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Muhammad Waqas Global Marketing Research Lecture 14.

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1 Muhammad Waqas Global Marketing Research Lecture 14

2 Muhammad Waqas Recap Scope of global marketing research Challenges in planning international research Utilizing secondary data

3 Muhammad Waqas Primary Data Necessary when secondary data is not available or is suspect When marketers need data tailored to meet the needs of a specific marketing decision

4 Muhammad Waqas Developing a Research Instrument Focus groups help capture appropriate variables to investigate Creating a cross-cultural questionnaire requires – Back translation…or – Parallel translation Take care with idiomatic expressions – “Computers” in Taiwanese may become “calculators” to Singaporeans

5 Muhammad Waqas Focus Groups Selection and “Sample Size” – How focus groups SHOULD be used: Learning how your product is used Understanding customers’ experience with product Acquiring descriptive consumer brand perceptions Exploratory testing of new product, positioning, and promotion strategies – How focus groups SHOULD NOT be used: Estimate size or dollar value of market Definitively identify segments Make go/no-go decisions on new products, brand positioning, or promotion strategies

6 Muhammad Waqas Observation Consumer ethnography – Trained anthropologists – Visual cues (photo, video) supported by field notes Capture elements of décor, design, aesthetics, color, fashion, icons

7 Muhammad Waqas Analytic Techniques Demand analysis Relative market size Analysis of demand patterns Analysis by inference – Proxy variables

8 Muhammad Waqas Privacy Concerns Personal finances can be a touchy subject in many countries – The Dutch are more willing to discuss sex than money The EU Privacy Directive limits the use of telephone/Internet interviews – In particular, questions related to subjects such as health, political beliefs, and sex habits The U.S Safe Harbor Framework provides a streamlined way for U.S. firms to comply with the European standards

9 Muhammad Waqas Studying the Competition Identify core competencies to predict future direction of competitors – Company statistics – Marketing operations – Future intentions – Competitive behavior

10 Muhammad Waqas Summary Collecting primary data Analysis by inference Outsourcing research Studying the competition Environmental review Developing a global information system

11 Muhammad Waqas References Gillespie, K., Jeannet, J.P. and Hennessey, H.D. (2004), Global Marketing: An Interactive Approach, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, NY.

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