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AP Euro - Semester 1

2 Characteristics of Renaissance Art
Rejection of medieval themes/styles; more secular Heavy influence of classical Greece & Rome Emphasis on: Perspective (pioneered by Giotto and Masaccio) Emotion Natural color Basic human nature

3 The Expulsion of Adam and Eve
Masaccio Q: What type of painting is this? A: Fresco; a painting done on wet plaster

4 David Donatello Q: What sculptural technique is used in this work?
A: Contraposta

5 The Annunciation Fra Filippo Lippi

6 Birth of Venus Botticelli

7 Salt Cellar Benvenuto Cellini

8 Primavera Botticelli

9 Mona Lisa DaVinci Q: What other name is this painting known by?
A: La Gionconda

10 Judith and Holofernes Artemisia Gentileschi

11 Vetruvian Man DaVinci Q: Where was this found? A: His Notebook

12 David Michelangelo Q: In which museum is this statue?
A: L’Academia in Florence, Italy

13 The Last Supper Leonardo DaVinci
Q: What was so disastrous about this fresco? A: A fatal mixture of oil and water caused the painting to deteriorate The Last Supper Leonardo DaVinci

14 La Pieta Michelangelo Q: What does a “pieta” usually depict?
A: The Holy Mother holding her crucified son La Pieta Michelangelo

15 Michelangelo also painted...
Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Creation of Man Temptation of Adam and Eve Wall of the Sistine Chapel The Last Judgment

16 School of Athens Raphael Q: What else did the artist paint?
A: Several Madonnas, depictions of the Holy Mother holding the infant Christ child School of Athens Raphael

17 Moses Michelangelo Q: Who commissioned this sculpture, and for what purpose? A: Pope Julius II; for his tomb

18 The Tailor Giovanni Moroni

19 Northern Renaissance Art
1500s: Italian “rebirth” spread to other states Netherlands Flanders (Belguim) Germany Themes of religious reform and old Christian values Less secular than Italian Renaissance Use of light and shadow Realistic presentation of image

20 Wedding Portrait Jan Van Eyck
Q: How many figures are there in this painting? A: Four; the chaperone’s and the artist’s reflections are in the mirror

21 Self-Portrait of Albrecht Durer

22 The Moneylender and His Wife
Quinten Massys

23 The Ambassadors Hans Holbein Q: What else did the artist paint?
A: Portraits of Henry VIII

24 Characteristics of Renaissance Architecture
Gothic style had dominated Middle Ages; Renaissance architecture inspired by the Greeks & Romans Four classical elements: Columns Domes Arches Symmetry

25 Cathedral of Florence Brunelleschi
*Note how Brunelleschi convinced people of the stability of his dome, the largest since antiquity

26 St. Peter’s Basilica Three main parts of the structure:
Nave Transept Apse Bramante – main portion, façade Bernini – baldachino, colonnade surrounding St. Peter’s Square Michelangelo – dome


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