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Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /1 Vision: ”A good life in a vital county”

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1 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /1 Vision: ”A good life in a vital county”

2 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /2 To cure and relieve is a matter of course for health care. An equally important task for us is to prevent illness, disease and suffering as much as possible.

3 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /3 County of Kronoberg Växjö Ljungby

4 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /4 Basic facts about Kronoberg No of inhabitants: 182 254 (May 2009) Area: 9 500 km2 Municipalities Alvesta, Lessebo, Ljungby, Markaryd, Tingsryd, Uppvidinge, Växjö, Älmhult Industry Mostly small business - more than 75% of all business have less than 25 employees. Some very large international companies: IKEA, Electrolux-Wascator, Alstom, SÖDRA, Volvo, Dynapac etc Communications E4 passes through Smaland airport Railway links in all directions

5 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /5 Areas of responsibilities State - legislation and financial policy County Councils - health care, dental care, healthcare education and training, support to handicapped people, subsidies to regional development and to regional culture Municipalities - education, social services, urban planning and energy supply, streets, parks, environmental management etc

6 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /6 Health Care Advice 1177 Call for professional medical advice 24 hours a day Primary care Care outside the hospital, e.g. in medical centres, nurse and child welfare receptions County care Care at hospitals and psychiatric clinics, often with a referral from a doctor at a medical centre (not mandatory) Regional care Highly specialised care is available at the regional hospitals. Our county is a part of the Southern Region. Specialised psychiatric care is offered at the Psychiatric clinics in Växjö. Proper ways to care

7 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /7 The County Council - throughout the county The County Council - throughout the county

8 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /8 Primary Care The Primary Care operates close to the inhabitants Health promoting and preventing care Kronoberg has 31 medical centres

9 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /9 County Care 415 beds 24 hours service Qualified healthcare

10 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /10 Psychiatric care The psychiatric activity is carried out by a qualified staff Adult Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Forensic Psychiatric care Primary care Psychiatry

11 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /11 Dental Care Emergency and common dental care Speciality dental care and hospital dental care Dental care to a fixed price – from 20 years old 24 clinics

12 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /12 Support and services Economy, HR, properties, transports, it, food etc.

13 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /13 Rules and rights

14 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /14 Everyone is entitled to a good and safe care, day or night and for any reason.

15 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /15 Guarantee for care and treatment Contact by phone or on site with primary care the same day Doctors appointment – if required – within 7 days After a decision on a referral has been made, an appointment with a specialist should be offered within 90 days after the decision The decided treatment should be offered within a further 90 days of this decision.

16 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /16 Freedom of choice Patients have the right to emergency care anywhere in Sweden. If the County Council can’t provide care, the patient has the right to get care at hospitals outside the county. Patients have the right to get comprehensive information about their freedom to choose. All that is said above applies also for care providers possessing a care agreement with the County Council.

17 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /17 Committee of trust make contacts between patients and health care personnel easier create trust between the public and the health care Health Care Liability Committee report malpractices Patient insurance compensation for injury related to treatment at a hospital or medical centre Opinions about your Health Care

18 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /18 Centre organisation

19 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /19 The County Council Office supports the centres with for example economy, human resources and communication.

20 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /20 Financial information

21 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /21 Result Income Costs Depreciations Balance Tax revenues State grants Financial net Result 2007 562 -4 041 -177 -3 656 2 902 742 13 1,2 2008 595 -4 227 -182 -3 814 3 059 715 -79 -120 2009 659 -4 393 -179 -3 913 3 223 762 48 120

22 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /22 Revenues (mkr)

23 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /23 Costs (mkr)

24 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /24 Political organisation

25 Landstinget Kronoberg, 2010 /25 Political organisation 2010 Patients committee Auditors Working committee County council assembly County Council Board Disabled persons council Organisational committee The citizens S=16, M=10, C=7, Kd=4, Fp=3, V=3, Mp=2 Public health committee Children & young people committee Adult committee Committee for the elderly Personnel committee Board of Grimslöv and culture delegation Board of Grimslöv and culture delegation Director of the County Council

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