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Santhalakshmi RSM Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Of 1 st Year.

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2 Santhalakshmi RSM Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Of 1 st Year

3 S erve the Industry with Quality On Time At Competitive Price

4 Santhalakshmi RSM Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd., SRSMES is a growing Cement Plant and Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) System designer and supplier of machinery in collaboration with reputed machinery suppliers. Have good engineering consultancy capability. Our Managing Director Mr. R.S.Mani, has served for MNCs and played a key role in winning orders and executing several projects. We provide comprehensive range of services and solutions to our client’s technical and project management needs.

5  New Cement Plant Design  Small Projects  Customized Solutions  Modernization, Improvements & Upgrade  Process Plant Audit  Plant Operational Support  Perform, Achieve, Trade (PAT)  Waste Heat Recovery System  Alternate Fuel Solutions  Onsite Training


7 JK LAKSHMI CEMENT SIROHI LINE-I PH UPGRADATION  Successfully upgraded and increasing the capacity from 3300 to 4500 TPD  Excess air Calciner was replaced by New In-Line Calciner and Tertiary Air Duct.  Three PH cyclones modifications were completed.  Three more PH cyclones engineering completed and will be executed during next shut down.

8 GUJARAT SIDHEE CEMENT PYROPROCESS UPGRADATION  Separate Line Calciner Preheater - Successfully modified the Cyclones 3 & 4 in both Kiln and Calciner towers  Capacity increased from 4000 to 4600 TPD  Substantial savings in pressure drop of 50-135 mmwg per cyclone was achieved  Good savings in Sp. Power consumption.

9 ULTRATECH CEMENT, RATNAGIRI CEMENT MILL SEPARATOR REPLACEMENT  Designed and Supplied Cement Mill Separator successfully on time  Capacity will increase with this latest design separator  Specific power consumption will reduce considerably

10 CHETTINAD CEMENT PULIYUR - PYRO UPGRADATION  PH Cyclones 2 & 3 were upgraded.  Substantial savings in pressure drop, 50 mmwg per cyclone and savings in specific power consumption of 0.4 kWh/ton in PH fan were achieved  Calciner up-gradation is being planned to increase the residence time and to fire pet coke

11 CHETTINAD CEMENT PULIYUR - PYRO UPGRADATION  PH Cyclones 4 & 5 Engineering completed and will be modified during next shut down.  Substantial savings in pressure drop, 50 mmwg per cyclone and savings in specific power consumption of 0.4 kWh/ton in PH fan envisaged  Cooler up-gradation is being planned to reduce the specific fuel consumption by 3 Kcal/kg cl and reduce wear

12 JK LAKSHMI CEMENT SIROHI LINE-I WHRS AQC  Successfully designed,supplied and commissioned WHRS-AQC Boiler in collobaration with VEESONS  Steam generation up to 8.0 TPH achieved against guaranteed 6.2 TPH  Overall power generation increased

13 NAGARJUNA CEMENT, SIMHAPURI Operational Support Contract for one year period to improve the performance of the Plant, Capacity, Fuel, Power consumption and Raw Mix optimization in the following areas o Line 1 pyro process o Line 2 pyro process o Raw grinding - Vertical Roller Mill o Coal grinding - VRM & Ball Mill o Various cement grinding systems


15 Cement Plant Design and Supply  Complete Cement Plant Design and Supply.  Overall Exposure and capabilities are high in all sections viz. Pyroprocess, WHRS, Alternative Fuels, Raw, Coal and Cement grindings.  Consultancy services.  High Degree of Technical Expertise in Cement Plant Design & Engineering, Operation, Commissioning and Maintenance.

16 Plant Upgrade  Expertise in Cement Plant up-gradation with unique skills and possess highly experienced professionals.  Customized and best Solutions are provided in up-gradation instead of standard solutions.

17 Waste Heat Recovery System  Complete design of WHRS for the cement plant.  WHRS Engineering and Supply with reputed Suppliers.  SRSMES can conduct audit / feasibility study to establish the availability of hot gases from Pre Heater and Cooler and calculate the Possible Power Generation.  Up-gradation of WHR  With expert knowledge on cement plant our WHRS solutions are customised Alternate Fuels  Design a suitable alternative fuel feeding system.  Calculation of alternative fuel substitution rate.

18 Plant Audits  Establish the present performance, identify the bottlenecks and scope for improvement.  Suggestion of methods to improve overall process and operation, increase production, improve fuel efficiency, reduce the power consumption, gaseous emissions and the overall plant operating costs. Cement Plant Process Training  Customized Training modules in Cement process, Chemistry and Process measurements & plant performance evaluation. Perform Achieve Trade (PAT)  Based on the process audit, recommendations are provided to match the PAT rules in order to improve the efficiency of the plant.


