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Links your student data to classroom instruction – instantly.

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1 Links your student data to classroom instruction – instantly

2 What is Assess Now? Comprehensive reading and writing formative assessment for grades K–2/3

3 Assess Now Enables you to assess students Concepts of print Foundation skills Knowledge of the reading process Attitude toward reading and writing Oral reading, including fluency and cueing Comprehension – literal, inferential, important ideas, and synthesis Writing – fiction and non-fiction

4 Benefits of Assess Now Provides instant comprehensive what next support for teachers : with strategies for whole class, small group and independent instruction Quick and easy to administer Includes a writing assessment Easy to understand layout for easy data recording and data transfer

5 Assess Now Pack 30 leveled books – fiction and non-fiction 30 quadfold assessment and recording sheets 1 Teachers Guide 15 level finder cards 1 CD-ROM with reproducible material 1 Assess Now Software Package with * data management software and reporting tools * What Next? support – instant, customized teaching strategies

6 Assess Now Books LEVEL FICTIONNON-FICTION A Sam On the Go B The Guinea Pigs I Can Read C My Cat My Week D I Cant Sleep I Can Move E Mr. Noisy Our Pumpkin F Woodys Week Lets Go Shopping G Berts Band When I Grow Up H I Think Im in Trouble A Foal Is Born I My Dad Watches Football Come to the Circus J First Day How to Speak Cat K An E-mail for Sam How to Talk Dog L Grandpas New Room At the Pond M Tony Tries How to Make a Plant Sandwich N The Sock Gremlin Our Feelings O Hamburger the Duck Snow Carefully selected to facilitate assessment process Offer fiction and non-fiction text types with a variety of graphic features Offer a high level of illustrative support Include different characters/ethnicities Provide authentic texts

7 Assess Now Leveling Levels selected to take students into early Grade 3 Linked to Fountas and Pinnell levels A – O Intervention Level levels 1 – 24 DRA levels A – 38 GradeAssess Now DRAFountas & Pinnell Intervention Level KA A-1A1 KB2B2 KC3-4C KD6D5-6 1E8E7-8 1F10F9-10 1G12G11-12 1H14H13-14 1I16I15-16 2J20J18 2K20K18 2L28L20 2M28M20 3N30-34N22 3O38O24

8 Assess Now Teachers Guide Includes four additional assessment sheets 1.Foundation Skills Assessment 2.Concepts of Print Assessment 3.Reading Interview 4.Writing Interview

9 Assess Now Provides both formative and summative data Determines appropriate reading and writing levels Establishes students instructional needs Determines the move to another level of text Provides data software for recording standardized test results

10 Assess Now Five assessments per year can be given Reports are provided for –Teachers –Parents –School principals –School districts Data can be collected on paper and digitally

11 Assess Now Assessment is an easy five-step process Step 1. Reading Process Knowledge Record (5 minutes) Step 2. Oral Reading Record (3 minutes) Step 3. Comprehension Record (2 minutes) Step 4. Writing Task (10 minutes) Step 5. Data Collection and Literacy Assessment Summary (5+ minutes)

12 Five-Step Process

13 Where to Start Establish approximate level using level finder cards level finder cards, then select appropriate text.

14 1. Reading Process Knowledge Record

15 2. Oral Reading Record

16 3. Comprehension Record

17 4. Writing Task

18 5. Literacy Assessment Summary The teacher completes the Literacy Assessment Summary and identifies the students reading and writing levels, and learning needs.

19 What Next? – Reading

20 What Next? – Writing

21 Assess Now Software Enables teachers to: link student data to instruction customize and differentiate instruction based on student needs View and print individual student reports

22 Assess Now Software View a class or group of students to: Identify areas in need of improvement Generate teaching strategies report based on areas of need

23 Assess Now Software View individual student reports to: Monitor progress. Identify areas in need. View and print strategies to meet individual student needs.

24 Assess Now Excels It enables teachers to determine students reading and writing strengths and weaknesses plan effectively for targeted individual and group instruction easily document students progress over time store, manage, and report on students growth and development using an effective data management system

25 Assess Now Need more info? Contact Customer Service at 800-279-0737 or visit our website to find your local representative.

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