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Bytindex – Data Optimization Concept Technology briefing

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1 Bytindex – Data Optimization Concept Technology briefing

2 Meeting demand for data Demand for data is ever growing  Worldwide – 34% CAGR  LATAM – 48% CAGR  ME & Africa – 52% CAGR  Mobile – 92% CAGR ARPU stays flat The challenge: 2 Economical Bandwidth Expansion

3 BytIndex offers: Virtual data capacity – just like physical capacity Bandwidth delivered by software from the cloud At HALF the wholesale market price 3

4 4 How does it work? Physical bandwidth Internet ISP’s network Leased BW BGP announcement Your transit provider/s

5 How does it work? Bytindex Network 5 Africa Bytindex PoPs located at main Internet junctions Bytindex Server located at ISP’s local network

6 Bytindex CMP 6 How does it work? Bytindex virtually generates bandwidth Internet ISP’s network 130-150% x BW 100% x BW Bytindex DCM Bytindex eliminates transfer of repetitive data, making space for 30-50% more data on the link. Fully transparent. No negative QoE impact.

7 Examples 7

8 How can we offer the same at 50%? 8 BytindexPhysical capacity Investment in fiber  $20,000 / mile  $350,000 / Gbps (int’l) Investment in Bytindex servers network 100% investment at day-1. ISPs pay for financing. Investment grows with capacity. No financing. Multi-hop = margin stackingSingle-hop

9 Benefits for the ISP Affordable IP capacity, 30-50% expansion At any location, regardless of number of hops On top of any combination of existing providers 9

10 10 Bytindex – learning RequestResponse A1D IP payload analyzed. If pattern not identified then learned.

11 11 Bytindex – identification (2) Response A1D IP payload analyzed. Pattern identified! Start signing session Next signatures B6U, GG9, K4W Start signing session Next signatures B6U, GG9, K4W

12 12 Bytindex – capacity generation Response A1D Signed Original B6UGG9 K4W

13 Bytindex Characteristics Operates at bit-stream level. Agnostic to protocol and content. No spoofing or termination applied. Network functions maintained. Future proof. No need to chase the Internet moving targets. Legally safe. Net Neutral. No copyright issues. Content friendly. 13

14 As simple as 1-2-3 1. Place a server (see spec) in your network with a routable IP 2. Inform Bytindex of your IP address range/s 3. Within 24 hours your capacity increases by 30-50% 14 14 days try-and buy available

15 Hardware specifications 15

16 Business models Capacity lease  95/5 on added bandwidth  Invoiced on a quarterly basis  Payment terms – invoice + 30 days IRU  One-time license for ordered bandwidth (30 Month in advance)  12% annual maintenance 16 14 days try-and buy available

17 Real Example 17 Physical Capacity 100% price Virtual capacity 50% price

18 Capacity planning with BytIndex 18

19 PERFORMANCE ON SPECIFIC APP’S When and how you get the most of benefit 19

20 Video Progressive Download 20

21 HTTP & FTP Download 21

22 Netflix (ABR + Encryption) 22

23 Partial Content Overlap 23

24 Live Traffic Live is 100% repetitive, but happens at the same time Because of buffering delays, Bytindex can optimize live User A’s traffic precedes User B’s traffic by 100mSec User A’s traffic is learned  User B’s traffic is optimized 24

25 BYTINDEX VS. LEGACY CACHING Technology comparisson 25

26 DiVination vs. Legacy Caching BytIndex Legacy CachingNeed 30-50%~7% = 60% x 12%Overall savings All IP traffic supported as-is. Including: ABR, IPTV, enterprise, Live etc. Named HTTP sites, P2P. Need to chase the Internet. ABR is challenging. Traffic coverage 3U for 10GbpsDensity Transparently maintaining all core-network functionality, since original traffic still flows through core network Difficulty in interoperating with: CDN, charging, traffic shaping, ad insertion, dynamic trans-rating, protocol acceleration etc. Core-network functionality Content provider and CDN does not lose control. Legal issues are cleared. Inherent conflict with content-providers and CDNs, taking control and business- logic. Exposed to legal issues. Co-existence with content providers 26

27 BytIndex vs. Legacy Caching 27 Legacy Caching 60% on cacheable HTTP 5-7% on total Legacy Caching 60% on cacheable HTTP 5-7% on total BytIndex 30-50% on total BytIndex 30-50% on total

28 Thank You Contact us on:

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