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SEE YOU NEXT YEAR ON 21·22·23 October Closing / Cierre / Amaiera.

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1 SEE YOU NEXT YEAR ON 21·22·23 October Closing / Cierre / Amaiera

2 Venue

3 It received the Apex Award for Best Convention Centre of the World 2003 The Conference Centre and Concert Hall. Euskalduna Jauregia. Bilbao / Spain

4 One of the most outstanding contemporary works carried out by Spanish architects The Conference Centre and Concert Hall. Euskalduna Jauregia. Bilbao / Spain

5 Opening

6 Supporting the present and building the future Opening – Begoña Laibarra, Jesús de la Maza, Cristina Oyón and Doron Cherkovsky 29

7 Tutorials

8 “Testing is a process that gives a judgment about the quality of the system and the measure in wich ot can be expected that the set goals are going to be reached” Tutorial 1 - Master class: Applying the Result driven test principles in your work Derk-Jan de Grood - Collis (The Netherlands) 29

9 “Technical people like to fix things, it’s in their nature. But identify issues, please don’t resolve them.” Paul Jorgensen - Grand Valley State University (USA) Tutorial 2 - Industrial-Strength Technical Inspections 29

10 Keynotes

11 “Site integration time is often reduced - airport opening date is fixed - to ‘no time left’ ” Keynote - Testing the Heathrow Terminal 5 Baggage Handling System Roger Derksen - Transfer Solutions (The Netherlands) 29

12 “The programmer wants to make a program right and the tester wants the program to fail” Keynote - Programs that test themselves Bertrand Meyer - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland) 30

13 “Testing is a growing business...good news for us!” Keynote – Challenges of Testing on the Telecommunications Industry Jussi Mäkinen – Oulu Innovation Ltd / Octopus Network (Finland) 31

14 Tracks

15 “Grid QCM requires less human effort to be used because it is almost fully automatable” TRACK A · QA Management (1) - Grid-QCM: the grid Quality Certification Model Adriano Rippa - Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. (Italy) 29

16 “The goals of change request workflow are visibility, traceability and communication between teams” TRACK A · QA Management (2) - Designing Change Request Workflows Eric Mariacher - Logitech (France) 29

17 “In-built test automation software has control over the application as an ‘insider’ ” TRACK B · Test Automation (1) - Let’s get into the product!!! “In-built Automation Software” Abhisheck Talwar - Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Noida (India) 29

18 “Getting an early start with test automation has contributed to the success of projects” TRACK B ·Test Automation (2) - From Manual Testing to an Automated Testing Framework Alvin Sumter - Cox Newspaper (USA) 29

19 “TestGrip describes a vision on test policy and its impact on the test organisation, based upon working experience” TRACK C ·Test Management (1) - Test Policy: Gaining Control on IT Quality and Processes Chris Schotanus - Lógica-Testmanagement & Consultancy (The Netherlands) 30

20 “In Vertical approach, testers for different components work together bringing deeper knowledge of their features” TRACK C ·Test Management (2) - Vertical approach in managing testing of Software projects Myroslav Palenychka - IBM Rational Modeling Tools (Canada) 30

21 “ ‘ RISKI’ is a framework for dynamic risk identification and analysis” TRACK C ·Test Management (3) - RISKI: An efficient Risk Driven Methodology for Woftware QA Sudipta Debnat - Aricent technologies (India) 30

22 “Testing should continue as long as the costs of detecting and repairing defects during testing are lower than the costs if the defects occurs during production” TRACK C ·Test Management (4) - Risk Based Test Strategy Judged Leo van der Aalst - Sogeti Nederland B.V (The Netherlands) 30

23 “The need is to plan, in an early stage of the system development, how each requirement shall be verified” TRACK C ·Test Management (5) - Requirement Verification Matrix (RVM) Avner Engel - Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) (Israel) 30

