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Radio Galaxy workshop: so what? Ewan Mitchell David Whysong Bram Venemans Michiel Reuland.

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1 Radio Galaxy workshop: so what? Ewan Mitchell David Whysong Bram Venemans Michiel Reuland

2 Steady as she goes… (Captain Jarvis)

3 And thanks to Gerda Filippo Admiral Huub Prof Lorentz

4 Worst/best invention of the week Worst: ETFE Eddington-tuned feedback event Best: Jet-inhibited star formation (I love it!)

5 So, what’s new in the last decade? BH and bulge masses — all new Orientation-based unification— yes, sure, but… Birth & evolution: Reionization — BH or stars? FRI/FRII - not resolved (see later) RL/RQ - hidden parameter (see later) Starburst - AGN - merger ?? Gaseous environment: Identification of emitting components Big halos — what do they mean? Do we understand the ‘alignment effect’? Clustering properties of populations — lots new Surveys — lots and lots new The SKA resolution is (will be) critical

6 Did anyone say you could leave?

7 Sit down! That’s better.

8 Blue herrings and cosmic bananas The 1960’s were a really, really long time ago… Phillip Best’s thesis, which was a really long time ago now… I feel very, very confident that we have not even begun to address that issue yet… …with our complete sample of one… How would you classify Pictor A? “Pictor A is in the South.” Geoff Bicknell’s simulations are really cool… These are “veery nice” results… and they are all consistent with our preconceptions! 6C quasars have a more snotty structure… …it walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it’s a giant elliptical.

9 Quotes of the week In every NL object there is a BL object longing to get out We call this the Clint Eastwood cloud: “Make my day; blow me away.” H  is “older and more settled” Reconciling things with physics is often very nice. …searching for extra-terrestrial intellegence in the US (Texas perhaps?)

10 How do we assemble an evolutionary sequence? Merger -> ULIRG -> RG -> E (3L*) -> cluster/field Can we have a RG/RQ before a ULIRG? What are the EROs and how do they fit into this scheme? Are the E-EROs and the dusty EROs part of the evolutionary sequence? When and how often can they be a RG? Does the factor 10 –1.5 give the radio duty cycle? What does metallicity tell us about ordering the sequence?

11 How are FRI and FRII different? How is the classification made? Radio morphology Radio power Galaxy environment — clusters… But what is the physics? Evolution from one to the other? … Are the FRII’s at z~3 different beasts from those at z~0?

12 What are the large gaseous halos? How do we see them? X-rayhot Ly  warm HIcool COcold What part - if any - is primordial? What part is metal enriched and how did it become so? How do they evolve? How can we use them - for mass determination etc.? And the one in B20648+27 was THIS big!

13 So what is the difference between RQ and RL sources? Is there a good definition of radio-loudness? Is it bimodal? What about the intermediate sources? Is there a ‘hidden variable’ and what is it? Accretion rate - no? BH spin? Can an ‘event’ change the state? Merger -> spin-up/down

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