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New College English Book III Unit 4 Career Planning.

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1 New College English Book III Unit 4 Career Planning

2 Part One Preparation

3 Useful Information  Finding a job is like any other competitive activity. You would not play a game of basketball without practicing and warming up for the game. You would practice your shots, your dribbling, your passing, and even your free throws for a long time before the game. Then on the day of the game you would practice them again. Every time you practiced, you'd hope to improve.  The job market is more competitive than that. So you should practice harder, and have a good game plan. In a basketball game you can fall behind in the first quarter and still win, but that's unlikely in the competition for jobs, where unpreparedness is rarely rewarded.

4 1. The Steps to follow (1):  The first step is a good resume. (or curriculum vitae, CV for short). It should be clear and concise, with the most important items on the first page. It should include your name/address/phone, and your fax/e mail/beeper if you have them. The worst thing will be that someone wants to interview or hire you but does not know how to find you. The key items in a resume include your job objective, your education, your work experience, your honors/awards, your affiliations and any offices held, and anything else you think will help you get the job. Some candidates include hobbies, interests, personal information, references, etc. Others do not. Such items come at the end of the resume, with references as the last.

5 The Steps to follow (2):  The second step is a good cover letter. This should be no more than a page. If it's any longer the reader may not notice your signature at the bottom, Like the resume, the cover letter should go through several careful drafts, with advice from an instructor or some other experienced people. Other documents such as personal statements and application forms may be required. These should be prepared just as thoroughly and conscientiously as the letter and the resume.

6 The Steps to follow (3):  Now you are almost ready for the bottom line of the job hunting process: the interview. The job may be gained or lost in the first 30 seconds of the interview, so you should practice this part several times, including your entry, greetings, etc. Bring several copies of your resume to the interview in case the committee members don't have them, and be prepared to hand these out at the beginning. It's also good to practice the entire interview. Answers should be clear and concise, including relevant specific examples of your education or experience. One good example can be worth several minutes of general discussion.

7 2. Questions for you to practice(1)  Can you tell us something about yourself (life/background/education/experience)?  What are your career goals?  Why do you want this job?  What do you hope to be doing in 5 years from now?  What are your greatest achievements?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?  How are your English and computer skills?  Can you work with people of either gender?  Can you work with people from other countries or cultures?

8 Questions for you to practice(2)  What would you do if...(hypothetical situation)?  Why should we hire you instead of other qualified applicants?  Do you have any final questions or statements for us?  It's mostly up to you. Prepare and practice. Then prepare and practice again and again. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team, but through preparation and the world's best player. Do the same if you want a world- class job!

9 He that will not work shall not eat. 不劳动者不得食。 In every profession there is someone who excels all the rest. 三百六十行,行行出状元。 Proverbs Appreciation

10 Part Two Reading-Centered Activities In-Class Reading

11 Pre-Reading Practice I Oral Practice 1: Describe a career you’re likely to pursue in the future. Don’t mention its name but ask your group members to guess what it is.

12 The job I’d prefer to take has a flexible working schedule. I don’t have to be at work exactly on time. Much of my time will be spent sitting in front of the computer or going through the work written by others. When work is due, I will have to burn the midnight oil. But when there is no work, I can take time to enjoy myself even if I’m still at work. This job needs a lot of initiative and independence. I’ll have to contact potential writers all by myself and choose the topics and books that might sell well or have good academic value. I’ll need to be very careful, doing the proofreading many times until a book is finally published. Answer: editor

13 Pre-Reading Practice 2 Oral practice 2: Discuss how you are preparing for your future career.

14 First of all, I am working very hard on my subjects, esp. English. To pass CET Band 4 an d6 is a must for a better job. In the English class, I am very active in group discussions because I know getting the certificate of CET is not enough. I am also involved in some social work in the university in order to get myself prepared serving society, so that I can form a good relationship with my colleagues and business partners. Warm-heartedness is also a very important attribute for my future career. I participated in a couple of money-raising activities to help those victims of floods and earthquakes. If possible, I would also learn to drive. Having a driver’s license will enable me to stand a better chance in the job market, I think. Well, it seems that I have a lot to do to get ready for the future.

