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Assignments and Grading. The Effect of Grades After Grades Before Grades.

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1 Assignments and Grading

2 The Effect of Grades After Grades Before Grades

3 The Grading Problem No Standards  You have to set the standards  You are responsible for your own grading

4 Assignments and Exams Should link to course objectives  Should allow you to see whether students are meeting goals Make a Course Calendar  Check exams and assignments against objectives Offer assignment variety Have writing assignments  Exam test questions  Two column – problem solution in column 1, explanation in column 2 Be Creative – maybe give a taste of professional life  May need to break large assignments into chunks Include precise instructions

5 Example of Creative Assignments Advertisement Briefing paper or “white paper” Budget with rationale Client report for an agency Court brief Diary of a fictional or real historical character Executive summary Instructional manual Letter to the editor Regulations, laws, rules Research proposal addressed to a granting agency Review of book, play, exhibit Taxonomy of set of categories

6 Make sure you give precise instructions

7 Late Work Penalties o Give them a taste of professional life No Penalties o Assignments should be learning experiences, not performances Year 1 – establish a policy and stick to it Year 2 – revisit your policy

8 Evaluating Assignments Save the pen o Announce common errors in class and not on each students paper o You may be able to simply give a number or letter on the paper Make a rubric o Establishes priorities – might even help your teaching o Tends to make grading consistent o Saves time o Share the rubric with the students o Let experience guide rubric revisions

9 Assigning Grades DON’T CURVE o Traditionally a curve is to establish the numbers of A’s, B’s, etc. by some standard, like the normal curve What is all students deserve an A? o Today many students mean “give me points I haven’t earned”

10 Letter Grades How many divisions are there? o Here we use A, B, C, D, F o Assign each division a point value (F = 0, D = 1, C= 2, B = 3, A = 4) Next assign weights to the assignments o Tests (Three)50% (15%, 15%, 20%) o Papers (Two)40% (20%, 20%) o Presentation10% Sarah gets the following grades o Tests: B, C, B o Papers: C, C o Presentations: B

11 Letter Grades (cont’d) Convert to numerical value o Tests: 3, 2, 3 o Papers: 2, 2 o Presentation: 3 Apply weights o Tests:.15*3;.15*2;.20*3 .45;.30;.60  Sum = 1.35 o Papers:.20*2;.20*2 .40;.40  Sum.80 o Presentation:.10*3 .30 o Net sum is 2.45 o Convert back into a letter grade (round down to C or round up to B)

12 Total Points Generate a scale (say we assign a total of 1000 pts) o A900 – 1000 o B800 – 890 o C700 – 790 o D600 – 690 o F< 600 Assign points/assignment o Tests: 150, 150, 200 o Papers: 200, 200 o Presentation: 100 Just add up total points and consult the conversion table. Having so many points allows for fine divisions

13 Norm’s System Lecture% of Lecture% of Course Exams (equally weighted)7552.5 D2L Review Quizzes107.5 MA Homework107.5 Participation107.5 Lab% of Lab% of Course Exercises7518.75 (11 labs + Obs.) Lab Final256.25 A 90 – 105B 80 – 89C 70 – 79D 60 – 69F < 60

14 Summary Test lTest 2 Final exam Paper 1Paper 2 Presen- tation Final grade Total value15% 20% 10% Letters/ Points earned 673986 Percentages(Raw). Grade earned BB +CAA-BB to B+ Total value150 200 100 Total Points: 1000 Amount earned 12713214819018285 =864 Grade earned BB+CAABB to B + Total value15 20 10 Total Points: 100 Amount earned 13 1519188.5 =86.5 Grade earned B/B+ CAA-BB to B+

15 Notes Grading should support learning not justifying your grade Make grading transparent Comments on paper should be constructive Return work promptly

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