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The Office of Financial Services Quarterly All Hands Meeting February 15, 2013.

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1 The Office of Financial Services Quarterly All Hands Meeting February 15, 2013

2 Agenda 2 Staff Updates (Mike) FY 2013 Priorities and Year to Date Accomplishments (Mike) Office of Risk Management (Doug & Richard) -URM Process North Residential District (Al/Regina/JC) -Project Overview -Financial Overview Quarterly Award Program (Mike/Kathy/Von) Updates on Other Key Initiatives (Mike/John/Von/Jeannette/Kathy/Ginny)

3 Staff Updates

4 4 New Team Members and Promotions (since October 2012) JC (John) Speiser – Senior Debt Analyst Doug Huffner – Director University Risk Management Rayne Bateson - Promoted to Third Party and Scholarship Coordinator Carinna Butters - Collections Coordinator Debra Lai - Information Associate Processing/Internal Payments (formerly held a student position) Richelle Alamo - Business Analyst

5 OFS FY 13 Priorities and Year to Date Accomplishments

6 Review - OFS FY 2013 Priorities 6 Strategic: 1.Support Tech Commercialization initiative and assist in OSU fund management. 2.Continue to identify, troubleshoot, and problem-solve risk management issues, pinpointing exposures that require action and solutions. 3.Continue to promote business relationships and opportunities that bring about improved services and better returns to the University’s bottom line. 4.Opportunistic growth and acquisition opportunity support. 5.Value and foster relationships with other University departments. Financial: 1.Maintain lowest-possible cost of capital without incurring undue interest rate or other risk. 2.Continually review investment portfolio characteristics to prudently optimize yield and cost- effectiveness. 3.Enhance cash flow forecasting abilities (2 and 3 year). 4.Focus on OFS FY2013 budget by systematically reviewing resource allocations to ensure resources are being expended in the most cost-effective manner and consider adjustments in support of the University's strategic goals..

7 Review - OFS FY 2013 Priorities continued 7 Operational: 1.Focus on Bank Reconciliation process and implementation of new software and complete roll off of FoxPro applications throughout OFS. 2.Streamline and modernize business processes to move towards more efficient and cost effective processes. 3.Identify and implement tools and methodologies to improve accuracy, integrity and consistency of financial data. 4.Strengthen and improve the quality of financial reporting to transform current reporting into useful management tools. Organizational: 1.Complete moves to Stadium and Gateway space and build-out of OFS team. 2.Continue to develop a well-trained, high-performing, diverse workforce that effectively meets changing mission requirements and program priorities. 3.Support the talent development of our employees through professional development, career development, and improved performance management. 4.Continued focus on making Financial Services a ‘destination of choice’ at OSU for our internal and external partners.

8 FY 2013 YTD Accomplishments 8 AccomplishmentPriority Category Successful Parking Transaction ClosingStrategic Completed 20-year Wind Power Purchase AgreementStrategic Negotiated 2-year Power Supply Agreement with AEP EnergyStrategic Secured lower-rate financing for OSU Physicians and Campus PartnersStrategic/Financial Developed new 3-year University cash forecast tool Strategic/Financial/ Operational Developed University Risk Assessment tool/model Strategic/Financial/ Operational Selected and funded new ultra short term investment solutionsFinancial Completed various financings, including refinancing higher rate bonds, parking related bond defeasance, QECB’s, and new subordinated student housing bonds Financial Transferred OSU payroll program to Huntington bank.Financial/Operational

9 FY 2013 YTD Accomplishments 9 AccomplishmentPriority Category Outsourced check printing for donor gift trust and annuity paymentsFinancial/Operational Implementation of CASHNet e-payment solution and Travelex international student payment option Operational Conversion to online processes: financial responsibility statement and electronic 1098T opt-in Operational Compliance: process improvements which facilitate timely return of uncashed refunds to the DOE Operational Process improvements which facilitate the timely deposit of all funds (including scholarship checks) in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Operational New investment custodian Northern TrustOperational Successful annual PCI credit card processing compliance auditOperational Implementation of new human subject research payment card program for the Office of Sponsored Programs Operational

10 FY 2013 YTD Accomplishments 10 AccomplishmentPriority Category New self-funded worker’s compensation banking structureOperational Number truncation for remote deposit capture and lockbox servicesOperational Successful transition to newly renovated locationsOrganizational Strategic New HiresOrganizational Significant investment in employee training, certifications, business memberships Organizational Launch of OFS and B&F Employee recognition programsOrganizational

11 University Risk Management

12 12 University Risk Management (URM) Office of Risk Management University Risk Management (URM) Compliance and Risk Assessment Overview 12