15 Passage Reading Career Planning

16 Outline

17 Career planning does not necessarily _____________________________. Introduction (Para. 1) Students’ ___________ in career planning (Para. 2) follow routine or logical steps weaknesses Serious flaws in the ways of _____________ (Para. 3-5) decision making

18 _______ in careers (Para. 12-13) Conclusion (Para. 14-15) ______ to career planning (Para. 6-11) Keys Changes

19 Text

20  "We'll need to employ another engineer, then.“  "Not necessarily."  “ 我们还需要再雇一名工程师。 ”  “ 不一定。 ”  大个子并不一定就是强壮的人。  Big men are not necessarily strong men. necessarily (Para. 1, line 1) adv. in a way that must be so; unavoidably 必定,必然

21  Expressions similar to “Place weight on …” :  “place/put/lay weight/strength/emphasis on upon …” 意为 “ 重视,强调 ”  例如:  When giving the orders, the captain laid stress on the urgency of the work.  船长在下命令时,强调了工作的紧急性。... places weight on different factors... (Para. 1, line2)

22  The report covers all phases of the program.  这篇报道涉及了此项目的所有方面。  This is just one phase of the problem.  这只是这个问题的一个方面。 phase (Para. 1, line 2) n. 1) an aspect or part (as of a problem) under consideration 面,方面

23  This autumn, 6,000 residents will participate in the first phase of the project.  今年秋季,将有 6000 居民参加此项目的第一阶段。 phase n. 2) one of the stages of a process of development or change 阶段,时期

24  What are the alternatives to watching a movie tonight?  今晚除了看电影还有什么选择?  At the restaurant, the only alternative to chicken was beef.  在这家饭店里,除了牛肉就只有鸡肉。 alternative (Para. 1, line 5) 1) n. something that may be taken or chosen instead of one or more others 供选择的事物;取 舍,抉择

25  There was no alternative but to close the road until February.  没有选择的余地,只能在周二前关闭道路。  I'm afraid I have no alternative but to report you to the police.  恐怕我别无选择,只能向警察告发你了。 2) n. an opportunity for deciding between two or more possible things, courses of action, etc. 选择的 余地,可供选择的机会  Many companies encourage their employees to use alternative means of transportation, rather than the car.  许多公司都鼓励员工选择除了轿车以外的其他交通方式。 3) a. that may be used, had, done, etc. instead of another; other 可用来代替另一个的,另外的,两者择一的

26  She is very efficient secretary; she never forgets anything or makes a mistake.  她是个非常能干的秘书;她从不会忘记事情,也 不会犯错误。 Efficient (Para. 1, line 1) a. Acting directly to produce an effect 生效的 ; 直接产生某一结果的 辨析: effective a. Having an intended or expected effect. 有效的, 有预期或先见效果的  The agreement will become effective from January 18th.  协议自 1 月 18 日起生效。

27 Students’ ___________ in career planning (Para. 2) A._________________________ a very narrow group of occupations. B.40 to 60 percent of the students choose _____________________, but only 15 to 18 percent of the work force ________________________________. C.______________________ in fields that offer many job opportunities. D.A third of the students are unable _______________________________________. weaknesses Most students choose from professional occupations is engaged in professional work Young men lack interest to express any choice of occupation

28 A.______________— ignoring challenging information B.__________________ — resorting to wishful thinking or daydreaming. Serious flaws in the ways of decision making (Para. 3-5) C.______________— searching frantically for career possibilities and seizing on hastily invented solutions Complacency Defensive avoidance Hypervigilance

