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Redbridge YOS Appropriate Adult Training for Volunteers.

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1 Redbridge YOS Appropriate Adult Training for Volunteers

2 Objectives Understand the Role of police when yp are arrested Understand the Role of AA when called to the police station Understand Redbridge YOS/police Appropriate Adult protocol

3 Who are the Police in Redbridge? The police use the Phonetic Alphabet, each station has a call sign JI (JULIET INDIA) = Ilford police station JB= (JULIET BRAVO) = Barkingside police station JN (JULIET NOVEMBER) =Wanstead JF (JULIET FOXTROT) =Woodford Officers have ranks, and are known by numbers and call signs

4 Ilford Police Station High Road Ilford IG1 1GT Custody tel: /30

5 Custody Offices Ilford Police Station based in High Road Ilford. It is the main station for all prisoners. CID and Case Progression Unit are based there. Barkingside Police Station can be used as an overflow, so you could be called there as well

6 Process when police arrest a person Evidence of an offence Grounds to arrest Arrest To police station ASAP Booked in Interviewed Disposal

7 Who deals with what? It is the core team that deal with the day to day calls – they will be first on scene but can contact specialist staff via their radio E.g. Dog handlers Traffic cars Helicopter Mounted branch Cid Robbery squad Fraud squad Serious crime squad Sexual offences investigators Territorial support

8 Appropriate Adult? This is a term that is used within Criminal Justice and means someone who is an adult and who is appropriate, to ensure that young and vulnerable people are looked after and understand what is happening to them. So if such a person is arrested the police should call an Appropriate Adult

9 Appropriate Adult Means: The parent, guardian, or if the juvenile is in local authority …a person representing that authority or organisation A social worker of a local authority Failing these, some other responsible adult aged 18 or over who is not a Police Officer or employed by the police Codes of Practice C Para 1.7

10 Legal Requirements The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) first introduced a legal requirement for young people under 17yrs to have an appropriate adult (and 17 year-olds to be offered one) The PACE Codes of Practice lays down guidelines for people kept in police detention(Codes of Practice) It was the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 that made YOS responsible for providing appropriate adults if parents could not attend

11 Who requires an Appropriate Adult? Whether arrested or at Court, the following will require an Appropriate Adult: Any Young Person aged 16 years or under Any adult over 16 who is vulnerable 17 year-olds are offered the service but can turn it down If anyone appears to be under 17 they shall be treated as a juvenile for the purposes of the detention- Code C Para 1.5

12 Who should act as AA? The best person to act as Appropriate Adult is the young persons parents or carers. The police should make enquiries to get the yp parents or carers first before calling the YOS for an AA

13 The Custody Officer The Custody Officer is a Sergeant who is in charge of all those arrested and taken to the police station. Usually there are a number of Civilian Detention Officers who assist the Custody Officer

14 PACE 1984 The act says the custody officer must inform the parents of those under 17 or another appropriate adult of his/her detention and get that person to the police station. The act also says the young person cannot veto this. (para. 3.9)

15 This is different from the young persons right to have someone informed of his/her arrest.

16 Scenario- Residential Burglary Young person Johnny- was seen by a member of the public carrying a DVD recorder at 4 am. He was seen coming out of rear alley behind residential houses. Police were called. When they arrived Johnny refused to say where he got the DVD recorder from. Nearby police saw a house with a broken window and signs of a burglary. Police arrest for suspected Burglary and take to station, where it is found that Johnny is 16 years old..

17 Johnny

18 The justice process The police have the power to arrest Johnny (on suspicion of Burglary), take him to the police station and interview him about what has happened. There may be an innocent reason why he was carrying the DVD recorder-it may be just a coincidence that a nearby house had been burgled…..

19 The Role of the AA Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 an Appropriate Adult is someone who supports a young person when they have been arrested. They observe the interview by the police to ensure that it is carried out fairly and properly

20 At the police station The police will take Johnny to the police station. He will be booked in by the Custody Officer who will start a Custody Record. However because he is only 16 years, they cannot interview him without an Appropriate Adult present

21 In the old days…..

22 Police call YOS for AA Before the police interview Johnny they will need to have an Appropriate Adult present. The first thing the police will do is try and get hold of a parent/relative. Failing this, there is a protocol on how they should go about calling for a volunteer

23 Cases Volunteers will not deal with Murder Manslaughter Rape Serious assaults

24 YOU are called to act as AA As a volunteer, we will train you and support you in your role as AA. The YOS have regular supervision sessions to help you in this role

25 When you are called to the Police Station At police station phone custody or tell station officer you have arrived Someone will take you to custody suite Introduce yourself and speak to custody officer or officer in case to find out what is happening Check custody record Start to fill in pace form Introduce yourself to Johnny- who will be in a Detention room rather than a cell

