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Course Selection and Registration in the Trimester Homestead High School January 9-12, 2012.

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1 Course Selection and Registration in the Trimester Homestead High School January 9-12, 2012

2 Tonights Purposes & Format Purposes To answer commonly asked questions related to registration in the trimester To highlight important information that could influence course selection To prepare you to register for classes in February Format 40-minute presentation 20-minute whole-group Q & A Opportunity for follow-up questions

3 Basic Layout of a Students Schedule Trimester 1Trimester 2Trimester 3 English AArtBusiness Ed. Math AEnglish BStudy Hall World Language AWorld Language BMath B Physical EducationScience AScience B ActingSocial Studies ASocial Studies B Five slots are filled each trimester. Courses meet for one, two or three trimesters. Two-trimester courses will meet in one of three configurations: Trimesters 1, 2 (see English example below) Trimesters 1, 3 (see Math example below) Trimesters 2, 3 (see Social Studies example below).

4 Choosing Courses You have 15 slots to fill. Those slots are filled as follows: One-trimester course = one slot Two-trimester course = two slots Three-trimester course = three slots. If you are not taking any courses that are locked into specific trimester(s), you will make any 15 selections that satisfy your preferences and requirements for course enrollments and graduation eligibility.

5 Requirements to Remember Course Enrollments: All students must enroll in at least four courses per trimester and may enroll in up to five. So, students must fill at least 12 slots with classes. Graduation Requirements: Graduation requirements vary for each class during the transition into the trimester. See page one of the course guide for details.

6 Sample Course Choices 1. Biology A 2. Biology B 3. Geometry A 4. Geometry B 5. US History A 6. US History B 7. American Literature A 8. American Literature B 9. Spanish II A 10. Spanish II B 11. Concert Band A 12. Concert Band B 13. Concert Band C 14. Drawing II 15. Study Hall (Winter)

7 Courses that Meet During Select Trimester(s) Specific courses meet at pre-set times for specific reasons. If a course meets during select trimester(s) only, that information is listed on the COURSE DETAIL line in the course guide. Do not select more than five courses that meet during a specific trimester.

8 Sixth Hour Option Seniors have the option of enrolling in a sixth hour section of AP English Literature. Details about the course meeting times are on page 28 of the course guide. Only students with full schedules are eligible to enroll in this section. All expectations for a course that meets during the regular school day are in effect.

9 Study Halls Study halls will still be offered in the new schedule. Students can choose the trimester(s) in which a study hall will be placed. Consider seasons (fall, winter, spring) when determining study hall preference. Students can have no more than one study hall in a trimester. If you do not have a trimester preference for study hall, register for the non-specific option.

10 Consider When Selecting Courses… In the trimester, students are asked to focus on fewer courses at once. Flex time will be available twice a week to provide access to teachers and counselors during the school day. Several new courses are available next year. The exam exemption rules have been revised and will be released via email blast and website posting within the next few days.

11 Continued… The timeline for dropping and adding courses has changed (see page 82 in the course guide). Progress reporting will occur every 20 days; parent/teacher conferences will happen at the mid-point of each trimester.

12 Placement of Math & World Language Starting in 2013-2014, if a student had a schedule like this last year and has a schedule like this in the current year a request to move the A portion into first trimester can be made. Trimester 1Trimester 2Trimester 3 Math AMath B Trimester 1Trimester 2Trimester 3 Math AMath B

13 What to Do Between Now and February Registration? Review the course guide closely. Watch for and read the Curriculum Highlights supplement to be released on January 13 (email blast and website posting). New Next Year Did You Know? Contact your counselor if you have specific questions. Complete the course selection form and obtain teacher signatures.

14 Registration Dates February 7-9: Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors February 14: Current eighth graders at Steffen MS February 15: Current eighth graders at Lake Shore MS February 3-24 (by appointment): Current eighth graders not enrolled at Steffen or Lake Shore

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