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Profile of an entrepreneur

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1 Profile of an entrepreneur
Bill Gates

2 Innovation What new ideas was Bill Gates responsible for?
Bill gates with Paul Allen founded Microsoft, which back then was thought to be an amazing idea seeing as the microcomputers had jus been created. Before he and Paul came up with the ideas, the microcomputers didn’t have a service to work with them.

3 Brand Did Bill Gates create a strong brand? What makes you think that? Yes he did create a strong brand, and i think this because he is the owner and creator of Microsoft which is known worldwide and is also used by many people.

4 Personal commitment How many years did Bill Gates work in the business before he/she was really successful? Gates worked for about 10-15years in the business before he was successful, during this time he was creating and developing ideas on Microsoft How long has the business been going now? The business has been going on for over 30 years now, as it started in the late 70s How did he/she raise the money to start this business up? He raised money by using his networking skills to communicate with the creators of the new microcomputer to inform them about his idea, and then to develop it into something big, which it has become now.

5 Beneficial consequences
How has the creation of bill gates’ business benefited society? The creation of the business has created jobs for people such as computer technicians which is now a way they make money.

6 Business success How successful has the business been, e.g.?
This business has been a major success, it is the biggest computing provider business in the world, and provides thing such as word,powerpoint, excel,etc,etc. Its been successful because its very competitive

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