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Electricity 2.0 Making Electricity more like the Internet.

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1 Electricity 2.0 Making Electricity more like the Internet

2 Electricity 1.0 Read Only Top down Disparate/disconnected (National not international) Buggy Dumb Closed Architected for the past Architected for control Architected for "dial tone" To be fair - it "just works"

3 Electricity 1.0 - Read Only Photo

4 Electricity 1.0 - Top Down Photo

5 Electricity 1.0 - Disparate Photo

6 Electricity 1.0 - buggy Photo

7 Electricity 1.0 - Dumb! Photo

8 Electricity 1.0 - Dumb! Photo

9 Electricity 1.0 - Closed! Photo

10 Electricity 1.0 - Architected for the Past Photo

11 2.0 self healing self provisioning

12 All was well(ish!), until... Photo

13 Renewable energy Chart

14 Renewable energy


16 Storage Photo

17 Exotic storage solutions Image

18 Which leads to...

19 Exotic Storage solutions Image

20 And this...

21 Solution? Make it a big Network!

22 Use proven principles Photo

23 Use Publish/Subscribe Can't control supply? Then Manage Demand o Utilities publish prices o Consumers subscribe equipment responds accordingly o AKA Demand Response

24 Peak Shaving Photo

25 Peak Shaving Photo

26 Demand Stimulation Photo

27 Demand Stimulation Photo

28 The r/w grid - Microgeneration! Photo

29 Vehicle to Grid - r/w grid Photo

30 Infrastructure Requirements Photo

31 Requirements Political will Political will and Political will

32 Soundbite! If we have a system where demand mirrors supply then we can throw as much variable supply (renewables) onto the grid as we want without destabilising it. Renewables FTW! Tom Raftery

33 Electricity 2.0 Read and Write, Publish and Subscribe Bottom up and top down Multiple Sources An Architecture of Participation Open "API's" so anyone can add electricity to the grid Why not have DC in the house? USB sockets FTW

34 Quote I could imagine a smart garage where I would plug in my car and the computer handles it. I could even make money by cost shifting.... It solves energy security, energy prices and job creation...and by the way, climate change. Eric Schmidt CEO Google

35 Title


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