26 On arrival at Custody Suite

27 Ilford Custody Area

28 Detention Rooms

29 Speaking to young person Do not let Johnny speak to you about the offence. Why do you think this is important? Check Johnny is ok and understands why he has been arrested Explain what is going to happen Tell Johnny you will be at the police station throughout his stay (if you have to leave make sure you let him know)

30 What will AA have to do? Johnny will have his rights read again in your presence You will attend the interview when officers ready You will complete a PACE form for the YOS You will be present at charge or bail etc You may be present for fingerprints etc

31 Rights of detained person Under PACE a detained person has the right to have;- Someone informed that he/she has been arrested. To have legal advice i.e. Duty Solicitor or to speak to a Solicitor on the phone Consult the Codes of Practice

32 PACE Codes of Practice- Code C Guidance for dealing with people in Detention e.g. So far as it is practical, not more than one detainee should be detained in each cell –Code 8.1 Access to toilet and washing facilities must be provided-Code 8.4 At least two light meals and one main meal should be offered within any 24 hours-Code 8.6 Meals should so far as practicable, be offered at recognised meal times, or at other times that take account of when the detainee last had a meal-Code 8B

33 Rights… Under PACE the young person has a right to consult privately with the Appropriate Adult at any time (para. 3.12)

34 Solicitors PACE states if the Appropriate Adult thinks that the young person needs legal advice, the Police are required to treat this as a request for a lawyer by the young person himself/herself (annex c para.2)

35 Guidance on calling a Solicitor It is Redbridge YOS policy to call a solicitor every time. But what if the yp refuses and tells you he doesnt want one. If you call one, the yp could be kept longer than is necessary……. Gillick decision - mature minors have the right to make decisions regarding their welfare -so if they refuse a solicitor where do you stand…..

36 NAAN Guidance Young person 15yrs and under, over- rule them and call a solicitor –ensure custody officer marks it up on custody record. Record it on PACE form Try to persuade the young person to speak to the solicitor when he/she arrives Consider whether they are looked-after

37 YP 16 years and over… Try to persuade the young person to have a Solicitor or at least speak to one over the phone. If they are still adamant that they do not wish to have one then ensure that what you have done is marked up on custody record. But tell young person that you are not a Solicitor and you strongly request they get one if they are charged

38 The Solicitor arrives When the solicitor arrives, let Johnny speak to him on his own. Solicitors have legal privilege whereas you dont. Solicitors have access to the police evidence. Support Johnny by explaining that the solicitor is there to help him and advise him on what to tell the police. Once Johnny has spoken to his solicitor, the police will interview him about what has happened.

39 As AA you will be with Johnny throughout the interview process

40 Police Interviews Before the interview begins the police officer must;- Identify himself and other officers present by name and rank Caution Johnny Put to Johnny any significant statement or silence which occurred before his arrival at the police station Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

41 AAs role in Police interview Code says: If an Appropriate Adult is present at an interview, they shall be informed; They are not expected to act simply as an observer The purpose of their presence is to; Advise the person being interviewed Observe whether the interview is being conduced properly and fairly Facilitate communication with the person being interviewed

42 Caution… You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence


44 Effect of caution in interviews The right to silence has not been abolished. All the changes relate to the right to comment on a persons silence. E.g. but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court and anything you do say may be given in evidence

45 Consequences??? If Johnny refuses to answer any questions even though he has been given ample opportunity to explain what has happened, the court may draw its own conclusions from this S34 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

46 Interviews After the interview the police will decide on what will happen next

47 Disposal options Charge and bail to court Charge and remand to local authority secure accommodation Charge and remand in custody to court Police bail to return NFA Youth Caution Youth Conditional Caution PND Refer to YOS for Triage Bailed for CPS advice

48 Charging Regarding charging a person, Code 16C says:- There is no power under PACE to detain a person and delay action…solely to await the arrival of the Appropriate Adult. After charge, bail cannot be refused, or release on bail delayed, simply because an Appropriate Adult is not available

49 What happens next for the AA? As AA you will complete the PACE form and hand it to the YOS (this is needed for statistical data) Your role then finishes - although if the young person has no parent and is bailed to return, you could arrange with the YOS to go back as AA

50 YJB Secure Placements Phone YJB Secure Placements, they have several beds all over the country. The problem is with this- is where they can accommodate the young person and is it practicable for the young person to attend there? E.g. if the young person is bailed to the next day, how appropriate is it for them to travel to a bail bed in say Manchester which will take 3 hours only to have to be produced at court the next day.

51 Bail Beds continued If the bail bed is nearby then you need to arrange for transport to collect the young person from the police station to the secure accommodation. You will need to phone Wrixon. They will also need to be booked to collect the young person from the secure accommodation and take them to court the next day The police will need to give you a specific form which will go with the young person to the secure accommodation

52 Getting home Do NOT transport the young person home. If you have concerns that they do not have the means/are too young to make their own way, inform the custody sergeant. It is the polices responsibility to ensure they get home safely.

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