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ITA/ISA Monthly Meeting August 22, 2014 Facilitator: Benjamin Garrison Customer Support Manager OIT Support Services.

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1 ITA/ISA Monthly Meeting August 22, 2014 Facilitator: Benjamin Garrison Customer Support Manager OIT Support Services

2 Agenda ItemsPresenterTime Allotted Working Smart with Lync: Utilizing Lync video in the office, conference room & classroom Robert Granado OIT Academic Technology 20 min Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) Service Demo Harold Meyer OIT Support Services – Managed Solutions 20 min Office of Information Security Updates: InSight, NAC, and Identify Finder Updates Lance Pritchard Office of Information Security 20 min General Updates / Open DiscussionBenjamin Garrison OIT Support Services – Customer Support 15 min ITA / ISA Meeting Agenda Attendees: ITA’s, ISA’s and OIT representatives Date and Time: Friday, August 22, 2014 - 2:30pm – 4:00pm Location: Main Campus Building Bldg. BB 3.04.18 Downtown Campus Frio St. Bldg. FS 2.520 (Remote Site)

3 Lync Beyond the Desktop – Microsoft Lync 2013

4 Breaking UTSA’s Cultural Habits: There are four areas we can target to increase utilization and leverage Lync 1) Conference Rooms & Office :  UTSA departments have frequent meetings that require remote team members to travel o Move them to Lync for their meetings or webinars 2) Classrooms :  Academic Technology receives on average 8 service requests per month for support in a classroom in relation to a video collaboration connection o Move these Skype, GotoMeeting, & other desktop sharing UTSA app users to Lync 3) Lecture capture :  UTSA faculty frequently create lecture capture supplements using other software in the home/office o Move them to Lync to record self meetings – Introduce Lync Recording Manager 4) Mobile:  Certain UTSA departments use other avenues to connect to students o Move them from Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc. to Lync

5 Make recommendations for building Smart videoconference rooms based on software apps instead of hardware conferencing systems from Polycom, Cisco, & LifeSize Incentives for Smart videoconference room over hardware conferencing room o Most recent equipment cost for Polycom built UTSA videoconference room $26,000 o Most recent equipment cost for Smart videoconference room is $7,500 o Crestron’s out of the box room appliance solution still not cost effective o Logitech has a table top HD web cam solution suitable for a medium office o Hardware conferencing room systems are one-dimensional expensive platforms In the Conference Room & Office

6 Encourage faculty to use Lync when bringing in Guest Speakers via a web video call o We receive 8 OIT Connect tickets a month for tech support in classrooms for Skype o Demonstrate instead how easy a Lync Video call is to others in lieu of Skype o Meet with instructors ahead of time to conduct a Lync video call in classroom Looking Forward: Encourage faculty to let students join class from remote locations as needed o Feasible option to open a section for remote students o Lync Video meetings times can be scheduled on Outlook calendar – a reserved meeting room In the Classroom – Students, Staff & Faculty

7 Demonstrate to faculty/staff how a meet now Lync Video RECORDING in the classroom or office can be utilized as a Lecture capture option o Lync 2013 Recording Manger App can assist in manually uploading mp4 videos to Helix Media Library and post to Blackboard. o Pilot group of faculty testing this option out as a feasible replacement for standard lecture capture. o Looking Forward: o Get students to create their presentations via Lync o Investigating upgrading or switching our media library to support the increase in media. Lecture Capture Option

8 Demonstrate to faculty/staff how the Lync Video mobile app can be utilized to connect to students o Awareness strategy that could benefit the Advising, Registration & Career Office for using the Lync app on mobile devices o Create a training & best practice guide for end-users Mobile – Students, Staff & Faculty

9 Questions or Recommendations?

10 Centralizing BitLocker Administration

11 What is MBAM? MBAM is a compliance and monitoring tool Stores BitLocker recovery keys in two locations One key stored in Active Directory One key stored in MBAM Recovery Database Allows users to recover BitLocker key from self-service portal

12 How does MBAM work? System will need MBAM Client installed MBAM Client will be added to the current Windows image Currently no planned forced push of MBAM System will require the SCCM Client installed Uses new feature called baseline configuration Uses hardware inventory scan to determine encryption status System will need Group Policy that controls settings of MBAM

13 MBAM Group Policy Settings Allowed to postpone encryption up to seven days Will not be able to write to a non-encrypted fixed drive MBAM for Windows 7 requires TPM chip enabled MBAM for Windows 8.1 works with TPM If TPM is unavailable Windows 8.1 will allow BitLocker with password

14 MBAM Self-Service The self-service screen can be accessed at the following link: http://bambam:8081/selfservice To recover a key need at least the first 8 digits on the BitLocker recovery screen All Faculty and Staff will have access System will log you out after five minutes of inactivity

15 Questions?

16 Office of Information Security Updates: Encryption Progress SAN Courses Available Information Security Assessment website: NAC (Network Access Control) Implementation Update Identity Finder Application Implementation Update

17 General Updates Printer Self-Service GPO Update SharePoint 2013 Update - Personal sites/OneDrive - Team Sites Next ITA / ISA Meeting: Friday, September 12, 2014 2 nd Friday of the Month Also available through Lync Time – 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Questions and Answers

18 Please try our other services! OIT Social Media Sites:

19 Thank You

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