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SunSPOTs At Sydney University by Tim Dawborn. Agenda What are SunSPOTs? What are we doing with them?  Corona  SPOTCopter.

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1 SunSPOTs At Sydney University by Tim Dawborn

2 Agenda What are SunSPOTs? What are we doing with them?  Corona  SPOTCopter

3 What are SunSPOTs? A SunSPOT is a small electronic device made by Sun Microsystems They have a variety of sensors attached to it SunSPOTs are programmed in a Java dialect, with the Java VM run on the hardware itself (“bare metal”)

4 What are SunSPOTs? Java “Squawk” VM 180 MHz 32bit ARM920T core 512K RAM 4Mb Flash Memory 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio USB interface 2G/6G 3-axis accelerometer Temperature, light, touch sensors 5 IO pins and 4 output only pins

5 What are SunSPOTs? SunSPOTs communicate wirelessly to one another via the 802.15.4 “Zigbee” protocol Putting many of these SunSPOTs together forms a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

6 Wireless Sensor Networks “A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a wireless network consisting of spatially distributed autonomous devices using sensors to cooperatively monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, pressure, light, motion or pollutants, at different locations” [1] Most WSN platforms are programmed in a C dialect called nesC [1]

7 What are we doing with them? Corona: SunSPOT Distributed Query Processing System  Project started in 2006  Being open sourced early in 2009  A query processing platform for a SunSPOT WSN

8 Corona Original Architects:  Raymes Khoury  Tim Dawborn  Edmund Tse  Dr. Bernhard Scholz Core Developers:  Raymes Khoury  Tim Dawborn Other Important Contributors:  Dr. Uwe Röhm  Saeed Attar  Khaled Almi'Ani  Glen Pink

9 Corona What is a distributed query processor?  Make the WSN act like a table in a relational database  Corona allows queries to be formulated in an SQL-style syntax, which are fed to the SunSPOT network to be executed, for which a table of results is retrieved  Example: SELECT temp, light FROM network WHERE temp > 25

10 Corona

11 Corona is a resource-aware system  Resource awareness is a key aspect of WSN programming  Using the wireless to communicate between nodes is the most costly operation on the SunSPOTs  WSN nodes should be deployed once and last a long time without having to be physically altered

12 Corona Distributed relational database issues  How can you do relational operations such as “ AVERAGE(light) ” in a distributed environment?  How can you do subqueries in a distributed environment where network transmission is very costly? SELECT node, parent WHERE light > (SELECT MAX(light) GROUP BY temp)

13 Corona Resource-aware networking issues  How should you detect new nodes in the mesh network when transmission is costly?  Being a “distributed database” system, what should happen if a bridge node in the network drops out in terms of the data in the now isolated component of the network graph?

14 What are we doing with them? SPOTCopter: Remote Control Helicopters  INFO1905 Advanced first year project this semester  Aim is to get the user to specify the height to hover at from a desktop computer, and to make the SunSPOT mounted to the helicopter perform this action

15 SPOTCopter Flying a helicopter is easier said than done – unstable system SunSPOT platform does not have proper floating point numbers SunSPOTs have a slow clock speed so solving differential equations of motion in “real time” has issues

16 SPOTCopter


18 A project still in the making By the end of the year there will be a Youtube video of our SPOTCopter flying

19 Conclusion SunSPOTs are a nice platform for working with WSN technologies partially due to using Java over nesC WSN is an new and exciting research area WSN technologies have a lot of real world applications

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