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ANKOS Anatolian University Libraries Consortium

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1 ANKOS Anatolian University Libraries Consortium
2nd Meeting of Southern European Libraries' Consortia (SELL) May 18, 2002 Escola Superior d’Agricultura de Barcelona, Spain ANKOS Anatolian University Libraries Consortium Bülent KARASÖZEN Middle East Technical University

2 FTE Numbers - State Universities

3 FTE Numbers – Private (Foundation) Universities

4 Library Budgets of State Universities
4 universities more than USD 5 universities USD 6 universities USD 17 universities USD 21 universities less than USD 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

5 Internet Capacities (band-width) Universities and Research Institutions
40 Institutions: kb 33 Institutions: kb 16 Institutions: kb 28 Institutions: kb 29 Institutions: kb 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

6 Turkish Universities with English Curriculum
State Universities with English Curriculum Number of universities:15 Number of students: (% 6) Private Universities with English Curriculum Number of universities:13 Number of students: (% 95) 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

7 Evolution of ANKOS 1999 January: First Meeting for establishing consortium among university libraries in Ankara April:Meeting with Swets, Springer and Ebsco September-December: License Agreements with IDEAL, Ebsco-HOST and MathSciNet 2000 Trials:Science Direct, Springer-Link, Kluwer-Online, IOP, Proquest, Compendex, Engineering Village, CSA, Zentralblatt 10th May: Digital Libraries Workshop in Ankara: Elsevier, Gale, CSA, Kluwer, Springer and Dialog at Goethe Institute October: Consortium for Web of Science is taken from Ulakbim by ANKOS November-December: License Agreements with Science Direct, Springer Link, IOP, ACM and Proquest 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

8 Evolution of ANKOS (continue...)
2001 Training Seminars: Ebsco, Science Direct, Proquest Trials: Blackwell Science, MCB Emerald, Silver Platter, Gale, ABC-Clio, Wiley, IEEE, Web of Science, Nature, IOP, Springer, Kluwer, Science Direct, Engineering Village Kluwer-Online Consortium Foundation of ANKOS Steering Committee National and International Meetings I. International ANKOS Meeting 11-13 May 2001, Dokuz Eylül University- İzmir 115 Turkish Librarians 34 representatives from 21 companies 6 librarians from foreign countries National ANKOS Training Meetin 13-14 September 2001, Sabancı University- İstanbul 95 Turkish Librarians. 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

9 Evolution of ANKOS (continue...)
2002 Participation of new universities License Agreements for new databases IEEE, Gale, Engineering Village, Micromedex, Blackwell Trials:E-books (Safari), World Scientific Training Seminars: Gale, Proquest Metings: I. Regional Education Meeting 4th March 2002, Gaziantep University II. International ANKOS Meeting 9-11 May 2002, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul 150 Turkish librarians 24 companies 5 librarians from foreign countries 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

10 ANKOS Members and Databases

11 ANKOS Databases

12 2002 MEMBERS

13 Percent of Titles Held in Print at Each University Major Publishers (Elsevier, Springer, Kluwer, Wiley)

14 Elsevier Science Direct 2001 Subscription Fee (Electronic Fee Based on Print Holding of Each University )

15 Elsevier Science Direct 2002 Subscription Fee (Equal Distribution of Electronic Fee)

16 IOP 2001 Usage Statistics by Journal Title

17 Percent of 2001 Usage Statistics* (Full-text Databases)
*Total full text download:

18 Number of Publications According to SCI
18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

STEERING COMMITTEE Hale BALTEPE (Dokuz Eylül University) Hilmi ÇELİK (Sabancı University) Phyllis ERDOĞAN (Bilkent University) Pınar ERZURUMLUOĞLU (Gazi University) Ayhan KAYGUSUZ (İstanbul Technical University) Jane Ann LINDLEY (Koç University) Turhan YILMAZ (Çukurova University) ANKOS CENTER Hacer BATI (METU) Çiğdem ÖZBAĞ ÖREN (METU) Hale YUMŞAK (METU) Köksal YÜCESOY (METU) 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

20 Impact of ANKOS on Turkish Libraries
User ANKOS Library Administrator 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

21 Contact Information ANKOS Website ANKOS Center ANKOS Communication list II. International ANKOS Meeting 18th May 2002 2nd Meeting of SELL

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