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April 2nd, 2009 Gordon QUIGLEY 施耐德电气 全球副总裁

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1 April 2nd, 2009 Gordon QUIGLEY 施耐德电气 全球副总裁
Make the most of your energy™ Solutions for the Cement Industry 善用其效,尽享其能 水泥工业解决方案 April 2nd, 2009 Gordon QUIGLEY 施耐德电气 全球副总裁 Hello and thank you for taking the time to attend this presentation My name is gordon quigley and I am responsible for growing our solution business with Customers in the Mining, Minerals and Metals ( 建材,矿业和冶金行业)businesses In the best practice of my customers lets begin with a safety share -

2 The global specialist in energy management 全球能效管理专家
We are the global specialist in energy management(能效管理): what does it mean?! We are global Specialist in energy management Let me elaborate on those two aspects

3 A global company 全球化的公司
North America Europe 27% 44% 28,000 48,000 €18.3B revenue 32% in new economies 114,000 people Presence in 100+ countries First we are a global company. We are a global company present all over the world. We are a €18.3 bn company. We have 114,000 in more than 100 countries / Double the revenue vs In addition, we make 32% of our revenue in new economies (新经济体)where we have still strong growth opportunities (18% in 2004) Definition of new economies: Asia without Japan, Africa & Middle East, Eastern Europe (including Russia), Latin America & Mexico, Rest of the world Asia-Pacific 10% 19% 9,000 29,000

4 A unique positioning 特有的定位
Energy production Energy Management Making energy: Safe Reliable Efficient Productive Green Energy Usage Thermal Nuclear Genset Hydro Solar Wind Appliances Lighting HVAC Lifts Motors Machines Conveyors IT servers We help people make the most of their energy(能源尽享其用). What does it mean? between energy generation (coal, nuclear, Hydro, etc.) and energy usage (what we all do with energy everyday), it is our play ground: energy management. It consists in making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. Let’s go a little bit more into detail (next slide)

5 solutions & energy efficiency
… with the most comprehensive and integrated portfolio in energy management 在能源管理领域最全面的组合方案 Green Efficient Safe Reliable Productive critical power & cooling low & medium voltage power industrial automation & control installation systems & control (wiring devices + home automation) building automation & security solutions & energy efficiency renewable energy solutions How to read this graph Left column, from top to bottom = end markets: Energy & infrastructure, industry, data centres, buildings and residential Top, from left to right = values for customers. Size of the bubbles = what market they cover Ex: Installation systems & control makes energy safe, efficient and productive in the residential market Solutions and energy efficiency are a combination from our different activities potentially covering all the values and all the markets depending on the market segment We started in the field of Power & Control, making energy safe and productive. Based on this sound know-how, we developped: Automation everywhere, spreading automation in homes and buildings, even proposing security systems to cover the whole building management. (TAC by Schneider Electric, Mertern, Clipsal, …) Reliable energy with critical power & cooling, especially for critical applications like data centres and hospitals where the slightest power outage can be dramatic We recently entered the renewable energy market with solutions to connect renewable energy sources like photovoltaic or wind turbines to the power grid in an easy, reliable and cost-effective way Historical presence New businesses

6 Schneider Electric China Review in the Past 20 Years 施耐德电气在中国的20年回顾
1987 TJ Merlin Gerin nd Wave Investment SECI 1st Wave Investment 2008 Energy Efficiency Olympics 15B RMB total investment 5B RMB tax contribution 10B RMB local purchasing % growth every year 2 R&D centers 1 laboratory – Power Test Lab 1 learning institute 500+ distributors 15,000 employees 4 branches 36 regional offices 4 distribution centers 21 factories

7 Special solutions based on your needs provided by 基于您的需求提供的独特解决方案
Energy solutions Energy efficiency Industrial consulting 能源解决方案 节能增效 工业领域咨询 Consulting 咨 询 Power system engineering配电系统工程 Industrial process engineering工业控制工程 Building Automation engineering楼宇自控工程 Modernization and performance improving 提升绩效的系统服务与改造 Project & system 项目实施 contract service合同服务 Spares parts management备件管理 Maintenance contracts & repair维修维护合同 Daily operation support日常运营支持 Retrofit & training系统改造和培训 Design and decision support Database and document base on the Internet, electronic catalogs, Internet and extranet sites, downloadable design, configuration and decision support software, on-line ordering Installed base operation and maintenance Online and on-site training, diagnostics and technical support, remote management, diagnostics and maintenance via the Internet, preventive maintenance, on-site after-sales service, Customer International Support Energy and industrial performance audits and consulting Safety and availability studies, site and installation audits, renovation consulting and post-renovation operator training Installed bases 装机设备服务

