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Araullo, Carlo Mari Chan, John Mark Dela Pena, Carmina Santillan, Jeane Pauline.

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1 Araullo, Carlo Mari Chan, John Mark Dela Pena, Carmina Santillan, Jeane Pauline

2 Software as a Service (SaaS) Software as a service is an application delivery model where in it is distributed by vendors or service provider through the internet. SaaS delivers software to customers through a Web Page. A client could purchase the service by going to vendors website and SaaS is accessible through an API.

3 Characteristics of SaaS The application is hosted and operated by the software developer themselves. Can access, manage, and personalize software over the internet Functionality enhancements are completely controlled by the vendor. Frequent upgrade cycles occur with new features being introduced multiple times per year. ASP (An ASP operates software at its data center, which customers access online under a service contract. )

4 How SaaS Works

5 Delivery Model

6 History First Generation Application Service Providers attracted attention to web-based access to software vendor applications Hindrances were: slowness of economy, reduced IT spending, customization trap, competition among the firms Second Generation Select group of firms continued through improving imperfections and validating business model Evolving Business Concept - Increased user subscription and sales growth - Possibility of more functionality

7 In house vs. Off the shelf In houseOff the Shelf SoftwareServer Company Vendor Software Server

8 Asp vs.SaaS ASP Host company Internet

9 Asp vs.SaaS SaaS Host Software company Internet

10 Software as a Service Product-Centric Approach Service-Oriented Approach Perpetual Software License Periodic Service Fee CompanySaaS Vendor PC-Based access over WAN Internet (Web Browser) Traditional Model Software as a Service

11 Benefits of SaaS Client SideProvider Side No Client/Server software Installation & Maintenance Collective Operating Environment Shorter Implementation TimePredictable Revenue Stream Constant, Smaller UpgradesFocus on Smaller Upgrades

12 Examples Viatels Webcontrol Offers protection from spyware, web viruses, phishing, unwanted content and adware through filtering Requires no hardware, maintenance or upfront capital costs Redirects all corporate web traffic with its dedicated servers then analyzes it before displaying the content to the end-user

13 Examples LitwareHR by Microsoft fictitious HR application providing recruitment- management software delivered as a service created to demonstrate how to use Microsoft technologies in the creation of SaaS solutions uses Microsoft technologies such as.NET Framework 3.0 and SQL Server 2005

14 Where is it going? A factor in faster adoption of Service Oriented Architecture SaaS vendors have begun selling to a new audience Connecting information to dashboards & transaction systems SaaS will no longer be called as a service, but as a software Overly complex and opaque Licensing/pricing

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