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Swipe left or tap to advance Introduction to AirPoint.

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1 Swipe left or tap to advance Introduction to AirPoint

2 Controls Previous slideOptionsNext slide Gesture illustrations provided by GestureWorks ® Press and hold your finger on the screen to activate the built in laserpointer

3 What is AirPoint? AirPoint is an application for sending PowerPoint presentations fullscreen from your iDevice to projectors and flatscreen displays. The main features of the application are: *Requires Airplay mirroring enabled device and Apple TV hardware (gen 2 or higher). Present fullscreen with easy slide controls. Present wired using standard VGA and HDMI adapters. Present wireless using AirPlay technology*. Up to full HD (1920 x 1080) support.

4 Adding presentations iTunes file sharing. Mail attachments. Import via Dropbox. AirPoint supports PowerPoint.ppt and.pptx files (Office 97 or later). Files can be added by using one or several of the following methods: See how it works

5 iTunes file sharing Select your device in iTunes. Navigate to the Apps tab. Select AirPoint under File Sharing. Choose Add... to select and upload your file(s).

6 Mail attachments Presentations attached to emails can easily be opened in AirPoint. Just tap and hold your finger on the file and choose Open in AirPoint

7 Import via DropBox Upload the file to your account, open the DropBox application and export the file to AirPoint.

8 Deleting presentations Swipe left on the presentation you wish to remove and tap Delete.

9 AirPlay support To present wireless using AirPlay activate mirroring on your iDevice via control center (swipe up from the bottom). Slides will be displayed fullscreen while preserving their original aspect ratio. This behavior can be changed in AirPoint settings.

10 Tips and comments For best results author your presentations using a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. A full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) is recommended for high resolution projectors and displays. Experiment with Overscan and Aspect ratio behavior in AirPoint settings for best results with your particular projector or flatscreen. Please note that Airpoint does NOT support PowerPoint animations and sounds.

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