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Technical College System of Georgia Office of Adult Education.

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1 Technical College System of Georgia Office of Adult Education

2  Updates ◦ Policies and Forms ◦ Training materials  Goals ◦ Federal ◦ State  Reminders ◦ Technical Training Requirements ◦ FY15 Calendar ◦ Technically Speaking ◦ Other Reminders

3  Removed  Assessment page  Enrollment date  Conference notes page  Still required  Programs can record hard copy and/or in GALIS using old conference notes page or program created  Added  Box for pre-test score to first page  Today’s date  Institution 1 & 2  I-BEST check boxes

4  Updated  Entry level to Entry Educational Functioning Level  Goals page – students self-select  Separated EL/Civics goals from other secondary goals  Intake conference section with questions  interviewer completes with student after pre-testing

5  All English Literacy/Civics students must have an EL/Civics goal ◦ Achieve Citizenship Skills ◦ Achieve U.S. Citizenship  Follow-up with students to see if they have accomplished their goal and record all goal achievements in GALIS

6  Removed ◦ WorkKeys ◦ Distance Education policy (separate policy)  Updated ◦ Minor grammatical errors ◦ Hyperlinks

7  Required annually for all test administrators  Session Ideas include: ◦ A review of local testing procedures ◦ Use of test publishers’ training materials ◦ An examination of test security protocols ◦ Discussion of testing issues and solutions ◦ BEST Plus  Scoring Refresher training, Testing observations and peer critiques ◦ BEST Literacy  Local scoring calibration activity

8  Post-testing Minimum Hours Lockdown ◦ GALIS will not allow entry of post-test data until hourly requirement is met  BEST Plus, BEST Literacy, GAIN, TABE CLAS-E – 60  TABE – 30 (ASE) or 40 (ABE) ◦ Hours are tracked by subtest for GAIN and TABE (example on the next slide) ◦ GALIS report AL191 shows hours by subtest  Weekly attendance entry is required

9 Subject areaReadingMathLanguage Pre-test ABE 3 Pre-test ABE 2 Pre-test ABE2 Attendance (40)+40 hrs. Post-test 1Decided to wait Post-test (40 hrs.) ABE 3 Decided to wait Attendance (15)40+15 hrs.0+15 hrs.40+15 hrs. Post-test 2Decided to wait Not enough hours Post-test (55 hrs.) ABE 3 Attendance (35)40+15+35 hrs.15+35 hrs.35 hrs. Post-test 3 Post-test (90 hrs.) ABE 4 Post-test (50 hrs.) ABE 4 Not enough hours

10  Updated the Application ◦ Instructions for applicants rewritten for ease of understanding ◦ Minimum requirements for GED Ready™ eligibility  Updated Training Materials ◦ Directions for the local program revised ◦ Presentation rewritten to align with new requirements  Rural Locations ◦ Establish designees to keep adult education program enrollment flowing smoothly

11  Updated Application ◦ List of Secure and Verifiable documents is latest from Attorney General (“unexpired” added)  Updated Training Materials ◦ Complete overhaul and added sample USCIS documents throughout ◦ Created “Submission Tips”

12  All records generated within FY15 must be not be destroyed until December 31, 2019.  Please note: ◦ Records from FY10 may be destroyed as of December 31, 2014. ◦ All other fiscal years before FY10 can be destroyed at any time. ◦ Please follow the archival and destruction protocols of your organization.

13  Changes ◦ Policy was removed from the Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual ◦ Rewritten for clarity and to add more information ◦ Increased DE curriculum options ◦ Inclusion of process for local programs to apply for approval of DE products  Reminders ◦ Maintain documentation for proxy contact hours (hours completed at-a-distance)

14 FY15 Georgia Negotiated Percentages Summary LevelName% ABE 1Beginning ABE Literacy54 ABE 2Beginning Basic Education52 ABE 3Low Intermediate Basic Education52 ABE 4High Intermediate Basic Education45 ASE 1Low Adult Secondary Education47 ASE 2High Adult Secondary EducationNA ESL 1Beginning ESL Literacy50 ESL 2Low Beginning ESL54 ESL 3High Beginning ESL54 ESL 4Low Intermediate ESL50 ESL 5High Intermediate ESL43 ESL 6Advanced ESL44

15 FY15 Georgia Negotiated Percentages Summary Follow-up Measure% Enter Employment39 Retained Employment63 Obtain a GED73 Enter Postsecondary Education25

16  Increase enrollment by 20 percent  Increase the number of TCSG GED® graduates by 15%  Decrease the number of counties where 30% or more the adult population does not have a high school education from 36 to 30  Increase the number of teachers participating in professional development by 20%  Ensure all existing CLCPs are active  Continue to increase the number of CLCPs to ensure one in support of every local program

17  New Employees (within 90 days of start) ◦ FY15 National Reporting System: Foundations ◦ FY15 Intake Assessment Form ◦ FY15 Assessment Policies and Procedures  Current Employees (by 9/15 or within 30 days of start) ◦ FY15 Intake Assessment Form ◦ FY15 NRS Updates, Goals, and Reminders  Updated Walkthrough videos ◦ Underage Youth Application ◦ VOEPB

18  GALIS New Users ◦ July 15, January 13  Data Managers ◦ September 18  Assessments ◦ BEST Plus Test Administrator –  July 17, October 16, June 15, May 2 ◦ BEST Plus Scoring Refresher – August 7, January 22 ◦ BEST Literacy – July 24, January 29

19 Administration Sessions 8/12/142:00-3:30Everybody’s Business: Establishing Strong Partnerships 10/21/142:00-3:3010 Technology Tips every Leader should Know 1/20/152:00-3:30Getting the most from your Advisory Committee 4/7/152:00-3:30Using Visuals to Share Data with Community Stakeholders ABE/ASE Sessions 8/26/142:00-3:30Essential Skills for the new GED® Test 2/3/152:00-3:30Working with Underage Youth ESL & EL/Civics Sessions 9/9/142:00-3:30How to Use Technology in your Classroom Everyday 2/17/152:00-3:30Meeting the Needs of Lower-level ESL & EL/Civics Students

20  Emergency maps and plans ◦ Located in each class ◦ Teachers and students should be trained  Copyrighted Materials ◦ Follow copyright and fair use rules for education ◦ Resource: The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use (5 part series) from Education World  Curriculum Availability ◦ Materials must be available to all students in a class ◦ Ensure adequate numbers of texts and other resources are available at all times

21 Office of Adult Education Instructional Services Director Bobby Creech 404-679-1641 Central/Southeast Georgia Grant Program Support Coordinator Felicia Phelps 478-329-4720 Metro Atlanta/North Georgia Grant Program Support Coordinator Charita Boles 404-679-1628 Metro Atlanta/West Georgia Grant Program Support Coordinator Leatricia Williams 404-679-5234 South/Southwest Georgia Grant Program Support Coordinator Steve Pearce 404-679-0511 Instructional Services Technical Coordinator Kimberlee Bryant 404-248-1060 GALIS Helpdesk Data Management Assistant Davida Shelton 404-327-6907


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