24 “Testing is a process that provides insight into, and advice on, quality and the related risks” TRACK D · Testing Techniques (1) - Exploratory Testing put in practise Erik Boelen - QA Consult Services (Belgium) 30

25 “Threat modeling is a technique where you can identify the possible attack vectors and vulnerabilities your application can face and identify the potential attack points your application can have” TRACK D · Testing Techniques (2) - Resolving Security Test Coverage Dilemma: A threat modeling based approach Vaibhav Mittal & Vibhore Garg - Adobe Systems India (India) 30

26 “Observation KPIs can be used to measure ‘ Project Health’ or for ‘Product Readiness Review ‘ after testing” TRACK D · Testing Techniques (3) – Test KPIs Anil Kumar - Aricent Technologies (UK) 30

27 “By adopting MDD, developers increased their productivity to offer more complex and more competitive products in less time...” TRACK D · Testing Techniques (4) - Extending Model Driven Development to Model Driven Testing Moshe S. Cohen - Telelogic (Israel) 30

28 “The product is a solution. If the problem isn’t solved, the product doesn’t work” TRACK D · Testing Techniques (5) - Comparing Agile Testing Techniques Paul Jorgensen - Grand Valley State University (USA) 30

29 “Test factory provides a standarized platform for proposing and delivering application testing services and enables faster response to customer requests” TRACK E · Testing Organisations (1) - Test Factory Implementation at Zurich CoE Javier Fernández-Pello & Raúl Alares - Zurich Insurance (Spain) 31

30 “Finally the salaries of testers and developers are getting equal” TRACK E · Testing Organisations (2) - Independent Software Testing Group Karina Gomes - C.E.S.A.R. (Brasil) 31

31 “Hire for people with added values – Avoid hiring YOU in another suit” TRACK E · Testing Organisations (3) - Assuring your test organisation Quality - find the best for the job? Galit Zucker - QA Consultant (Israel) 31

32 “CMMI = not how we do it but how well we do it” TRACK F · Configuration Management (1) - 5 Steps of Configuration Management Functionalities Eric Mariacher - Logitech (France) 31

33 TRACK F · Configuration Management (2) - Lesson learned in Test - and configuration management Eric Megens - High Tech Solutions (The Netherlands) 31 “Avoid branching as much as possible, keep the lifetime short”

34 “Configuration Management is the implementation of a database that contains details of the organisation’s elements that are used in the provision and management of its IT services” TRACK F · Configuration Management (3) - Configuration Control: Keep items synchronized Juan Carlos Sánchez Mirabal - NTE SA / Werfen Group (Spain) 31

35 Tool Lab

36 PPOOA, a model base approach for the architecture and performance evaluation of real-time systems TOOL LAB Jose Luis Fernandez (PPOOA) 29

37 Functional Test Management and Planning with Telelogic DOORS TOOL LAB Telelogic (IBM) 30

38 IRQA Demo: Corporate Solution for Requirement Engineering TOOL LAB Visure Solutions 30

39 SQS Test Framework TOOL LAB SQS 31

40 Round Table

41 What is the future of testing? Threats of open source? No! ‘Professional developers’ have the advantage of R&D which always brings the tools one step further. Round Table 31

42 Events

43 Speakers Warming Up - 28th October 2008 28

44 Speakers Warming Up - 28th October 2008 28

45 The Dinner Conference Dinner at Sociedad Bilbaína 30th October 2008 30

46 The Dinner Conference Dinner at Sociedad Bilbaína 30th October 2008 30

47 Chairmen

48 QA&TEST 2008 Chairmen Thanks!

49 Attendees

50 The attendees

51 Best Speaker award

52 Best Speaker Award Eric Megens - High Tech Solutions (The Netherlands) Congratulations!

53 Exhibition

54 QA&TEST 2008 Exhibitors



57 Team QA&TEST 2008


59 Thank you for coming / Gracias por venir / Eskerrik asko etortzeagatik SEE YOU NEXT YEAR ON 21·22·23 October

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