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ITA Meeting March 6, 2008 1:30 - 2:30 pm Mesquite Room, UC 2.01.24.

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1 ITA Meeting March 6, 2008 1:30 - 2:30 pm Mesquite Room, UC 2.01.24

2 ITA Meeting Agenda Agenda ItemsPresenter Time Allotted Sun IdM ImplementationLaurie Treviño10 Minutes WebCT 6.0 UpdateAlfredo Zavala15 Minutes Internet2John McGowan15 Minutes AnnouncementsCarolyn5 Minutes Q & ACarolyn15 Minutes

3 Agenda Item: Sun IdM Implementation Who: Laurie Treviño Time: 10 minutes

4 Password Management Solution Replace Psync (current product) Why? –Psync is costly –Limit of 50,000 users Banner to be the authoritative source for Account UID’s Synchronize passwords between Banner, AD and LDAP Change/Reset password using security questions and answers Ctrl-Alt-Del functionality? Phase 1 does not include automatic provisioning or de-provisioning of accounts

5 Project Timeline Action ItemDate Project Start1/25/2008 Development Environment completed2/28/2008 Test Environment Due Date3/21/2008 Functional User Acceptance testing4/4/2008 Production Environment Due Date4/9/2008 Go LIVE4/10/2008

6 Future Plans Phase 2 of Identity Management –Replace current process of using MIIS for automating the provisioning and de- provisioning of accounts

7 Q & A

8 Agenda Item: UTSA / UTHSCA WebCT CE 6 Collaboration Who: Alfredo Zavala Time: 15 minutes

9 Configuration Overview

10 Applications Tier –Separate application clusters are set up for each institution Database Tier –All information for WebCT is stored in ONE common Oracle RAC installation, with separate databases instances –Databases will be synchronized using Oracle’s DataGuard Authentication –Each institution will have their own Authentication Source. –Users attending both campuses will have to log in with different accounts.

11 Configuration Overview Redundancy & High Availability –Hardware redundancy for all components of production instances –Development application servers not clustered, but their data will be replicated to the DR site Scalability –Each component in the production environment are scalable to adjust for growth Backups –Performed in UTSA –Will transfer to UTHSCSA in the event of a disaster

12 Configuration Overview What will happen in the event of a disaster? –Either jump to the DR site or fix the problem in the production site –The decision will be based on factors like: How long to recover the productions site vs. changing to the DR site Connection status between the campuses –Test needs to be done to determine the amount of time we can transfer to the DR site –Agreement must be reached to determine acceptable downtimes to transfer to DR site

13 Project Status UTSA Pilot –The pilot extended to include the Summer term –Pilot over the Spring consists of 30 faculty, 64 sections, and 2,240 students –The Fall term will only have sections for faculty that have been to training and have had their content converted to the new version. –We will continue to host courses on both CE4 and CE6 until all courses have been converted over to CE 6 UTHSCSA Merger –UTHSCSA expected to joing in May –Currently in production

14 Things to Know Accounts –Faculty/Staff accounts the same as their Network ID and password (abc123) Faculty accounts created when assigned to a course in Banner Staff accounts created by request –Student accounts will be the last 8 digits of their Banner number Java (1.5 Update 7) –WebCT CE 6 is heavily dependent on Java. The major issue encountered is related to multiple versions of Java installed on client computers.

15 Things to Know LDAP Authentication –Authentication to LDAP is planned for the future. Currently there are some issues with how special accounts that need to be addressed. Portal Integration –Integration with the Portal remains to be tested. Currently there are some issues with the Luminis Adapter that would limit the flexibility we have to manage the system.

16 Q & A

17 Agenda Item: Internet2 Who: John McGowan Time: 15 minutes

18 What is Internet2? Advanced networking consortium led by over 200 universities Provides both leading-edge network capabilities and unique partnership opportunities Facilitates the development, deployment and use of revolutionary Internet technologies Brings the U.S. research and academic community together with technology leaders from industry, government and the international community

19 What is Internet2? Includes universities, companies, regional advanced networks and other organizations Provides a nationwide high performance networking infrastructure and capabilities Networks aim to continually provide capabilities that are 3-5 years ahead of the commercial Internet Expands the possibilities of the broader Internet

20 Benefits of Internet2 Primary goal: to ensure the transfer of new network technology and applications to the broader communities Members develop, deploy and use new networking technologies that include: –protocols such as IPv6 –middleware and security capabilities such as federated authentication –advanced applications such as high-definition videoconferencing New technologies enable people to use networking in completely new ways, such as: – digital libraries –virtual laboratories –distance-independent learning and tele-immersion –tele-health

21 Q & A

22 Agenda Item: Announcements Who: Carolyn Ellis Time: 5 minutes

23 ITA Announcements Office 2008 for Mac now available LabVIEW is now available Java software update for Banner/Appworx users this week ePO agent will be pushed to desktops March 15-16 Departments’ phone bills going paperless May or June 2008 SANS to provide online training to ISAs

24 Agenda Item: Q & A Who: Carolyn Ellis Time: 15 minutes

25 Next ITA Meeting: April 3, 2008 Location: Mesquite Room, UC 2.01.24 Send comments, questions or concerns to Carolyn by March 26, 2008. X 6616

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