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4 Welcome!!! GEM 7 – Algebra I Honors

5 Contact Information

6 Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS)
New Standards school year will be implementation of the new standards called the Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS)

7 Who’s paying attention so far? We’ll make this an easy question…
What subject does Mrs. McLaughlin teach? Social Studies Reading Mathematics Science Language Arts PE To answer using controller: Step 1: Press the answer that corresponds with your choice. Step 2: Press the enter key (two arrows in opposite directions on the left) C. Mathematics

8 Homework and Website - Calendar (click on lesson for the day and the homework will pop up) - Extra Practice - Games - Practice Quizzes Access this website through

9 Question # 2 – a little tougher…
Where is Mrs. McLaughlin’s website? Homework Hero What’s a website? Who’s Mrs. McLaughlin? I wasn’t paying attention. a.

10 Homework Already? She’s as bad as Mr Tomich!
Yes, but this one is for your parents! Please have your parents me with… Subject Line: Student Name and Math Period Body: Parent(s) name Student’s Address Additional Addresses if necessary Phone numbers Any concerns I need to be aware of (i.e. I stepped on my glasses yesterday and won’t have a new pair for a few days so I cannot read this)

11 Easiest question of the day (I hope)
I will have my parents Mrs. McLaughlin with the information she requested. Choose all that apply. Yes No I already did Yes C. I already did.

12 *** Agenda’s are available for purchase in the cafetorium***
Supplies Student: Extra Sharpened Pencils Pencil Sharpener (with catch for shavings) 10 Duotang folder (with 2 pockets and center clasps) or 2 duotang folders and 1 binder (to be kept at home) Loose Leaf paper and Graph paper Classroom Donations: Lysol Wipes Printer Paper ***Tissues*** Dry Erase Markers AA batteries for controllers (Duracell or Energizer please) AAA batteries for graphing calculators –any brand (focus in new curriculum) *** Agenda’s are available for purchase in the cafetorium***

13 How is your memory? (Hint: look around the room if you don’t remember)
Where is Mrs. McLaughlin from? Buffalo China Venezuela Alaska Tampa Australia a. Buffalo

14 Need more reminders? You may sign up for text message reminders through remind101 by texting: @lovesmath to (this is not Mrs. McLaughlin’s cell phone number)

15 Mathematics Weight Scale
Homework – 10% Class Work – 10% Assessments – 80%

16 Major differences between GEM 6 and GEM 7:
This is a high-school credit course The grade in this course will count towards your High School GPA. (same as Spanish) More rigorous – this path allows students to complete two AP courses by High School graduation. You will be taking the Algebra End-Of-Course Computerized State Exam (known as the EOC). You must pass this test to receive High School Credit. This test counts towards your overall grade.

17 As of Yesterday… New This year!!!
High School Grading Scale: Quarter 1 – 15% Quarter 2 – 15% Midterm – 10% Quarter 3 – 15% Quarter 4 – 15% EOC – 30% - entered into Pinnacle as a Final Exam (level 5-A,level 4-A, level 3-B, level 2-C, level 1-D) New This year!!!

18 Absences Broward County Policy gives each student two (2) days for every day absent to make up work. Student is responsible for bringing the work to teacher on time. Parents, make sure you call in the absence within 2 days! To check for missed work: Check Ask a friend See Mrs. McLaughlin before or after class.

19 Fill in the blank – hint – it’s a #
2 I have ____ days to make up my school work for each day I am absent.

20 I am so overwhelmed and not sure what to do!!!
Extra work available through online textbook – Access Via BEEP. Cypress Bay Tutoring will be available – I will post information as it becomes available. Extra practice on E-tutoring provided by Broward County. KAHN Academy is a great resource So is

21 Make-up Assignments Student is responsible for turning in make-up assignments within the given period. Any missing assignments will be denoted with a “z” in Pinnacle.

22 A ‘Z’ in Pinnacle means:
Mrs. McLaughlin didn’t feel like grading my work. Mrs. McLaughlin did not receive my assignment and I need to turn it in so she can change the grade. What is Pinnacle? I earned 100% YAY! I drew Zebras on my assignment I wasn’t paying attention. Mrs. McLaughlin did not receive my assignment and I need to turn it in so she can change the grade.

23 School Wide Grading Policy
Late Assignments (excluding Homework) – drop a letter grade for every day they are late up to 4 days. Not accepted after the 4th late day Extra credit – only given for academic reasons and cannot exceed 2% of the students overall grade and must be rigorous.

24 Online Textbook Textbook is available on BEEP. Full Text Assignments
Extra Practice Videos Enrichment And MORE…

25 Where can I find the online Textbook?
What’s a textbook? BEEP I wasn’t paying attention again. E. BEEP

26 And because I couldn’t leave here without at least 1 math question…
Solve using order of operations. ÷ 9 – 6(-3) 4

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