29  A stake in the ground shows where our yard ends.  地上的一个标桩标志着我们院子的界限。  You can put one row of stakes to separate these two small yards.  你可以建一排桩子来把这两个院子分开。 stake (Para. 3, line 20) n. 1) n. a pointed piece of wood, metal, etc., for driving into the ground as a support of something or to mark a particular place 桩,标 桩

30  The company is selling off its 15% stake in the commercial bank.  这家公司正在商业银行中出售它 15% 的股份。  If you lose over 50% stake of this company, your status will be challenged.  如果你失去这家公司超过 50% 的股份,你的 地位就会受到挑战。 stake (Para. 3, line 20) n. 2) a part or share in a business, plan, etc. so that one will gain if it succeeds 股份,利害关系

31  John quit because the stakes were too high.  约翰推出了,因为赌注太大了。  Playing for high stakes is very dangerous, and you may become nobody overnight.  赌金太高是很危险的,你可能一夜之间就变得一 无所有。 stake (Para. 3, line 20) n. 3) the amount of money risked on the result of something, such as a game or competition 赌 金,赌注

32  The company was taking a huge gamble by staking its future on expensive new technology.  这家公司以高新技术来赌自己的未来真是巨大的赌博。  Believe me, I'd stake my life on it.  相信我吧,我拿我的生命担保。 stake (Para. 3, line 20) v. 4) risk 以 …… 打赌,拿 …… 冒险

33  His honor is at stake.  他的名誉受到威胁。 At stake (Para. 3, line 20) In a situation where something valuable might be lost if a plan or action is not successful 濒于险境, 处于成败关头 Sentence translation: Of course, complacency is appropriate … at stake , but that does not describe career decisions. (Para. 3, line 20) 当然,对于那些不决定成败的决策,自满是可以的, 但做职业方面的决策时,来不得自满。

34  Some schools have resorted to recruiting teachers from overseas.  有些学校已经开始诉诸于招收来自海外的教师了。  She resorted to stealing when she had no more money.  当没有钱的时候,她就采取偷窃的手段。 resort (Para. 4, line 26) 1) v. do something extreme or unpleasant in order to solve a problem 采取,诉诸

35  他不作弊是不可能通过考试的。  He couldn't have passed the exam without resort to cheating.  If this can't be settled reasonably, it may be necessary to have resort to force.  如果这得不到合理的解决,可能就需要采取武力了。 resort (Para. 4, line 26) 2) n. the action of doing something bad or extreme because one can't think of any other solution 求助,凭借,诉诸

36  Our only resort is to inform the police.  我们唯一的手段就是通知警察了。  遇到麻烦时,最佳的求助对象就是好朋友。  Good friends are the best resort in trouble. resort (Para. 4, line 26) 3) n. person or thing that is turned to for help 求 助 ( 或凭借 ) 的对象,采用的手段 ( 或方法 )

37  He told me he had an excuse for his failure in the exam, but I thought it was just a rationalization.  他告诉我关于考试失败他有一个理由,可我认为这 只不过是个借口罢了。  The thief gave as his rationalization the fact that he was both hungry and without money.  小偷找借口说他又饿又穷。 rationalization (Para. 4, line 26) n. the act of finding or inventing a reasonable explanation for one's behavior or attitudes 找借 口,找理由,文过饰非

38  Because of his hypervigilance he accepted a job for which he was not well suited.  由于过分警惕,他接受了一份不适合他的工作。  In most cases, hypervigilance can only keep you from advancing.  大多数情况下,过分警惕只会使你停止前进。 hypervigilance (Para. 4, line 26) n. excessive attention to a situation without careful consideration of alternatives 过分警惕,过分注意 vigilance (Para. 6, line 39) n. careful attention that you give to what is happening, especially in order to notice possible danger 警惕,警觉 vigilant adj. continually watchful or on guard 警惕的,警觉的

