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Divemaster Procedures The role of the first responder to a call-out.

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1 Divemaster Procedures The role of the first responder to a call-out

2 By having each member familiar with the Divemaster role, our team is able to respond to every call-out in an efficient, professional manner.

3 This Presentation Will Cover 4 Assessment of a situation 4 Organization of resources 4 Planning of operation specifics 4 Implementation of the plan 4 Termination of the SAR operation 4 Importance of the role 4 Dealing with next-of-kin and media 4 Materials needed

4 At the end of this presentation you will be able to... 4 List specific responsibilities of the first responder assuming the role of Divemaster 4 State two reasons why proper performance of the team member in this role is so important 4 List considerations when dealing with family or media 4 List materials a Divemaster should have to perform the role

5 Assessment 4 Report to law enforcement official, or other person in charge 4 Interview the official and any witnesses to determine search objectives 4 DO NOT enter the water or leave the scene 4 Use the best person to determine PLS 4 Deploy diver with float to mark the PLS and check conditions

6 Assessment ~ cont. 4 Assess local terrain features 4 Communicate with Deputy on scene to determine resources available 4 Conduct risk/benefit assessment

7 Organization 4 Select base site 4 Organize resources 4 Appoint assistants for base site; duties may include: –check in person –equipment handlers –liaisons –general logistics 4 Squad leaders ready to exchange positions

8 Organization ~ summary 4 All personnel should have an appropriate assignment 4 Equipment should be prepared and ready for use

9 Planning 4 Formulate concept of how operation should be conducted 4 Present conceptual plan to team inviting input 4 Make a final decision regarding the plan to be implemented 4 Brief members of the plan and individual assignments

10 Implementation 4 Safety & well being of divers #1 4 Ensure entry & exit times are being logged 4 Act decisively according to the plan 4 Supervise 4 Be alert to changing conditions 4 Be flexible toward changing or modifying the operation 4 Communicate changes to team members

11 Implementation ~ cont. 4 Maintain an accurate log of the area searched (drawings, GPS coordinates etc.) 4 Notify official upon recovery of object 4 Inform team members of recovery 4 DO NOT neglect divers in the water 4 Have the object inventoried and tagged 4 Deliver the object to the appropriate official 4 Get receipt of delivery

12 Termination 4 Ensure the Sheriff's dispatcher is informed that the operation is terminated 4 Retrieve, clean, and store equipment 4 Poll all SAR personnel to determine if any injuries and/or equipment losses have occurred. If so, report them to the SAR liaison officer 4 Critique the operation

13 Importance of Role 4 Establishes order and eliminates chaos 4 Allows rest of team to do their job efficiently 4 The Divemaster represents our team to other agencies/officials, family members of the victim, and through the media, to the county or more

14 Family Members of Victim 4 One person assigned to family (usually not team member) 4 Good communications set up early on with family members 4 Communications should be straight forward and not give false hope 4 Inform family of the operations plan and keep them up to date on any changes 4 Try to get their buy-in, show them that everything feasible is being done

15 Media 4 Person assigned to give information to media; Press Information Officer (PIO) 4 Direct all inquiries to PIO 4 If PIO asks you to be interviewed, state only what you know, don’t assume facts 4 Treat the media with courtesy 4 Conduct yourself professionally at all times

16 Divemaster Materials 4 Call-out kit –cue card flip chart –clip board –paper –2 pencils –2 pens –ICS forms –2 pair gloves/pocket mask –laminated team roster/ten codes –drawing compass

17 Application 4 You will use the information presented here when assuming the role of Divemaster for training or actual operations.

18 Summary 4 Name the five basic functions of the Divemaster 4 Give two reasons why the Divemaster role is so important 4 List guidelines for interactions with –Victim’s family members –media 4 What materials should a Divemaster have?

19 Assignment 4 Read and study the Organization and Planning section of the training manual 4 Read over and visualize the steps listed in the Divemaster Checklist 4 Visit the Academy section of the team’s website (

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