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Al Capone By: Nuria Avalos.

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1 Al Capone By: Nuria Avalos

2 Al Capone Born on January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York
Real name Alphonsus Capone

3 Capone’s Childhood Al was very smart since he was young
He quit school at age 14 during the six grade Capone was a member of two “kid gangs”: the Brooklyn Rippers and the Thieves Juniors

4 Capone’s Jobs Clerk at a candy store Pinboy at a bowling alley
Cutter in a book bindery Harvard Inn as a bouncer and bartender

5 Scarface Capone’s first nickname “scarface,” because he insulted a patron and was attacked by his brother So he got the nickname for his infamous facial scars

6 Capone’s 1st Marriage On December 30, 1918 Mary “Mae” Coughlin
Had a son, Albert “Sonny” Francis

7 First Arrest Disorderly conduct charge while working for Yale
Murdered two men in NY Hospitalized a rival gang member

8 Finally in Jail Al is finally arrested for all his crimes and is taken to Alcatraz, but is let out early for good behavior.

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