39  The main fear was that both sides might seize (up)on a ceasefire to rearm.  人们主要的担忧是双方可能会把停火变成重新武装。  Newspapers seized on the results as proof that global warming wasn't really happening.  这家报纸把握住这些结果把它们作为证明全球变暖并 没有真的发生的证据。 seize (up)on (Para. 5, line 36) use, accept or take advantage of something eagerly or enthusiastically 抓住,把握

40 Keys to career planning (Para. 6-11) A.___________________ B.________________________. C._________________________________ __________________________________. D. If one person chooses a career that does not fit him, he can_____________. A.Study oneself Write one’s career goals down Review one’s plans and progress periodically with another person start over

41  The poor child is about to undergo a mild operation.  这个可怜的小孩要做一个小手术。  The company has undergone some major changes in the last five years.  公司在过去的五年里经历了一些重大的改变。 undergo (Para. 10, line 61) 3) v. underwent, undergone ) experience something which is unpleasant or involves a change 经历,经受,遭受

42 近义词: bear : 普通用语。泛指负担或忍受精神、肉体上 的各种痛苦。多用于否定和疑问句,常与 can, could 连用。 endure :正式用语。多用于否定句,特指忍受较 大、较长时间的磨难。 stand : 与 bear 意同。口头用语。多用于否定句 或疑问句。肯定句中其正面意义更强。 suffer : 正式用语。常指被迫承受某件令人痛苦或 有害的事,多用于承受抽象事物。 词义辨析

43 请选择 bear, endure, stand 或 suffer 的适当 形式填空。 She ________ the loss of her pupils’ respect. We seek the truth, and will ________ the consequences”. I can't _____ sleeping in a cold bed. bear This work is hardly ______ close examination. stand suffered endure Exercise

44 A.Few changes involve__________________; most involve______________________. Changes in careers (Para. 12-13) Conclusion (Para. 14-15) B. ________________________ occur at all ages. Although there is no sure way to make career plans work out, there are things that______________________________________. downward movement getting ahead Job changes and career shifts anyone can do now to shape one’s career possibilities

45  This is a figurative expression.  中文中我们很少用事物作主动者,而英文为求简 洁,常常以事物作主动者。例如:  Hope keeps us alive.  我们靠希望生存。  再来看几个使用 hold 的例句:  1. Death holds no fear for her.  她不怕死。  2. 人生有许多意料之外的事情。  Life holds many surprises. Nobody can foresee what the future holds for any of us. (Para. 15, line 84)

46 Quick Review

47 Place weight on different factors at stake the probable outcomes of various courses of action 侧重不同的因素 濒于险境,处于成败关头 各种举动可能出现的结果 Keys to career planning 职业规划的关键

48 one’s strengths and weaknesses Crystallize one’s thinking 某人的长处与弱点 理清思路 Take inventory of progress 评估所取得的进步 Career hopping 跳槽

49 Directions: An application letter usually includes the following four parts: 1)Reason for writing (including how you found out about the job); 2)Relevant information about yourself; 3)How to contact you; 4)Closing. Writing practice Now please write a letter applying for a job that you are interested in.

50 6. Sample Writing May 20, 2007 Mailbox 352, DUFE, No.217 Jianshan Road, Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to be considered as a private tutor listed in today' s Dalian Evening Paper. I am 19 years old and right now I am studying at DUFE University, majoring in Energy. I am now a freshman and my high school years are still fresh in my mind. I passed the National Entrance Examination with flying colors. So I believe that I have plenty of knowledge and rich experience in study and examinations.

51 I am good at Chemistry and Physics with which your daughter needs help. I won the second prize in a national Chemistry contest and the third prize in a national Physics contest. And I can also help your child with her English and Math. If I become your child's tutor, I will do all I can to teach her and you will be satisfied with her progress. I am eager to get this job because I want to enrich my teaching experience and learn how to get along well with others. Money is my secondary consideration. I would be glad to come for an interview at your convenience. My phone number is ***. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Yours, Anderson, Wang


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