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1 Authentic learning Sunrise project February 7th, 2008 Vught, The Netherlands Cornelis Eisma.

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1 1 Authentic learning Sunrise project February 7th, 2008 Vught, The Netherlands Cornelis Eisma

2 2 Authentic learning Chased by the passed, trapped in the present, we are facing the future Loesje

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4 4 This generation students We find them superficial We think they don’t care We don’t like information overload We learn in linear paterns We wait for instructions We think in subject matter sience We think of the world in a political way We don’t take them seriously We tell and expect them to listen We are stand alone We accept ‘bullshit’ Often we don’t understand the world we are living in They find themselves interested They’re passionate 24/7 information and communication They‘re highly associative learners They search and discover They can handle complex questions They believe in honesty as a value They respect authenticy en genuinity They communicate They live, learn and work in communities They don’t accept ‘bullshit’ They understand perfectly how things work in this world Keesie: the Einstein generation in the Netherlands

5 5 Authentic learning

6 6 We learn 10 % of what we read 20 % of what we hear 30 % of what we see 50 % of what we see and hear 70 % of what we discussed with others 80 % of what we experiences ourselves 95 % of what we explain to others

7 7 Learning how to ride a bike (the passive learning way) Using teaching techniques,a parent might take a small blackboard and illustrate the process of exchanging the power from the pedals to the drive sprocket. Also the parent would certainly need to test the child's understanding of the steering mechanism and explain about the sense of equilibrium in the brain.

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9 9 Learning how to ride a bike (The active learning way) In real life a parent will put the child on the bike, with training wheels, and let the child "discover" the power from pedal to wheel concept how to find balance and how to steer. The learning will take place, quickly and spontaneously. Soon, the child will demand the removal of the training wheels and the whole process has been spontaneous and fun.

10 10 Engaging students in active learning, let them experience, besides listening to a lecture and taking notes, to help them learn and thoroughly understand what’s going on. We like students to be involved in real life experiences, we like them to talk about it and to listen to one another, to explain what they have experienced and to look for answers to the problems they experienced. I’m competent, I can do it and I know why. Authentic learning

11 11 Controling Trusting Freedom to act and learn Accounting The teacher seems to be the owner of the learning proces The student is the owner of his own learning proces and likes to show what he has accomplished

12 12 Authentic learning in Wellantcollege We look for real life learning experiences for our students We relate theory to the learning context of our students Learning needs understanding the subject as a whole We ask students to learn in communities We try to let students use multiple intelligences We give students time to reflect to complete their learning tasks In authentic learning more structure is needed for students to perform, the structure however is different and so is the teachers role.

13 13 Authentic learning?

14 14 ????

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