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Pre-Pharmacy Workshop Fall 2012.  Dr. Shirley Kovacs, Biology  Dr. Prudence Lowe, Computer Science  Dr. Joy Goto, Chemistry  Dr. Santanu Maitra, Chemistry.

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Presentation on theme: "Pre-Pharmacy Workshop Fall 2012.  Dr. Shirley Kovacs, Biology  Dr. Prudence Lowe, Computer Science  Dr. Joy Goto, Chemistry  Dr. Santanu Maitra, Chemistry."— Presentation transcript:

1 Pre-Pharmacy Workshop Fall 2012

2  Dr. Shirley Kovacs, Biology  Dr. Prudence Lowe, Computer Science  Dr. Joy Goto, Chemistry  Dr. Santanu Maitra, Chemistry  Dr. Paul Crosbie, Biology

3  Hospital Pharmacy  Academic Pharmacy  Consulting Pharmacy  Community Pharmacy  Public Health Pharmacy  Managed Care Pharmacy  Ambulatory Care Pharmacy  Regulatory Agency Pharmacy  Pharmaceutical Sciences/Industry

4 To make a good pharmacist requires:  A strong understanding of science ◦ Biology, Chemistry and Physics ◦ Anatomy, Microbiology and Physiology ◦ Calculus and Statistics ◦ Biochemistry and Pharmacology  Communication skills ◦ Explain indications, side-effects and contraindications to individuals who are perhaps not at their coherent best  People skills  Counseling skills

5  Specific Academic Coursework and Strong Academic Performance  Community Service and Volunteer Work  Knowledge of Pharmacy and the Health Care Industry  Evidence of Leadership  Maturity  Participation in Extracurricular Activities and Student Organizations  Pharmacy Experience

6  Construct an academic program that helps you succeed  Join the Pre-Pharmacy Club ◦ Community Service Activities and Volunteer work with Club members ◦ Club Speakers offer insight on Pharmacy Careers and Health Care Issues ◦ Field Trips to California Pharmacy Schools ◦ Opportunities for Leadership Roles  Consider becoming a Pharmacy Technician to obtain pharmacy experience

7  California Board of Pharmacy requires that an applicant for a pharmacy technician permit must meet one of two following criteria: ◦ Complete certified training in one of four ways:  Associate Arts degree in pharmacy technology  Course meeting training specified by the Board  Graduate from an approved School of Pharmacy  Train through the Federal Armed Services ◦ Be certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board by passing their exam

8 To practice pharmacy in California, individuals must meet State Licensing requirements, which includes passing the Licensure Exams (NAPLEX and California Jurisprudence Exam)  Eligibility: To be eligible for examination, the applicant must be Complete a minimum of 1,000 hours of practical pharmacy experience prior to the application deadline ◦ Intern Experience conducting the duties of a pharmacist ◦ Hours count during and after Pharmacy School ◦ Pharmacy Technician experience does not apply  Experience for Licensure: Must have completed 1,500 hours (500 additional hours over and above the examination requirement)

9  Sensory: ◦ Observe, Speak, Write, Comprehend and Listen to achieve communication goals with patients and health care professionals  Mobility: ◦ Coordinate gross and fine motor movements, equilibrium, and functional use of touch and vision ◦ Physical maneuvering, including balance, orientation and stamina for assisting a person in need of support or using a mobility device  Cognitive: ◦ Measure, calculate, reason, analyze and synthesize information ◦ Understand and apply scientific methods and principles ◦ Concentrate in distracting conditions and for prolonged periods of time  Behavioral: ◦ Understand and comply with ethical and legal standards of the pharmacy profession ◦ Tolerate stress and exercise judgment in emergencies ◦ Maintain a professional demeanor and manners to patients and health care professionals ◦ Accept feedback and respond with appropriate behavior or modification of behavior Competencies in each of the four categories are expected to be demonstrated throughout the program. These technical standards are consistent with the expectations of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. They will be reviewed and updated to reflect the competencies necessary to safely and adequately perform in both an academic and clinical setting.

10  Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS)—Required by California Schools ◦ Electronic Application  Application Cycle from Early June to Early January  NOVEMBER 1 Deadline is common in CA—start process early ◦ Electronic Submission of Letters of Recommendation ◦ Other information and distribution tools  Supplemental Application ◦ School-specific questions with School-specific distributions and deadlines!  Transcripts ◦ Multiple Updates required throughout the year ◦ Final Transcript with Degree Conferral before matriculation

11  Your PharmCAS ID Number.  Written essay information (may be copied and pasted from Word or other word processing software). This essay is in addition to the essay on the PharmCAS application. The topic is: Describe how you have explored the profession of Pharmacy, and UCSD in particular, to determine this is the career path and the school for you.  List of schools, organizations, community services, leadership positions and outside interests  Letters of Evaluation must be submitted through PharmCAS directly

12 SchoolAvg GPAM/F RatioCA Acceptance  Northstate3.2138/6287% of 105  UOP3.536/6494% of 200  Loma Linda3.333/6772% of 85  Touro3.4327/7390% of 104  UCSD3.727/73 ?? % of 60  UCSF3.625/75 85% of 122  USC3.6125/75 ?? % of 190  Western3.4120/80 ?? % of 120

13  Not Required for California Pharmacy Schools ◦ UOP and Loma Linda will NOT review; Touro will  Required by most Out-of-State Pharmacy Schools  Computerized, timed exam (4 hours) with seven sections: ◦ 240 multiple-choice questions for five sections: Verbal Ability, Biology, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability, and Chemistry ◦ Two Writing sections, each allowing 30 minutes to construct a problem-solving essay

14  Interview Periods vary by School ◦ UOP has a three tier admissions review and interview process ◦ UCSF has about a 3-4 week window from late January to mid-February  Prepare ◦ Know about School and be prepared to elaborate on what you wrote in your personal statement ◦ Familiarize yourself with current issues in Pharmacy and Health Care

15  Be yourself  Be calm and relaxed  Demonstrate self-confidence and discipline  Demonstrate your intellectual capability, but avoid arrogance and egotism  Exude maturity and emotional stability  Be disciplined and on-time  Be professional and friendly  Try to enjoy the experience and learn whether this is the right school for you

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