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1 Insight into World View Tunneling See Doc in TNG Getting Started Guide Appendix G Revised August 14 th 2003.

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1 1 Insight into World View Tunneling See Doc in TNG Getting Started Guide Appendix G Revised August 14 th 2003

2 Unicenter Architecture Class 2 What is wvdbt? WorldView database Tunneling (WVDBT) Agent Technology service that provides access to remote core Requires aws_orb CORE proxy for aws_dsm and aws_wvgate running on a different machine

3 Unicenter Architecture Class 3 Why? WorldView DataBase Tunneling (WVDBT) With advent of Unix DSM, came a requirement to access Remote CORE in a heterogeneous environment without a need for Ingres Net or SQL Client

4 Unicenter Architecture Class 4 Unix WorldView Key Components Local DSM Remote DSM Web Browser Local DSM + Remote DSM

5 Unicenter Architecture Class 5 NT WorldView Key Components Local CORE Remote CORE SQL / SQL CLIENT CATNGREP Atcatngrep - wvdbt version

6 Unicenter Architecture Class 6 Wvdbt Install Summary Must be installed on CORE box. If Unix, this would local DSM server. If Windows, then any server where CORE is accessible by SQL wvdbt installauto --dependOn=aws_orb On the remote Unix Server, choose REMOTE DSM Install option. It will prompt for where repository resides. Enter the name the name of CORE machine. If Local DSM option was initially selected, to change it to use wvdbt, de-install local dsm and re-install of Remote DSM. A different shared library is used for Remote DSM option.

7 Unicenter Architecture Class 7 Wvdbt Install Summary On remote dsm server execute wvrepsel to point to CORE. Use -t option as in wvrepsel -t -u sa –p “” Start aws_dsm or aws_wvgate on Remote DSM server. It should access the CORE, using remote orb.

8 Unicenter Architecture Class 8 Wvdbt Install for Windows - Windows Install wvdbt where CORE resides. Execute wvdbt installauto --dependOn=aws_orb Start aws_services and ensure wvdbt service is also started On a different Windows server, where access to the CORE is required via tunneling, make wvdbt version of catngrep.dll accessible Take a copy of ca_appsw\catngrep.dll Copy \tng\services\bin\atcatngrep.dll ca_appsw\catngrep.dll

9 Unicenter Architecture Class 9 Wvdbt Install for Windows - Windows Execute wvrepsel –t option to point to the Remote CORE Start aws_services. aws_wvgate and aws_dsm should access the remote CORE using tunneling

10 Unicenter Architecture Class 10 LOCAL DSM UNIX EM Ingres WV WEB Server UNIX Web Browser CORE ATECH (DSM)

11 Unicenter Architecture Class 11 REMOTE DSM UNIX >> UNIX EM Ingres WV WEB Server UNIX1 Web Browser CORE EM UNIX2 LOCAL DSM + (WVDBT) REMOTE DSM

12 Unicenter Architecture Class 12 UNIX >> Windows EM SQL WV NT CORE EM UNIX DSM (WVDBT) REMOTE DSM

13 Unicenter Architecture Class 13 UNIX -- Windows EM Ingres WV WEB Server UNIX CORE EM NT LOCAL DSM WV INGRES CLIENT

14 Unicenter Architecture Class 14 Windows - Windows Standard Deployment EM SQL WV NT1 DSM SQL CLIENT CORE EM SQL WV NT2 DSM CORE

15 Unicenter Architecture Class 15 Windows >> Windows wvdbt EM SQL WV NT1 CORE NT2 DSM + WVDBT DSM + wtoTargetHost DSM + wtoTargetHost Access via wvdbt NO SQL

16 Unicenter Architecture Class 16 WVDBT

17 Unicenter Architecture Class 17 WVREPSEL

18 Unicenter Architecture Class 18 WVREPSEL wvrepsel -t gunners1 -u ingres -p ingres wvrepsel -t -u sa -p “” Must start aws_orb

19 Unicenter Architecture Class 19 Registry Entry If worldview not installed, then registry entry will not be there

20 Unicenter Architecture Class 20 Distributed Services Bus (aws_orb) Distribute State Machine Object Store Domain Manager Network State Machine SNMP Gateway WorldView DSM Gateway WVDBT Common Object Repository Wvdbt Connection to CORE

21 Unicenter Architecture Class 21 Distributed Services Bus (aws_orb) WVDBT Common Object Repository Distributed Services Bus (aws_orb) WorldView DSM Gunners1 Rocking2 Distribute State Machine