8 Project References in China 在中国的成功案例
Lafarge DJY Line-1, 2500tpd Lafarge DJY Line-2, 3200tpd Lafarge Sonadih cement line in India, 5000 tpd Building Material Industry 建材工业 Lafarge LHOKNGA Cement (Indonesia) , 2500tpd 石家庄化纤厂 Lafarge Rainbow in South Africa, 3200tpd Lafarge Nanshan in Chongqing, 5000 tpd Reference with top cement endusers like Lafarge, Holcim and Cemex in both Install base and Service by the cooperation with all major Chinese cement EPCs like Sinoma Int’l(中材国际), TCDRI(天津水泥院), CBMI(中材建设), and HCRDI(合肥水泥院) The three major Lafarge cement lines in China with CBMI(中材建设) & TCDRI(天津水泥院): Du-Jiang-Yan Line 1 and Line-2, 2500tpd & 3200tpd, Chongqing Nan-Shan Line 5000tpd SONADIH Lafarge Cement (India) with TCDRI(天津水泥院), 5000tpd: MV + LV + PCS system, 7 control quantum & Momentum, 22 control panels, onsite service & training Reconstruction Lafarge LHOKNGA Cement Plant (Indonesia) with HCRDI(合肥水泥院):All MV switchgear + PCS Lafarge South Africa project with CBMI(中材建设) Earthquake Audit and Recovery in Lafarge Du-Jiang-Yan plant Holcim Cemex Cemex in Mexico Holcim Azebajan cement line Lafarge DJY Earthquake Recovery 8

9 Let’s share a vision 请您分享我们的愿景

10 achieve more while using less of our common planet
A world where we can all achieve more while using less of our common planet 为我们共同生活的这个星球, 用最小的消耗创造最大的产出 We believe that business growth, quality of life and respect for the environment can go hand in hand. We believe it is possible to be more effective and do more with less to preserve the Earth’s balance.

11 Let’s talk about Business 我们的业务范围
So what does Schneider Electric actually do?

12 Making energy… 制造能源 Efficient 高效 Safe 安全 Reliable 可靠 Green 绿色
Measure and control energy, automate, provide accurate diagnosis Safe 安全 Transform and distribute power safely Reliable 可靠 Prevent from power outage and energy quality variances Green 绿色 Make the connection of renewable energy sources easy, reliable and cost-effective Productive 高产 Manage processes, enhance any Infrastructure utilities management Our mission is to help people make the most of their energy. Because energy is dangerous, we make it safe to protect people and assets. We make energy reliable, meaning uninterrupted and available. From data centres to hospitals to stock markets, an increasing number of critical applications cannot tolerate the slightest fluctuation in current quality — not to mention a highly damaging and costly power outage. The rising price of energy + the environment concern that is already at the top of everyone’s agenda and will keep on growing makes energy efficiency a must. To make energy savings To optimise our total cost of ownership. True for us as individuals and even truer when you run a factory or a global business Because energy is the source for activity, we help customers turn it into an asset to boost their productivity. How? Developing automation and connectivity everywhere to make everything simpler. Providing lifecycle services to bring peace of mind to customers all along the life cycle of their installations Finally, we make energy green by enabling easy connection and installation of renewable energies.

