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Earth’s Mightiest Storms

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1 Earth’s Mightiest Storms
Hurricanes Earth’s Mightiest Storms Review

2 What genre is “Hurricanes: Earth’s Mightiest Storms?”
“Hurricanes: Earth’s Mightiest Storms” is informational text. It gives facts and details about a topic.

3 Where and when do hurricanes begin?
Hurricanes form over warm tropical oceans during times of low pressure. They feed on the warm moist air.

4 How do hurricanes develop?
Warm moist air rises rapidly and then cools and condenses, forming clouds. The condensing gives off energy that powers the storm.

5 What effect does the Earth’s rotation have on hurricanes?
The Earth’s rotation is what causes hurricanes to spiral.

6 What is the eye of a hurricane?
The eye of a hurricane is an area of low pressure in the middle of the storm where air is calm.

7 Why is the diagram on page 324 important?
It shows how hurricanes form.

8 What does a hygrometer do?
A hygrometer tells how much moisture is in the air.

9 How can computers help scientists with hurricanes?
Computers can match a hurricane with one like it from the past and predict its path and strength based on what past hurricanes have been like.

10 What did scientist hope to accomplish by sending satellites into space?
Scientists hoped the satellites would be able to find and track storms. They also hoped to learn the size, speed, and direction of the hurricanes from the satellites.

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