20 We will enter into a Contract for 1 year duration with the customer and send our expert for 2 days every month to support plant operation and optimize the plant. Complete process analysis  Specialists will visit and carry out complete analysis of the plant. Prime challenges will be identified. Baseline parameters will be established. Expert suggestions to eliminate prime challenges  Suggestions to eliminate the prime challenges will be offered. Plant personnel will implement the same and send the feedback. SRSMES will analyse the reports and further improvements will be suggested. Continuous support for sustaining and enhancing the capacity  In addition from eliminating the challenges identified, capacity enhancement possibility in different sections will be studied and improvements required will be suggested.

21 Exploring possibilities for efficient fuel and power consumption  Fuel & Power consumption will be calculated and support offered to reduce the same to optimum value. This ultimately reduces the operating cost. Suggestions for improving raw mix and reduce production cost  Raw material details will be studied and possibilities to improve raw mix design will be explored. Suggesting and executing essential modifications and up-gradation  Modifications necessary to improve plant performance will be proposed. Engineering and design for the same will be submitted as a separate proposal.

22 MOU with IKN (Global) on selected WHRS  IKN is a German based cement plant supplier  Engineering and Design by SRSMES  Joint venture on supply of WHRS Agreement with FIVES-FCB  FIVES-FCB is a 200 years old French supplier of complete cement plant  Fives-FCB has various ranges of grinding mills including Horomill  SRSMES and FIVES will jointly promote grinding technology/Products to Indian customer.



25 ORDERS REFERENCE LIST S.NoPlant NameScope of Work 1 My Home Cement, AP Pyroprocess audit and feasibility from 2600 TPD to 3000 TPD 2 Nagarjuna Cement, AP Plant audit and feasibility study for Line-1 & 2 3 UltraTech Cement, Ratnagiri Cement Grinding system audit 4 JK Lakshmi, Sirohi Line-1 AQC boiler for existing WHR system 5 JK Lakshmi, Sirohi Line-1 PH upgradation from 3300 TPD to 4500 TPD 6 Gujarat Sidhee Cement PH upgradation, TAD modification, Raw mill internal and system modification to enhance from 4000 TPD to 5000 TPD 7 Chettinad Cements, Karikkali Line 2 complete plant audit

26 S.NoPlant NameScope of Work 8 Chettinad Cements, Ariyalur Line 1 & 2 complete Plant audit 9 Chettinad Cements, Puliyur Complete Plant audit 10 Chettinad Cements, Kallur Pyroprocess, Cooler & Waste Heat recovery system optimization 11 JK Lakshmi, Durg Plant up gradation feasibility from 4500 TPD to 6000 TPD 12 JK Paper Ltd., Rayagada Feasibility Study to setup a new green field cement plant 13 Shree JayaJothi, (My Home) Process audit for capacity enhancement from 5100 to 6000 TPD 14 Chettinad, Puliyur Feasibility study for implementing Waste heat recovery system 15 JK Lakshmi, Sirohi Feasibility study for Waste heat recovery system for Line-1,2 &3 ORDERS REFERENCE LIST

27 S.NoPlant NameScope of Work 16 UltraTech,Narmada Cement, Ratnagiri GU, Maharastra Cement Grinding Separator upgradation - Engineering & Supply Order 17 Chettinad Cement Corporation Ltd., Puliyur Cement Works Preheater stage-2,3,4&5, Calciner & Cooler Upgrade - Engineering Order 18Binani Cement Ltd., Rajasthan Line-2, 7800 tpd Pyroprocess process audit for overall system improvement 19 Mangalam Cement Ltd., Morak, Rajasthan Feasibility study for conversion of coalmill (ballmill) system to flyash drying system - consultancy & engineering study 20Binani Cement Ltd., Rajasthan Line-1, 6000 tpd Pyroprocess process audit for overall system improvement 21Binani Cement Ltd., Rajasthan Four numbers Cement Grinding System Process audit for overall improvement 22Sanghi Industries Ltd., GujaratSemi-finish grinding system process audit 23 UltraTech,Narmada Cement, Jaffarabad Cement grinding system process audit ORDERS REFERENCE LIST

28 S.No.Plant NameScope of Work 24UltraTech,Narmada Cement, MadgallaCement grinding system process audit 25Chettinad Cements, KarikkaliComplete Plant audit for Line-1 26JK Lakshmi, SirohiConsultancy for Line-1 Pyroprocess optimization 27Chettinad Cements, AriyalurComplete Plant audit for Line-2 28Nagarjuna Cement, Simhapuri, A.P Plant Operational support for Pyroprocess, raw grinding, coal grinding & cement grinding for Line- 1 & Line-2 29UltraTech Cement, KotputliPyroprocess study 30Dalmia Cement, DalmiapuramPyroprocess study 31UltraTech Cement, TadipatriPrecalciner study ORDERS REFERENCE LIST

29 Contact Details Santhalakshmi RSM Engineering Solutions (P) Ltd., # 3308, Block 3, TVH Svasti, Eswaran Koil Street, Thoraipakkam, Chennai – 600 097 Tamilnadu, India Web : www.srsmes.comE-mail : Tel : 91 44 2985 7765

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