13 72% part of the worldwide energy consumption of these five markets
From plant to plug™, helping customers make the most of their energy 助力客户,让我们善用其效,尽享其能 5 end markets Energy and infrastructure Industry Data centers & networks Buildings Residential 72% part of the worldwide energy consumption of these five markets Offering integrated industrial solutions for segments like… Cement Mining Electric utilities Water & waste water Oil & Gas Marine Machine builders Data centers/IT Office buildings Our playground is from the plant, either it is and industrial facility or a power generation plant, to the plug. We address segments like water and waste water, oil & gas, hospitals, data centres, offices or even your house. All these activities representing almost ¾ of energy consumption world wide. We are at the heart of the energy challenge as we can bring up to 30% energy savings in each of this market segment. We help our customers to be more efficient, more profitable and reducing their carbon footprint

14 Electrical Energy(12%): ~ 110kWh/Ton (*) 电能消耗 (12%):~ 110kWh/Ton (*)
Coal Mill 7% Lighting 5% Pumps & services Packing 2% Kiln 29% Kiln Feed & Cooler Cement Mill 31% & Transport Crusher 2% Raw Mill 24% Reclaimer & Transport Major Consumers Mill Drives Fans Conveying Systems (*) World Average; Range is between 65kWh/Ton and 120kWh/Ton

15 Thermal Energy (88%): ~ 700Kcal/Kg (*) 热能消耗(88%): ~ 700Kcal/Kg (*)
(**) In plants using coal, an external coal or oil fired furnace is used for generation of hot air required for coal mills. 100% Kiln Pre Calciner (*) World Average; Range is between 680kcal/Kg and 1000Kcal/Kg

16 Energy efficiency 节能增效 The quickest and most profitable diet to save money & the planet! 集经济和环保于一体的最快捷和高收益的方案 Measure 1. Energy audit and metering Monitor Fix the basics 2. Low consumption devices Power quality Power reliability Solutions in : Consulting services Energy meters Power meters Energy management Monitoring Automate We are the leader in active energy efficiency: The market In terms of energy, one unit saved at home equals three units saved at the power plant => crucial in the context of climate change. Source: International Energy Outlook 2007 – US Department of Energy (DOE) Evaluate your household’s energy efficiency. Measure You have to measure to see where you are and what you want to achieve => need to know where you consume the most Energy meters Power quality meters 2. Use efficient devices Low consumption devices: light bulbs, heating regulators, etc. Insulation material Power quality Power reliability 3. Automate It’s good to have low consumption devices, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them on all day! Human beings are lazy. Good resolutions to shut off heaters and lights when you leave a room or office tend to fade away when the effort infringes on comfort => hence the need for automation Building Management Systems Lighting Control Systems Motor control systems Home control systems Variable speed drives 4. Monitor and improve If you never maintain your car, it will consume more and more gas. The same for your electrical installation. To ensure that the results achieved are here to stay and that your new installation is profitable and sustainable: Energy management software Remote monitoring systems => Active energy efficiency 3. Solutions in : building management, power management, motor control, lighting control

17 Schneider Solutions for the Cement Industry 施耐德电气在水泥工业的解决方案

18 ABC – Australia ABC – 澳大利亚
Maximization use of key assets, while maintaining customer satisfaction, cost, Safety, Health and Environment standards and product quality.

19 LAFARGE – China 拉法基 - 中国 Schneider Electric’s Advanced Process Control System following Lafarge’s standards including its Cement Library

20 CEMEX – Global CEMEX - 全球
Cemex Trusts Schneider Electric’s Energy Management System to centrally monitor the Energy consumption of every one of its sites around the world. This project allowed CEMEX to include energy consumption info and production information on their global intratent Energy is a major cost in cement and cement companies produce significant amounts of co2 So energy is a central theme to them

21 Active Lifecycle solutions for Energy Efficiency 贯穿整个生产周期的节能增效解决方案
Passive Energy Efficiency Energy Audit & Measure Process, facilities, etc. Fix the basics Process Improvements, high efficiency equipment, substitution raw materials and fuels, Insulation material, Power factor correction… Optimize through Automation and regulation Process Control, variable speed drives, Monitor, maintain, improve Meters installation Monitoring services EE analysis software Benchmarking Active Control Improve Energy Efficiency (节能增效)needs a structured and persistent approach Diagnosis ( very much on top of some agendas ) is not enough , what costs is getting the results , only companies having the means to be active in the whole process steps can be with there clients up to the real savings and results Energy Efficeincy is an issue where a risk sharing and a win win relation shall be established to reach the goal ( as in performance contracting or Energy Edge ) As targets are fixed over long timeframe ( less 20% in 2020 , less 50% in 2050 ) for clients EE programs are not one shot and permanent improvement over the time is key , so frame services contracts should be the way to deal with key clients

22 Make the most of your energy™
让我们 善用其效,尽享其能

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