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Humanities and International Studies CKM.

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1 Humanities and International Studies Program @ CKM

2 Established: 1985 O Unique to C.K. McClatchy High School, designed by teachers for students with multiple global perspectives in mind O A four year commitment from students (and parents) to academic excellence and to expanding horizons O A four year commitment from CKM staff to prepare you for the highest level university work O A four year adventure that will include enrichment opportunities and positive challenges

3 Answers to frequently asked questions: O Yes, HISP students take classes with the larger CKM student body, generally world languages, PE and other electives O Yes, HISP students have time for extracurricular activities. The vast majority are very active on campus through academic competition, athletics and clubs O Yes, highly selective colleges are familiar with our program and recognize the rigor

4 More answers to more questions: O Approximately 90% of students who enroll in HISP stay all four years O The HISP graduation rate is 100% O The HISP college going rate is generally also 100% O For HISP students, on average, 80% matriculate directly to four year universities, and approximately 20% begin at community college; last year 93% went directly to four year universities

5 WHY CKM? O C.K. McClatchy High School has a rich, 75-year tradition of excellence O Just look at it….the school is beautiful O Learning at CKM is learning in the real world: we are a large, comprehensive high school which serves ALL students O The staff is dedicated to student success O There is something here for everyone O Proximity to Sacramento City College makes early college study as easy as walking a few blocks O There are many ways for parents to be involved in campus life

6 Metro League O CKM won 12 of 18 Metro League championships last year O 30+ athletes graduated with a 3.7 or better O 600 student athletes, more than any other school O 32 teams, more than any other school

7 Advance Placement @ CKM O CKM AP pass rates by subject (244 students, 509 exams): O Psychology: 87% O Spanish Language: 83% O Statistics: 67% O Calculus AB: 60% O Calculus BC: 96% O Physics: 73% O Literature: 78% O Biology: 68%

8 Wide offerings: just a sampling O Languages: Latin, Japanese, German, French and Spanish O Arts: Camera Composition/Photography, Film Studies, 3-Dimensional Art, Ceramics, Art and Advanced Art, Concert Choir, Marching Band, Piano, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Concert Band, Assets Drama, Culinary Arts O Computer Science, AP Statistics, Psychology, Newspaper Publishing, School Annual

9 WHY HISP? O HISP is situated at McClatchy High School, a campus unique in the country: a diverse, integrated student body: a microcosm of the world they are studying O HISP students are CKM Lions first--and belong to the whole school and contribute greatly to the life of the whole campus O HISP will broaden students’ horizons in many different ways O HISP graduates have multiple options for higher education and historically demonstrate great success at the best universities in the country

10 Enrichment opportunities O Shakespeare comes to our stage! O Sacramento Ballet partnership: workshops and special performances O Ashland Shakespeare festival annual trip O Field trips at every grade level O Foreign travel: Germany, Japan, Rwanda, China, Costa Rica, European tours O Host foreign exchange students O Many guest speakers related to the curriculum

11 HISP and College: a sampling O UC Berkeley accepted 20% of all applicants: O UC Berkeley accepted 48% of HISP applicants O UC Davis accepted 37% of applicants: O UC Davis accepted 77% of HISP applicants O UCLA accepted 20% of applicants: O UCLA accepted 30% of HISP applicants O 84% of all HISP UC applicants were accepted to one or more UC campuses

12 HISP and other universities: a sampling Dartmouth, Pitzer, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Annapolis, Claremont McKenna, Princeton, NYU, Harvard, Columbia, St. Andrews (Scotland), Smith, Wellesley, Sarah Lawrence, Pomona, Carnegie-Mellon, Duke, Tulane, USC, West Point, Scripps, Occidental, Georgetown, University of Chicago, Cambridge, Notre Dame, UOP, Pepperdine….and many, many more

13 HISP Applicants O In an average year, 325 students will apply to HISP O We have 140 openings for incoming 9 th graders O Spaces available at the sophomore and junior year vary O When more than 140 students meet criteria, the district open enrollment office conducts a lottery—that’s the law O Siblings who MEET CRITERIA are given preference—also the Open Enrollment rule O The top 20% of qualified applicants from each district middle school earn a spot before the lottery

14 How do I get there from here? O Please come to one of our visitation days: December 4 or December 5, 8:45a.m. - Noon O Complete a HISP application before January 16 O Submit it online O Complete Open Enrollment application for the school district (January 20 – February 13 ) O Choose a date to come write the essay: January 17 or January 21: details on the application O Relax. Notification will go out in March

15 Applying….continued O Please apply online at: O Ask teachers to submit letters of recommendation directly to the HISP office O Submit a hard copy of your transcript with test scores to HISP office O USE THE CHECKLIST FOUND ONLINE!

16 To stay informed: O Visit our website: O Join our email listserv for notification of HISP events O Email me:

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