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1 House of Commons Curatorial Services Life after 7 years of using KE EMu Presented by: Maxine Valiquette Collection Registrar

2 Even though we do our best to apply museum standards!  90% of the collection is in use Members of Parliament, Ministers, Prime Minister, House Officials, Administration and public areas  We do not create “traditional″ museum exhibitions The collection is spread out across 10 Parliamentary Precinct Buildings! We are not a museum! What makes us different from a museum?  10% of the collection is in storage 5 non permanent storage areas which have been relocated several times Curatorial services Who we are

3 Larger % of the collection is in the three main Hill BuildingsThe rest is spread across other Parliamentary Precinct buildings. Currently stands at total 10 buildings… …a planned 5 more within the next 10 years. The Heritage Collection House of Commons

4 The collection is divided into 4 disciplines: Artifacts:furniture, silverware, ceremonial objects… Architecture:interior sculptural elements in 6 buildings… Fine arts:busts, paintings, lithographs… manuscripts, images, publications, blue prints…Documents: House of Commons The Heritage Collection

5 The backbone of our collection. Documents: manuscripts, images, publications, blue prints… House of Commons The Heritage Collection The collection was defined and assembled through extensive research.

6 Life Before KE EMu… The lost years How did we manage those documents? Painfully – using a DOS application Dare we remember…

7 DataEase AKA the Pacer SEQUENCE=00000700000000000000000000000000 ACC_NO=O-700 ▌ OB=painting ▌ GROUP=object ▌ CATEGORY=art ▌ ORG=House of Commons ▌ AQ_DATE=19410000 ▌ AQ_MODE=gift ▌ SOURCE=Salisbury, Frank Owen ▌ COLLCTR=William Lyon Mackenzie King ▌ ROLE=Artist ▌ MAKER=Salisbury, Frank Owen ▌ B_DATE=19410000 ▌ E_DATE=1941 ▌ DATE_REM=The painting was officially hung 19411229 in Centre Block▌ ▌ MOVABLE=no▌ LOC_BLDG=La Promenade ▌ LOC_ROOM=1020, storage PROM. ▌ LOC_UNIT=Unit 3, slot Q ▌ LOC REM=stored in crate Was unveiled and hung in the Hall of Honor▌ from 19411229 to -- ▌ ▌ LOC_ACC_NO=L-2845 ▌ LENGTH=101.5 cm▌ HEIGHT=127 cm ▌ WIDTH= ▌ OUT DIAM.= ▌

8 DIM REM=These above dimensions do not include the frame. The ▌ frame measurements are= 124 cmL x 170cmH x 10 cm thick DESC =A painting of Queen Elizabeth and H.R.H. George VI, in Ottawa 1939. The Prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, stands in the background. All three are standing under the Peace Tower archway. ▌ REMARKS=inscription:[lower right corner on painting] Frank O. Salisbury *see D-174.5.4 for conception of painting ▌ DOCUMENT=D-174.5.4(MG 26 J8 V.37 f9);D-193.5;C-25 ▌ CAT=Le Boeuf, Maxine ▌ CAT_DATE=19901128▌ DOB=19901218▌ DOC=10:44:42▌ TOC=Valiquette, Max ▌

9 Life Before KE EMu… Retrieval of images was limited to viewing original prints. The Pacer database did not handle digital images. Database for image number The retrieval of images File cabinet for original format

10 Life Before KE EMu… AKA The Pacer years Had a driver who understood the mechanics The users could squeeze in their data wherever they needed to Did not need IT servicing

11 Life Before KE EMu… By 1998, the Pacer was obsolete, breaking down and incompatible with the House standard software. Our need for efficiency grew. AKA The Pacer years Pretty much incompatible with anything Microsoft! Change in personnel = loss of corporate memory and increase in demands for our services (example: supplying images for publications)

12 Life with KE EMu… Along came the Cadillac Users have plenty of leg room to stretch their imagination But we lost the driver and the mechanic We do not have dedicated IT support to service the Cadillac

13 Life with KE EMu… The First 4 years… Flurries of upgrades Cleaning of data Understanding the mechanics of KEEMu We started with Version 1 and went to Version 1.0.504.1 within 5 months None was done before the conversion so 105 000 records were uploaded into KEEMu -1000 have been cleaned since! Our “no longer with us” driver/mechanic had been our designer as well! Adapting what we have to what we needed With every upgrade, we relished the small changes – like a working ABORT function! At least most of the time

14 Life with KE EMu… Prioritize and digitize Worked on digitization procedures for prints and negatives Completed the architectural photography with digital camera Scanned each print, negative and slide at 300 dpi, which was then burned onto CD for future publication use. House Photographer went completely digital – Kept contact sheets and index for each CD given!

15 Life with KE EMu… Tracking digital IMAGES Retrieval from these CDs was time consuming Go to CD index to find image number (if you knew it) Double check the thumbnail on contact sheet Retrieve 300 dpi image from CD.

16 Life with KE EMu… The Last 3 years… Finding ways to use Cadillac KEEMu to its fullest We are using MultiMedia Module and our Catalogue Module to track our Image Document Collection (digital and hard copies) Retrieve the 300 dpi image from the CDConvert 300 dpi image to 72 dpi for KEEMu. We now save the 300 dpi image with other processed images on CD. Upload 72 dpi image into KEEMu MultiMedia Module

17 The Multimedia Tab holds details of available formats Name of file on CD Describes size and format that is available and which CD it is saved on In the Multimedia Module Results Life with KE EMu…

18 The Details Tab is used for the breakdown of information for quicker retrievals In the Multimedia Module The Lookup list allows for data consistency of the CD ID# Indicates the Title of the Rights Record in the Rights Module Life with KE EMu…

19 In the Catalogue Module The image is treated as a document Assigned a unique accession number which is repeated in the Multimedia Title field Objects seen in the image can be cross referenced Life with KE EMu…

20 In the Catalogue Module Detailed information on the image is distributed across specific tabs.The Subject Tab allows for a quick one tab search Document Dates Acquisition Location Condition Subjects Life with KE EMu…

21 Life with KE EMu… After 7 years of using… What we have works for us…for now… " Obtaining immediate results is a long and drawn out process." Until the next upgrade…then will adapt to that version! Could not tell you who first said this – but I can tell you they worked for the House of Commons!

22 Life with KE EMu… The next 7 years… Working on a harmonization of all Heritage Collections across Parliament House Commons is the only Parliamentary partner with a dedicated Curatorial Service and a collection management database The Senate, Library of Parliament and Public Works and Government Services of Canada are showing interest in obtaining a database to manage their artifacts. Our ultimate goal would be to have the other partners adopt KE EMu We will be able to get a driver, mechanic and the servicing we desperately need in order to have Cadillac KE EMu running efficiently for next 7 years!

23 Life with KE EMu… House of Commons Curatorial Services thanks you for undivided attention. Any comments from the presenter is uniquely her own point of view and does not reflect the views of the entire staff of 5 (6 when you count the Carillonneur). This disclosure is probably running fast enough that you can not fully read the text. That’s ok – for you should now be asking questions. House of Commons Curatorial Services Life after 7 years of using KEEMu Thank You. Presented by: Maxine Valiquette Collection Registrar

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