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MediaPolitical Parties Voting Behavior Interest Groups Random :) 100 200 300 400 500 JEOPARDY!

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1 MediaPolitical Parties Voting Behavior Interest Groups Random :) 100 200 300 400 500 JEOPARDY!

2 Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet and other means of popular communication question

3 What is the mass media?

4 meetings of public officials with reporters (FDR held over 1,000)) question

5 What is a press conference?

6 This is a term describing the results of superficial coverage of politicians public statements on televisionspecifically the massive shortening of these statements (Down to 7.8 seconds in 2004) question

7 What is a sound bite?

8 The government organization that regulates the use of airwaves in three ways. question

9 What is the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)?

10 An intentional news leak for the purpose of assessing the political reaction. question

11 What is a trial baloon?

12 A citizens self-proclaimed preference for one party or the other. question

13 What is party identification?

14 The voters perception of what the Republicans and Democrats stand for. question

15 What is party image?

16 Individuals who split tickets are most likely to identify with this political group. question

17 Who are independents?

18 A type of political organization that relies heavily on material inducements such as patronage. question

19 What is a party machine?

20 Elections to select party nomineed in which only people who have registered in advance with the party can vote for the party. question

21 What is a closed primary?

22 Voting theory that suggests that individuals who feel that they are better off as a result of certain policies are likely to support candidates who pledge to continue those policies, and those who feel worse off are inclined to support opposition candidates.. question

23 What is retrospective voting?

24 This is the single most important factor in determining if you will vote. question

25 What is education?

26 The belief that the winner has a charge from the voters to implement policy promises. question

27 What is mandate theory?

28 Direct democracy technique that allows proposed legislative items to be placed on a statewide ballot when enough signatures are obtained question

29 What is initiative?

30 Direct democracy technique that allows citizens to approve or disapprove some legislative act, bond, issue, or constitutional amendment proposed by a state legislature. question

31 What is referendum?

32 Interest group representative who seeking to influence legislation that will benefit their organization or client through political persuasion question

33 What is lobbying?

34 Interest groups announcing their support for candidates; Some rate legislators on the basis of their voting. question

35 What is endorsing?

36 A theory of government and politics emphasizing that politics is mainly a competition among groups, each one pressing for its own preferred policies question

37 What is pluralist theory?

38 A theory of government and politics contending that societies are divided along class lines and that an upper-class group will rule, regardless of formal government structures. question

39 What is elite theory?

40 A theory of government contending that groups are so strong that government is weakened. question

41 What is hyperpluralism?

42 This is the reason political parties tend to take middle-of-the-road stands on major issues. question

43 What is most Americans are moderate?

44 A partys endorsement to officially run for office as the candidate of that party. question

45 What is a nomination?

46 This legislation requires states to let people register to vote at the same time they apply for a driver's license.. question

47 What is The Motor Voter Act?

48 The displacement of the majority party by the minority party usually during a critical election. question

49 What is party realignment?

50 Voting for one party for one office, and another party for other offices. question

51 What is ticket-splitting?

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