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Muhammad Waqas Global Product Strategies Lecture 20.

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1 Muhammad Waqas Global Product Strategies Lecture 20

2 Muhammad Waqas Recap Product design in a global environment Branding Decisions

3 Muhammad Waqas Trademarks and Brand Protection Trademarks Counterfeits and Piracy

4 Muhammad Waqas Packaging and Labeling Adaptations Size, shape, materials – Product packaging norms – Existing standards – Economic development – Environmental concerns Color and text – Promotional strategy – Cultural meaning and implications – Government regulations – Language issues

5 Muhammad Waqas Marketing Services Globally Business Services Services for Consumers and Individual Households Culture and the Service Experience – Customer Expectations – The Waiting Experience – Service Personnel

6 Muhammad Waqas Product Warranties Standardization versus Adaptation – Domestic warranty valid worldwide? – Tailoring warranties to countries/markets? Issues to consider – Actual product use – Local competition – Spillover effects to other markets

7 Muhammad Waqas Global Product Service Why do companies provide after-sales service for their products? – Warranty credibility – Differentiate from competition – Decrease economic loss due to product malfunction or downtime

8 Muhammad Waqas Managing a Global Product Line Exploiting Product Life Cycle

9 Muhammad Waqas Summary Global warranty and service policies

10 Muhammad Waqas References Gillespie, K., Jeannet, J.P. and Hennessey, H.D. (2004), Global Marketing: An Interactive Approach, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, NY.

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