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Contents Nine Best Places to Visit! Places to Eat! Weather Forecast! Exit.

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2 Contents Nine Best Places to Visit! Places to Eat! Weather Forecast! Exit

3 Nine Best Places to Visit! Wan Li Chang Cheng/ The Great Wall of China Beijing Planetarium Yi He Yuan/Summer Palace Tian An Men Guang Chang/Tian An Men Square Tian Tan/Temple of Heaven The Ming Tombs Zijin Cheng/Gu Gong/Forbidden City Beijing Zoo Beihai Park

4 Wan Li Chang Cheng/Great Wall The most famous and monumental attraction in probably the whole of China; The Great Wall. The Wall runs for about 4,500 miles including all of the branches. It was originally built to keep out the Mongolians from invading China. It not only acted as a barrier, but was useful in warning people that attackers were coming

5 The Summer Palace is considered one of the most scenic and beautiful gardens in China. The imperial residences were first built on Kunming Lake 1153 and then in 1888 it was reconstructed by the Empress Dowager Ci Xi. Yi He Yuan can be translated as The Garden of Health and Harmony Yi He Yuan/Summer Palace

6 Tian An Men Guang Chang/Tian An Men Square The Tian An Men Square is the place that holds Mao De Zong’s Memorial hall, Monument to the People’s Heroes, Tian An Men Tower. At one time, it can hold up to one million people! You can see the national flag raising ceremony every morning if you get up early! The Tian An Men Guang Chang is the location for many important events. Many people consider the Guang Chang as the representation of the people of China’s struggle for freedom and democracy

7 Tian Tan/Temple of Heaven The Temple of Heaven was built in 1420. It is a dignified complex of fine buildings set in gardens and surrounded by historic pine woods. It symbolises the relationship between heaven and earth, and covers over 273 hectares. The architecture is based on elaborate symbolism and numerology

8 The Ming Tombs It was originally built as Changling, for the Emperor Zhuli and his empresses. Then, the succeeding 12 emperors all had their tombs built around it The Ming Tombs are the collective word used to describe the mausoleums of 13 emperors that lived during the Ming dynasty, 1368 - 1644 (a mausoleum is a large stately tomb).

9 Zijin Cheng/Gu Gong/The Forbidden City The Forbidden City was built at around the same time as the Temple of Heaven. It covers 74 hectares, and it was the imperial palace at the time of the Ming and Qing dynasties. As the name might suggests, normal civilians were not allowed to enter. The main colour in the buildings was yellow, because that was the royal colour

10 Beijing Zoo The Beijing Zoo mainly exhibits wild and rare animals in China, such as the panda (shown above) and the Golden Monkey. It holds over 7,000 animals of over 600 species It was originally named the Ten Thousand Animal Garden, but it was then changed to the name it has now

11 Beihai Park. The most famous parts of the park are the Bai Ta (the White Pagoda) and the Nine Dragon Wall. The Nine Dragon Wall is one of three of its kind in China Beihai park is just a few hundred meters northwest of the Forbidden City. It boasts a large lake, which covers more than half of the park’s whole area

12 Beijing Planetarium One of the more modern aspects of Beijing, the Planetarium is well worth a visit. Inside are many models of modern and astronomical equipment, and if you are lucky, you can buy a ticket to watch a 3D or possibly even 4D shows. There are three theatres, two observatories and one sun exhibition hall Places to eat!

13 If you visit Beijing, you absolutely MUST try out the famous Beijing duck! The Beijing duck is renowned worldwide for its tastiness and how full the flavour is. Complemented with cucumber and spring onions, it makes a perfect dish! The best places to eat in the city centre Of course, Beijing also offers a range of other delicious foods, which you must be sure to try out yourself as well!

14 Top 5 Restaurants Pearl Seafood Restaurant 111 Di'anmen Dajie 6403 5888 Shuzhongxiu Restaurant A1 Ganyuqiao Xicheng District 6348 5955 Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant 14 Qianmen Xidajie 6301 8833 Dongxinglou Restaurant 47 Dongzhimen Dajie 6404 4382 Pinxiang Jiaozi Restaurant Next to Yusong Hotel, Wukesong Beilu 6827 6299

15 This week looks to be a fine time to go out in Beijing! Today – 16 th March 2006 Currently 16°C High 21°C Low 4°C In Beijing, today will be a fair day, mostly cloudy with a little sunshine in some areas of the city. Winds are blowing SSW at 5 to 0 mph. Highest temperatures around 21°C, and lowest temperatures around 4°C. Hope you enjoy your day!

16 DayConditionsTemperatureWind Speed and Direction Relative Humidity Tomorrow 17th March 3 - 21°C NW 10 to 20 mph 15% Saturday 18 th March 0 - 14°C N 5 to 15 mph 18% Sunday 19 th March 1 - 16°C NW 10 to 15 mph 14% Monday 20 th March 3 - 19°C S 5 to 10 mph 16%

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