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Bridge to Your Future Going to a Community College.

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1 Bridge to Your Future Going to a Community College

2 34 Community & Technical Colleges Nearby CC’s Everett Edmonds Cascadia Shoreline Skagit Valley Bellevue Seattle Central North Seattle

3 Community College Pathways Direct Transfer Degree 4-Year University Workforce Certificate Workforce 2-Year Associate Degree Workforce

4 Why Choose a Community College? Lower tuition & smaller classes Closer to home Know you want a college degree, but not sure which degree Low High School GPA or SAT/ACT scores

5 Why Choose a Community College? Many CC’s offer dual enrollment with Washington Universities Offer two year degrees so you can enter the workforce at a higher level of pay (dental hygiene, nursing, law enforcement, fire science, human services…)






11 You Do it… 2.Click “Find a College & Program” 3.Search by school or program 4.Write in your packet 2 or 3 schools you like

12 Getting to college… 1.Submit application online 2.Fill out FAFSA in January 3.Take placement tests 4.Register for classes in May

13 Check your email address Make sure your email address is is “professional” Yes = Not so much = Suggestion: Set up an email account just for your college & scholarship applications

14 Central admissions portal for (almost) all of the colleges (or Google “Web Admissions Center”)


16 Write these down

17 You Do it! 1) Go to: /Applicant/ApplWelcome.aspx Or Google: “web admissions center” 2) Click on: “Set up my web admissions account” & create an account – write down your username and password!

18 So What Will It Cost? 1 year ~ $4000 for tuition, fees & books

19 How to Pay For It 1.Family/Personal Funds 2.FAFSA (do next January) 3.Scholarships

20 District Scholarship Website!

21 Career Info College searches Scholarship searches




25 You Do It 1.Click on schools (left side of screen) 2.Click on scholarships 3.Create an account – write the log-in info in your packet!

26 Help is Available! Your Counselor and Career Center are great resources 4 U! Don’t be shy about asking questions.

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