whatever is possible of the entire body (once) Inner part of the ear Skin beneath beard, moustache, eyebrows, etc. Regardless of thickness All of one’s hair, including roots Women do not need to open braids, but must reach roots Inside navel

5 Sunnah of Ghusl Intention Beginning with name of Allah Washing hands until wrists Washing one’s private parts (front and rear) Washing off any physical impurity from body So it does not spread during ghusl Performing wudu Pouring water over entire body three times First over head, then over right shoulder, then over left shoulder Rubbing body and washing continuously Ensure no area remains dry

6 Mustahhab and Makruh of Ghusl Musthabb acts of ghusl are similar to those of wudu, except: Disliked to face or put one’s back toward the Qiblah Disliked to speak, even for dhikr or du’a Because it is a time of washing away filth Preferable to minimize time of nakedness

7 Categories of Ghusl Fard, Sunnah and Mustahabb

8 Fard Ghusl Ghusl is fard for the person in a state of major ritual impurity who desires to Perform any salah Perform sajdah tilawah Touch or recite Qur’an Enter a masjid For the person who becomes Muslim while in a state of major ritual impurity For the deceased before burial

9 Sunnah and Mustahabb Ghusl Sunnah: Jumu’ah prayer Two ‘Id prayers Entering into ihram On the day of Arafah For one performing Hajj Mustahabb: Entering Makka Entering Madinah Visiting the Prophet ﷺ

10 Actions Which Cause Major Ritual Impurity

11 Actions Which Cause Janabah The emission of male/female ejaculate (mani) from its origin, irrespective of intercourse Wet dream, looking with lust, masturbation Discovery of ejaculation after waking from sleep, even if do not remember a wet dream With or without excitement Intercourse – defined as the insertion of the tip of the male organ into the front or back passage of any living person Menstruation (hayd) or post-childbirth bleeding (nifas) Note: Will cover this in depth for sisters at the end of class next week (March 2 nd )

12 Actions Which Do Not Cause Janabah The exiting of madhy or wadhy Madhy: thin, clear fluid caused by arousal, male or female Wadhy: thick white fluid that exits from male organ before/after urination or lifting something heavy Wudu will be required upon emission of either madhy or wadhy A wet dream without any wetness or sign of emission

13 Questions?

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