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1 DELIA MEMORIAL SCHOOL (BROADWAY) New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum 2010-2013.

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1 1 DELIA MEMORIAL SCHOOL (BROADWAY) New Senior Secondary (NSS) Curriculum 2010-2013

2 2 NSS starts from Sept 2009 Compulsory subjects: Chinese Language / Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) English Language Mathematics Liberal Studies

3 3 Choices of elective subjects 2 elective subjects to study in S4 no more streaming for science & art classes student allocation based on academic performance and students’ preference > 10 elective subjects offered for choices 4 Compulsory Subjects 2 Elective Subjects + General University Entrance Requirements

4 4 4 cores Lingnan University 4 cores + 1 elective City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Baptist University Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Polytechnic University 4 cores + 2 electives Hong Kong Institute of Education HK University of Science & Technology University of Hong Kong

5 5 e.g. City U - Entrance Requirements

6 6 e.g. HKU - Entrance Requirements

7 7 e.g. CUHK - Entrance Requirements

8 8 e.g.HKUST - Entrance Requirements

9 9 Key Learning Areas Subjects may be offered in S4 Chinese Lang. Education  Chinese Language (core subject) English Lang. Education  English Language (core subject)  Literature in English Mathematics Education  Mathematics (core subject + two extensions)  Liberal Studies (core subject)  French Personal, Social and Humanities Education  Economics  History  Tourism and Hospitality Studies Science Education  Biology  Chemistry  Physics  Combined Science (Phy+Bio)/ (Bio+Chem)/ (Chem+Phy) Technology Education Business, Accounting and Financial Studies Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Health Management and Social Care (HMSC) Arts Education  Visual Arts Choice of NSS Subjects in S4

10 10 Choice of NSS Subjects in S4 Phase 1: Students have to choose 5 electives which they would like to study in S4 - S6. (1 being the most preferred and the last one being the least preferred) At each particular elective timeslot, at most 6 electives can be offered. Some of the subjects shown on the previous slide will NOT be offered (depending on the no. of student choices; if less than 15). Change of elective subjects can ONLY be arranged once (with strong reasons) within the first two weeks after the commencement of the course.

11 11 Allocation of Students (Phase 1) Students have to fill in a form to inform the School your 5 most preferred choices. Choice of S4 NSS Elective Subjects (Phase 1)Choice of S4 NSS Elective Subjects (Phase 1) Submission period: on or before 24 th February 2010 (Late submission will not be considered.) With the results of the Phase 1 survey, the School can design the “Choice of S4 NSS Elective Subjects Phase 2”.

12 12 Allocation of Students (Phase 2) Students will be allocated to 2 different electives based on their academic performance + preference i.e. Ss (better results)  preferred electives first Enrolment range of each elective  15 to 35 i.e. 2 nd class of the same elective will be offered if there are 50 or more students choosing a particular elective. Students have to fill in a form to show their preference of the 2 electives in S4 (2010 Sept). [2009 e.g.][2009 e.g.] Submission period: 28 th – 30 th April 2010

13 13 Study in S5 and S6  Under normal circumstances, students will have to continue their studies (4C + 2X) in S5 (2011-12) and S6 (2012-13).  Students will have to sit for the HKDSE administered by the HKEAA.

14 14 Guidelines for taking extra elective subjects (either offered / not offered by school)  Gain approval from school 2 years prior the HKDSE and  Proof of extra help (e.g. receipt of tutorial attended outside) and  Subject teachers’ verification of students’ abilities

15 15 Rationale for dropping 1X  To boost Ss’ results in the 4C + 1X  To enhance Ss’ Mathematics performance If Ss drop 1X, then Ss will take 4C + 1X + 1 IM (Intensive Maths)

16 16 Conditions for dropping 1X  Ss: 1academic results  rank last 50 2marks of the dropped X  below 40 3marks of Maths  below 50  Parents’ consent  Subject teachers’ consent  Final approval from the school

17 17 Conditions for dropping 1X  Note: 1Ss can drop 1X within the 2 weeks after S4 final exam, S5 first term exam and S5 final exam 2only 1 class of IM (Intensive Maths) will be offered in each X time slot 3Only 15 Ss can be admitted to each IM to ensure the effectiveness of the class

18 18 What students have to do now:  think and plan carefully for their future  look for more NSS information or information about different elective subjects e.g.  balance their own interests and abilities before they make any decisions (DON’T just follow their friends’ decisions)  seek advice from friends, teachers and parents  Fill in the form for choosing electives and submit them to clsss teachers before 24 th Feb and 30 th April 2010.

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