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365 Days Towards Becoming a Successful Major Gift Officer

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1 365 Days Towards Becoming a Successful Major Gift Officer
The First Year: 365 Days Towards Becoming a Successful Major Gift Officer Lessons for Managers and MGOs Alike Michael Russell Courtney Billing University of Minnesota Foundation Minnesota Medical Foundation

2 Building a Successful MGO
The First Quarter Building a Successful MGO

3 The Importance of Pre-Hire Planning
Opportunities and Pitfalls of Newcomers Expectations for Success Portfolio Building

4 Core Values For Success
Relationship-Oriented External Focus Consistency Follow Through Passionate Integrity

5 On Boarding a New Gift Officer
Develop a comprehensive training schedule to introduce your new hire Beyond “staff introductions” – think “curriculum” Build a specific set of learning objectives

6 Building a successful MGO team (even if only of one)
MGO portfolio prospect assignments Initiatives, regions, capacity Set clear standards for contact reports and monthly goals (e.g., minimum 12 f2f visits) Establish annual goals and performance metrics

7 The Second Quarter Diving in

8 Find A Teacher Mentoring Executive Team Interaction
Internal or external experienced fundraiser Consider a donor mentor as well Executive Team Interaction Mission, vision, values, and future strategy Board Introductions Minimum of meeting one Board or Committee member

9 Getting to know your program(s)
Internal immersion Tours and meetings with knowledgeable staff/program officers Conversations re: vision and strategy with organization leadership External Immersion Dialogues with constituents and “alumni” Minimum of one board member or established donor COURTNEY

10 So Now You’re a Major Gift Officer…
The Third Quarter So Now You’re a Major Gift Officer…

11 Finding Success in Fundraising
Two Primary Components to a Development Position: External: Relationship Management Internal: Prospect/Portfolio Management The Hardest Parts of the Job: Getting the Appointment “Asking” for the Gift

12 Major Gift Donor Profile
Ability – to make a contribution of $25k, $50k, $100k+ Affinity – an interest in organization’s work Accessibility - willing to meet and hear about organization / connection via board or other individual

13 Taking the Right Steps Prioritize your time and efforts Timing
Focus on your org’s likely MG donors (individuals vs. corporations/foundations) Timing Average time to MG = 18 months – 2 years Donors in stewardship Important part of 1st yr. portfolio, potential source of future gifts

14 Picking Up the Phone Keep it short and sweet Introduction
(If not a good time,…) Purpose of call Brief explanation of who you are, why you want to meet, and when you can meet If Day Does Not Work… Closing and confirmation

15 Hallmarks of Successful First Visits
Come prepared to ask meaningful questions Goal of setting future prospect strategy Be brief – you can ask to stay longer Begin a dialogue, but listen more than you talk Conclude with reasons for follow-up and timeline

16 The Fourth Quarter Plan the Work, Work the Plan

17 Organization and Workflow
Working with your Manager Creating systems and routines Documenting contacts and measuring results Donor Strategies and Annual Work Plans

18 Networking and Professional Development
Professional and “Peer” Organizations Non-Profit Boards and Civic Organizations Connect with the Super Connectors “Study Groups” Development Conferences Recommended reading

19 New Major Gift Officer Toolkit
Annual Plan Outline with Gift Pyramid Suggested Performance Metrics for Development Staff Templates: Manager One-on-Ones Contact Reports and Strategies Format Communication ( s / Letters / Scripts) First Visit Goal Sheet Interview Questions

20 Thank you! Questions? Courtney Billing Michael Russell
Minnesota Medical Foundation University of Minnesota Foundation

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