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Trees Matter: Secrest Arboretum Storm The Tornado of September 16, 2010.

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1 Trees Matter: Secrest Arboretum Storm The Tornado of September 16, 2010

2 The New Jack and Deb Miller Arboretum Building:

3 Welcome:

4 Dave Nielsen and Fred Robinson Arrive at the Workshop:

5 Plant DiagnosticWorkshop: Joe Boggs Teaches:

6 Cactus Outside New Building

7 Joe Boggs Teaches Streeter Amphitheatre

8 Nielsen and Herms Pavilion

9 OARDC Storm Command Center :One Day After

10 Planetrees in Fisher Parking Lot

11 Urban Elm Downed:

12 Ken Cochran and Dawnredwood Ambassador Burney Huff: 9-17

13 A View up Crabapple Lane: 9-17

14 A View of the Stone House: 9-17

15 The Sycamore Forest: 9-17

16 Crablandia I:

17 Crablandia II:

18 Rhody and Crabapple Blowing In

19 But part of that rhody holds on… and will survive!

20 Silver Maple Stands Amid Debris

21 The Rock Sans Spruce Grove

22 Entering the New Gardens

23 Ken and Joe Cochran: Cleanup Begins

24 Water Garden & Fernleaf Beech

25 Jack and Deb Miller Pavilion

26 Force of the Wind from Pavilion

27 The View From the Pavilion

28 Pavilion Contents in the Trees

29 The Chair & White Pine

30 Forest Behind Rhododendrons

31 Ohio Buckeye and Background

32 View to the Amphitheatre

33 President Gee, Bobby Moser, Steve Slack, Bill Ravlin, & Ken Cochran: September 17, 2010

34 Umbrella Magnolias to the Right

35 The White Pine Archway

36 The Farm Shop

37 Shredding of Leaves on Trees

38 The Powerful Nature of Wind

39 Kristen Jackson Overview

40 The Parry Family Overlook

41 Uprooting of Trees

42 The Secrest Forest Plots

43 Arborvitae Grove Lives!

44 Freeman Maple Shows Decay

45 Majestic Silver Linden Felled

46 Ag Engineering Building

47 The Power of Wind

48 Crabapple and Debris Behind

49 Phenology Pavilion Is Intact!

50 Benches to Rebuild

51 A Stark Reminder of the Wind

52 Crabarians Enshadowed

53 Stone House Oaks

54 Stop

55 OARDC Shines On and On

56 The Iconic Red Car

57 Cleanup Begins in Earnest

58 Steve Slack & Bobby Moser

59 Governor Strickland

60 Carol Whittaker, Bobby Moser, Dan Herms in the Arb:

61 Smaller trees often prevailed

62 But it could be devastating

63 Greenhouses were crushed

64 Major Damage: Ag Engineering

65 Dolgo Crabapple Sculpture Roy Lichtenstein?

66 Remember That Cactus?

67 Still standing, but leaves blew in!

68 Sign of the Times

69 Lost Tree Inventory:

70 From the Future: Cathy Herms

71 Tree Stump Tells of Past Perils

72 GPS: Primitive &Advanced

73 Pin Oak Diameter of 42 Inches

74 Urban Elms Behind Gourley

75 Ken ever said these really grew

76 Ag Engineering Bldg Damage

77 Charles Krause Surveys His Lab

78 With Help From His Friends

79 From a Nearby Greenhouse

80 Loss of Magnificent Pin Oaks

81 Crablandia I is a Memory

82 Ken and Steve Confer

83 Raining Acorns!

84 Parvis e glandibus quercus Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

85 Felling Trees in Sycamore Forest

86 Cardina Measures 42” Sycamore

87 Sycamore: Bone Structure of the Landscape

88 Sweetgum Sculpture

89 Bruce and John: 53” Sycamore

90 Golden Crabapple Dust

91 Crabapple Pyre

92 Gourley Hall Greenhouse in Crablandia I

93 Stone House Oaks and Campus

94 Oaks: John, Cathy, Bruce

95 Bruce and Root Ball

96 Bruce and Root Ball II

97 John with Selby Hall in Background

98 The Tree Amigos

99 Cathy Hugs a Tree

100 Joe, Ken, and Jim Karcher Plan the Next Step

101 The Ginkgo Stops the Silo

102 The Ginkgo Stops the Silo II

103 Ken Greets Denise Ellsworth

104 Secrest Curator Ken Cochran

105 Joe Cochran Rebuilds

106 We Look At Clouds From Both Sides Now The Beauty of

107 A Hawk Surveys Its New Domain

108 A Little Bit Disorienting

109 This Clematis Climbs New Landscapes

110 An Artificial Leaf Flies In from Somewhere

111 Umbrella Magnolia Arise!

112 White Pine Forest Deconstructed

113 John Continues The Inventory Of Ecological Services Lost - & To Come:

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