22 Unicenter Architecture Class 22 Port Configuration

23 Unicenter Architecture Class 23 Data Flow

24 Unicenter Architecture Class 24 Port Usage

25 Unicenter Architecture Class 25 INFORM REMOTE ORB Heart Beat Configured in quick.cfg Must disable Heart Beat for ISDN

26 Unicenter Architecture Class 26 INFORM quick.cfg INFORM_REMOTE NO HEARTBEAT_FREQUENCY 30

27 Unicenter Architecture Class 27 INFORM aws_orb wvdbt Inform=NO heatbeat aws_orb aws_store Inform =Yes aws_wvgate aws_dsm aws_snmp

28 Unicenter Architecture Class 28 INFORM aws_orb wvdbt Inform=NO heatbeat aws_orb aws_store Inform =No aws_wvgate aws_dsm aws_snmp

29 Unicenter Architecture Class 29 INFORM aws_orb wvdbt Inform=Yes heatbeat aws_orb aws_store Inform =No aws_wvgate aws_dsm aws_snmp

30 Unicenter Architecture Class 30 INFORM

31 Unicenter Architecture Class 31 Remote ORB Management Remote ORB Management All connected? wvdbt recycled? HeartBeat Failurer? Additional Checks Required Can be instrumented by policy SQL Script FDP utility - dsmWatcher

32 Unicenter Architecture Class 32 Firewall Client has a requirement to deploy agent technology Windows DSM outside the firewall but to use a Central Core which resides inside the firewall. Firewall administration has concerns about SQL intrusion and will not open up SQL port. How can aws_wvgate be configured to use a Central CORE without opening a SQL port ?

33 Unicenter Architecture Class 33 Firewall NT Common Object Repository Aws_orb aws_store aws_snmp aws_dsm Aws_wvgate Aws_orb wvdbt Aws_dsm (wvPlugin) and aws_wvgate takes about 8 RCB for each Remote DSM connection. This restricts the number of Remote DSMs one can connect to wvdbt server to about 120 1-n

34 Unicenter Architecture Class 34 Install Customization for Windows WVDBT Customize Install If new install, do not select WorldView. Worldview will not work with tunneling Use Agent Technology catngrep.dll Rename ca_appsw\catngrep.dll catngrep.dll_wv Copy \tng\services\bin\atcatngrep.dll ca_appsw\catngrep.dll Execute wvrepsel -t

35 Unicenter Architecture Class 35 Wvdbt service install wvdbt installauto --dependOn=aws_orb

36 Unicenter Architecture Class 36 Windows - Windows WorldView If worldview previously installed, ensure worldview services are not started or access to catngrep.dll order is changed

37 Unicenter Architecture Class 37 Windows - Windows No SQL Requirement To install DSM without SQL Client requires special considerations

38 Unicenter Architecture Class 38 Access CORE via tunnel Windows - Windows

39 Unicenter Architecture Class 39 Verify connection successful to tunnel machine Windows - Windows

40 Unicenter Architecture Class 40 A major finance company has 500 remote offices. At each remote office they have a UNIX SINIX application server, a router and few other machines. Client requires Central Management and will not allow Ingres to be installed on the application server. Further more, the connection between the central office and remote offices is via ISDN line. How can DSM be deployed in this environment? What are the major considerations for running in ISDN environment? Unix DSM

41 Unicenter Architecture Class 41 Wvdbt for 2dMap I´ve been involved in an issue where client has configured remote dsm to connect to local repository through wvdbt because he has a firewall between it. The configuration works fine for DSM connection with the ATcatngrep.dll copied over to catngrep.dll, but now he complains that he cannot longer start the 2dmap and autodiscovery on the remote DSM box. He gets repository connect errors. With the original catngrep.dll the 2dmap and autodiscovery can connect to repository. WVDBT is only for aws_dsm, aws_wvgate and wvrepsel. It cannot be used for 2dmap

42 Unicenter Architecture Class 42 MaxRcb By default, worldview 64 rcb per machine. In cases, lot of dsm is expected to connect via wvdbt, then this value should be changed. Update registry to increase max rcb value. Maximum value to 1024 (may require maintenance to use this value for older release). Unicenter NSM requires no maintenance for 1024

43 Unicenter Architecture Class 43 MaxRcb Each remote dsm, aws_wvgate and wvplugin take up approx 8 Rcb connections. 1024 / 8 = maximum 128 remote connections

44 Unicenter Architecture Class 44 MaxRcb Goto the following registry hive and define MaxRcb with data type dword

45 Unicenter Architecture Class 45 MaxRcb

46 Unicenter Architecture Class 46 Questions and Answers Any questions?

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