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A not so admirable position of In times of success.

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2 A not so admirable position of

3 In times of success

4 Once you are on top

5 When things go down

6 Take the blame, feel the shame

7 Shifting the burden

8 Personifying the failures

9 Just one of many..

10 Powerless pawn

11 A rising amount of CEO lay offs ‘ As the economy continues its volatile ride, chief executive turnover has reached the highest nine-month total on record and is on a pace to surpass the 2006 year-end record. The crisis sure takes its toll.’ (Challenger, Gray & Christmas, 2007)

12 ‘Short term performance increases that are sometimes observed after CEO successions maye be evidence of self interested behavior. New CEOs cut long term allocations for short term profits, which leads to disatisfying results in the long way.’ (Harrison & Fiet, 1999) Vicious circle

13 Truly bad leaders should face the consequences

14 ‘Philip Burguieres stepped down from his £450,000-a-year position as CEO because of clinical depression, and contemplated suicide. He explains that the illness is rife among business leaders, and is kept concealed because of the stigma’ (Marsh, 2007) Pressure keeps growing

15 Controlling everyone is impossible

16 For better or worse

17 Leaders ahead to pave the road

18 Encouragement

19 What is at stake?

20 Failure can be a good thing

21 Go leaders! References available upon request

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