13 13 University Risk Management (URM) Office of Risk Management University Risk Management (URM) Risk Categories and Examples 13

14 North Residential District (Sophomore Housing)

15 15 North Residential District Overview 15 Sophomore students required to live on campus by the 2015-16 academic year Aligns with the mission to foster greater academic success, connection and engagement with the university community, and appreciation for diversity Project will increase the number of beds in the district by 3,200 and will be delivered in two phases Once complete the total number of beds in this district will be 6,400 Project includes new dining, recreation, and other support facilities Significant investment in supporting infrastructure Guided by the North Residential District Plan, Second Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP), and One University Framework Plan Total project construction cost is approximately $396M

16 16 North Residential District Overview 16

17 17 North Residential District Financing Principles 17 Utilize a separate, limited revenue security structure to finance self-supporting student housing project Maintain University control and support an integrated living and learning housing model Avoid significant added expense and loss of control involved with private, third party arrangements Maintain flexibility to manage pricing at University level Leverage University funds ($46M) to minimize impact on students with a focus on maintaining housing accessibility and affordability Implement a strategic new debt security structure to finance student housing projects

18 Summary of Financing Series 2013 Special Purpose General Receipts Bonds Term Sheet Issuer:The Ohio State University Security and Pledge of Revenues: Pledge of gross revenues from the University’s student housing, dining and recreational sports systems. These revenues will remain part of General Receipts, but the gross pledge of these revenues will be subordinate to the General Receipts Bonds. Ratings:Moody’s “Aa2” and S&P “AA-” Size:$350,000,000 Average Yield3.02% Use of Proceeds:Construction and development of several projects as part of the University’s North Residential District Transformation (NRDT), including capitalized interest and cost of issuance Capitalized Interest:Interest capitalized through December 1, 2014 Principal Maturities:Amortizing structure from years 10 through 30, principal maturing annually June 1, 2023 to June 1, 2043 Rate Covenant:1.1 x Optional Redemption:10-year par call 18

19 Quarterly Award Program

20 Program Overview 20 2013 will mark the beginning of the Quarterly Office of Financial Services Employee Recognition Awards. The program developed specific to OFS that recognizes OFS accomplishments during the previous quarter. Once Fully implemented the entire program will consist of both immediate recognition tools and quarterly awards. The goals of the program are to recognize, honor, and congratulate OFS staff members for excellence in their work; to build staff morale; to create and sustain a workplace culture committed to achievement and pride and to provide additional opportunity to communicate current OFS initiatives and achievements across the organization.

21 Coming Soon – Immediate Recognition Program 21 Immediate Recognition provides opportunity for anyone to say “thank you" or "good job" or "congratulations" to our coworkers. WOW Boards – The Office of the University Bursar already utilizes WOW Boards as an opportunity for any employee to recognize another for a job well done or to just say thank you. Send KUDOS – B&F is collaborating with the OCIO to web based electronic staff recognition tool called KUDOS. MANAGERS Recognition: As part of the B&F staff awards, managers/supervisors tokens to be given to employees to recognize a job well done and thank them for their efforts..

22 Quarterly Award Criteria 22 Nominees for Quarterly Awards have shown initiative to go above and beyond what would be considered part of the employee’s or team’s normal job duties in one or more of the following areas: Innovation/Initiative/Simplification – Project or process improvement that aligns with our mission and/or streamlines our operations. Collaborating as one University – Outstanding commitment to teamwork by thinking creatively, removing boundaries, and communicating effectively. Outstanding Customer Service – Excellent service that exceeds our customers’ (internal or external) expectations. Commitment to Excellence - Excellence in any endeavor that enhances the workplace and creates a positive work environment and culture.

23 This Quarter’s Award 23 8 Nominations were received: - Dave Jones – Outstanding Customer Service - Al Rodack – Outstanding Customer Service - Brianna Knott – Commitment to Excellence - Kathy Dillow – Commitment to Excellence - Claudia Perez – Commitment to Excellence - Tony Newland – Collaborating as One and Outstanding Customer Service - John Rumer – Commitment to Excellence - Richard Adams – Collaborating as One University Nominations that meet the stated criteria will automatically be submitted for consideration for the Business and Finance Monthly Award Program. Nominations for the next quarterly award can be made at any time by going to the OFS website and clicking on the OFS Award tab.

24 And the Winner IS 24

25 Updates on Other Key Initiatives

26 Other Updates 26 Green Office Certification Outreach Activities Faith Mission Firefighters 4 Kids Future BRICK article ideas Campus Campaign Pelotonia


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