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Make the most of your energy Solutions for the Cement Industry April 2nd, 2009 Gordon QUIGLEY.

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1 Make the most of your energy Solutions for the Cement Industry April 2nd, 2009 Gordon QUIGLEY

2 Schneider Electric 2 The global specialist in energy management

3 Schneider Electric 3 A global company 27% 28,000 North America 44% 48,000 Europe 19% 29,000 Asia-Pacific 10% 9,000 Rest of the world 18.3B revenue 32% in new economies 114,000 people Presence in 100+ countries

4 Schneider Electric 4 Energy production Energy Usage Thermal Nuclear Genset Hydro Solar Wind Appliances Lighting HVAC Lifts Motors Machines Conveyors IT servers Energy Management Making energy: Safe Reliable Efficient Productive Green A unique positioning

5 Schneider Electric 5 … with the most comprehensive and integrated portfolio in energy management GreenEfficientSafeReliableProductive critical power & cooling low & medium voltage power industrial automation & control installation systems & control (wiring devices + home automation) building automation & security solutions & energy efficiency renewable energy solutions Historical presence New businesses

6 Schneider Electric TJ Merlin Gerin SECI 1st Wave Investment nd Wave Investment 2008 Energy Efficiency Olympics 15B RMB total investment 5B RMB tax contribution 10B RMB local purchasing 20-30% growth every year 15,000 employees 4 branches 36 regional offices 4 distribution centers 21 factories 2 R&D centers 1 laboratory – Power Test Lab 1 learning institute 500+ distributors Schneider Electric China Review in the Past 20 Years 20

7 Schneider Electric 7 Special solutions based on your needs provided by Installed bases Project & system Consulting contract service Energy solutions Energy efficiency Industrial consulting Power system engineering Industrial process engineering Building Automation engineering Modernization and performance improving Spares parts management Maintenance contracts & repair Daily operation support Retrofit & training

8 Schneider Electric 8 Project References in China Lafarge DJY Line-2, 3200tpd Lafarge LHOKNGA Cement (Indonesia), 2500tpd Lafarge Rainbow in South Africa, 3200tpd Lafarge DJY Line-1, 2500tpd Lafarge DJY Earthquake Recovery Building Material Industry Cemex in Mexico Lafarge Nanshan in Chongqing, 5000 tpd Holcim Azebajan cement line Lafarge Sonadih cement line in India, 5000 tpd

9 Schneider Electric 9 Lets share a vision

10 Schneider Electric 10 A world where we can all achieve more while using less of our common planet

11 Schneider Electric 11 Lets talk about Business

12 Schneider Electric 12 Making energy… Productive Manage processes, enhance any Infrastructure utilities management Efficient Measure and control energy, automate, provide accurate diagnosis Reliable Prevent from power outage and energy quality variances Safe Transform and distribute power safely Green Make the connection of renewable energy sources easy, reliable and cost-effective

13 Schneider Electric 13 Offering integrated industrial solutions for segments like… Cement Mining Electric utilities Water & waste water Oil & Gas Marine Machine builders Data centers/IT Office buildings From plant to plug, helping customers make the most of their energy 5 end markets Energy and infrastructure Industry Data centers & networks Buildings Residential 72% part of the worldwide energy consumption of these five markets

14 Schneider Electric 14 Electrical Energy(12%): ~ 110kWh/Ton (*) 12 ~ 110kWh/Ton (*) Crusher 2% Raw Mill 24% Reclaimer & Transport Cement Mill 31% & Transport Kiln 29% Kiln Feed & Cooler (*) World Average; Range is between 65kWh/Ton and 120kWh/Ton Lighting 5% Pumps & services Packing 2% Coal Mill 7% Major Consumers Mill Drives Fans Conveying Systems

15 Schneider Electric 15 Thermal Energy (88%): ~ 700Kcal/Kg (*) 88 ~ 700Kcal/Kg (*) (*) World Average; Range is between 680kcal/Kg and 1000Kcal/Kg (**) In plants using coal, an external coal or oil fired furnace is used for generation of hot air required for coal mills. Kiln Pre Calciner 100%

16 Schneider Electric 16 Energy efficiency The quickest and most profitable diet to save money & the planet! 4.Solutions in : Consulting services Energy meters Power meters Energy management Monitoring 2. Low consumption devices Power quality Power reliability Measure Fix the basics Automate Monitor 3. Solutions in : building management, power management, motor control, lighting control 1. Energy audit and metering

17 Schneider Electric 17 Schneider Solutions for the Cement Industry

18 Schneider Electric 18 ABC – Australia ABC – Maximization use of key assets, while maintaining customer satisfaction, cost, Safety, Health and Environment standards and product quality.

19 Schneider Electric 19 LAFARGE – China - Schneider Electrics Advanced Process Control System following Lafarges standards including its Cement Library

20 Schneider Electric 20 Cemex Trusts Schneider Electrics Energy Management System to centrally monitor the Energy consumption of every one of its sites around the world. CEMEX – Global CEMEX -

21 Schneider Electric 21 Control Improve Passive Energy Efficiency Energy Audit & Measure Process, facilities, etc. Fix the basics Process Improvements, high efficiency equipment, substitution raw materials and fuels, Insulation material, Power factor correction… Optimize through Automation and regulation Process Control, variable speed drives, Monitor, maintain, improve Meters installation Monitoring services EE analysis software Benchmarking Active Energy Efficiency Lifecycle solutions for Energy Efficiency

22 Schneider Electric 22 Make the most of your energy

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