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Change Programme To build the church of tomorrow…. …..starting today.

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1 Change Programme To build the church of tomorrow…. …..starting today

2 Why Change? 1.2025 Reality – externally driven not policy 2.Creaking Structure 3.Changing social context 4.Buildings legacy 5.Congregation viability 6.Income sustainability 7.Intentionality expectations from Central Institutions So if Diocese is to equip itself to deliver the Church of 2025 and mission objectives of growth, increased giving and increased service what needs to happen?

3 Why Change?

4 Current Governance Structure

5 Diocesan Response 1.2011, + Nigel asked BC to look at building and stipendiary deployment distributions which might have ongoing viability 2.BC decided this was a more complex issue and engaged in a sequence of participatory planning exercises a)Identify 5 or 6 key issues facing the Diocese. b)Indicate urgency - assumed to equal importance but prioritised according to time; short 0-3 years, medium 3-5, long 5 and upwards c)identified certain clusters of issues

6 BC - Priorities 1.Managing Change a)Strategies for change b)Cultural Acceptance 2.Leadership – lead the church towards the model of the future a)At all levels – episcopal, strategic lay, local church, DBF 3.Mission Action Planning a)Sustainable plans with a clear mission drive to inspire the local church

7 BC - Priorities 1.Buildings a)How many do we need? b)Where should they be? c)How do we sustain them? 2.Deployment a)How many clergy? b)How will they be dispersed? c)What other ministries will be necessary? 3.Finance a)Sustainable income streams to sustain the future church

8 Kotter Change Process

9 Strategic Implementation Team Mission Units Buildings Reimagining Ministry Policy and Decisions Bishops Council Strategic Direction & Major Policy Decisions Policy Structures Statutory and Discretionary Enabling ChangeGovernance

10  LeadershipChange Manag- ement Mission Action Planning BuildingsDeploymentFinance Mission Units Re- imagining Ministry Strategic Buildings            Task Groups & Strategic Areas

11 Change Programme Mission Changes Changing attitudes and behaviours Technological changes Operational changes Change Management Strategy (SIT &TGs) Strategic changes

12 Change Streams 1.Operational changes: Restructuring Procedure Simplification Deployment Asset management 2.Strategic changes: Governance Review Ministry Models Integrated Planning 3.Technological changes: IT Tools Data Acquisition 4.Attitudes & behaviours IiP Performance Management Behavioural competencies

13 Integrated Planning Baseline Assessment Mission Action Plans Deanery Pastoral Plans Diocesan Mission Growing Giving Serving DBF Departmental Plans Officer objectives Appraisal Officer objectives Balanced Scorecard Deanery Mission Action Plans

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