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By: Mary. Jesse. Megan. Diane. Chassidy and Ebony.

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1 By: Mary. Jesse. Megan. Diane. Chassidy and Ebony

2  It’s an all-in-one interactive, collaborative, multimedia experience designed to capture the imagination of any type of learner—from the auditory to the visual to the kinesthetic and everywhere between.  The reason: the ActivBoard 300 Pro Range, a feature-rich interactive whiteboard that combines color, motion and interactivity with integrated sound and Dual-User functionality.

3 Advantages:  Can be either (78”) (87”) (95”)  Built-in speakers and a discreet but powerful amplifier add stereo sound to any lesson.  Fixed mount or motorized height-adjustable stands, short-throw projectors and a durable, classroom-ready surface mean everyone can come to the board  the board can come to any classroom.  Dual-User capability is built in.  ActivInspire Professional Edition software and access to tens of thousands of free lessons and resources at

4  The new SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard offers an updated look, more features and larger sizes. Designed to address customer feedback and user testing, it's a flexible product that can be upgraded as your customers' needs change.

5 Advantages: ( 94”)  Touch-Sensitive Surface: Which you can use the pen or just your finger.  Pen Tray  5 year warranty: Two years, parts and labor, with an additional three years available upon registration.  Glare proof and tear proof  You can also mount it to a wall and it comes with speakers included.

6 94”=$2,999.00 78” = $2689.99 SmartBoard 690  Promethean Activ 300

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