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AP Style Review.

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1 AP Style Review

2 There’s no point in trying to memorize the AP Stylebook.
Get in the habit of using it whenever you write To make sure your article follows proper AP style. The more you use the book, the more you’ll memorize certain points of AP style. Eventually you won’t have to refer to the stylebook nearly as much.

3 The stylebook is a comprehensive catalog that
Helps to ensure proper style usage Has literally thousands of entries. Can be intimidating to the first-time user However, the AP Stylebook is designed For use by reporters and editors working on tight deadlines. So generally it’s pretty easy to use.

4 AP Style The stylebook is an excellent reference work.
It includes in-depth sections on Libel law, Business writing, Sports, Crime Firearms

5 AP Style Basic elements of AP style include Numbers Percentages
Job Titles Dollar Amounts Street Addresses Dates Ages

6 Developing good copy Strong command of English language
Enough attention to detail to catch Misspellings Improper word usage Sentences that fail to conform to standards

7 AP Style Good copy editors must be inherently knowledgeable
In general knowledge of expected news subjects Of specific information about recent news stories Editors must be versed in current affairs Plus have extensive knowledge about their smallest details In this class You should read newspapers/magazines in order to review articles about current news.

8 AP Style Government is among the most covered topics in journalism.
A good editor should know the government inside and out including Names and spellings of elected officials How each governing body functions A basic history of each major institution or position

9 AP Style With the nation currently involved in wars
It is essential that copy editors have A sense of the military Its operations Its leaders

10 AP Style Good editors have a strong grasp of the news industry & its history As well as their peers in print, broadcast and Internet journalism. Good editors are expected to know about the business world. Especially during tough economic times.

11 AP Style Names of newsmakers change for a variety of reasons including
Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, The adoption of a stage name The adoption of a new position. Good editors are able to recognize newsmakers over multiple names

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